Yan Nanfei was helped back to his seat.

When passing by Cher, Yan Nanfei waved our son away.
Looking at the tears in the beautiful eyes, the cheeks have tears. Cher Yan Nanfei smiled with spoil.
He held out his hand to Cher. He wanted Cher to hold himself.
Cher is very entangled in her heart.
She doesn’t know if she should help before.
Yan Nanfei’s pale face smiled suddenly and he suddenly coughed up and coughed up blood.
Cher, the feeling be nasty also can not consider so much, hurriedly helped Yan Nanfei, who was unstable, and then took out his handkerchief and wiped the blood on his mouth.
This is a natural family reaction that blood is thicker than water.
Yan Nanfei looked at Cher’s worried look and suddenly smiled. "If I had known this would change back to your forgiveness, I would have begged the Changfeng brothers to have a fight with me …"
Cher looked at her brother’s eyes and wondered if there was any knot in her heart. She was silent for a while and didn’t speak.
She helped Yannan fly back to her seat.
She inadvertently looked back at the figure of Luo Changfeng on the platform.
Los Changfeng in the mind a quiver.
Looking at this picture, looking at Cher carefully taking care of Yan Nanfei’s return to the seat picture, Luo Changfeng doesn’t know that his heart was suddenly stung by a.
It hurts like a knife!
"If one day I have a life-and-death showdown with him, and one person can live this world, Cher, you … will definitely choose your brother?"
"In that case, I, Luo Changfeng, will finally be alone again!"
"I care about someone!"
Luo Changfeng wry smile! He can smile bitterly!
The bodhi tree was swept by the wind, and the cold wind entered his body. He felt a little cold.
It seems that the sky won’t give up and let the heart cut by the knife accept the cold wind again!
"Well, I can’t wait for that day …"
Luo Changfeng looked up and looked at the night. It is said that after death, people will return to the night and become one of the stars in the sky. He really wants to know whether this marginal night is where he lives or home when his soul returns to the star!
Luo Changfeng’s match against Yan Nanfei is naturally accompanied by comments from the housekeeper of Cat Pavilion.
However, it is worth noting that it is the highest recognition of the Taoist banquet tonight that the banquet has been reviewed so far.
Whether to defeat Luo Changfeng or Yan Nanfei has been recognized by Tianjige.
This is a phenomenon that no one expected.
Some people are still waiting for Luo Changfeng to break the rules of the argument and get scolded.
Unfortunately, this scene did not appear.
Luo Changfeng paid a respectful tribute to the senior brother of Dean Zhuang, the old housekeeper’s courtyard in Tianjige.
Then everyone is waiting for him.
Everyone is waiting for the new challenger to be dropped by the challenger.
However, after a long time, Luo Changfeng still talked about the three thousand bodhi trees on the Taoist platform without any intention of Taiwan.
Because there is no one can’t talk about the seats around the banquet rules, even if there is a lot of discussion, no one wants to say it.
Feel a lot of resentment around the seats. On behalf of one party, Jiang Manlou and others look at each other with doubts, but no one knows what Luo Changfeng is going to do.
"Maybe he is going to fight again?" Jiang full floor extremely puzzled to say
Yes! Luo Changfeng is really going to fight again!
Yan Nanfei’s World War I was a bit thrilling, but the ending was what he expected after all.
The new list of the earth and the Xuan ranks eleventh, and the new list of the wind and the battlefield is seventeen. Yan Nanfei finally won by a narrow margin … This topic is obviously not what he wants.
He wanted to show the White House God the knife, and he did it.
He believes that the White House God will see better than others.
He believes that his knife domain must make the White House God’s mind surprise the picture of the original knife-obsessed white world war I.
He accomplish a goal.
He has another purpose.
In addition to letting the White House God Yan Nanfei see the knife, he also wants people to know the gun!
He wants to let the three generations of brothers of Tiandong Baizong know guns! Especially the eleven-star Tianwei constellation brother greedy wolf!

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