It reflects the light of the stars, and it is covered with crystals, which makes it look quite bright. Maybe it has noticed the problem, and they may send troops here soon, so the swarm needs to be prepared first

More beetles appeared in the plains. They flashed out one after another and released several arms on the ground.
Virtual bugs dig deep into the ground, and there are many other arms, such as some huge worm arms, which bury half their bodies in the ground and the other half look at the sky
Di di-‘
When the giant beetle appeared in the tenth time, the bug suddenly found that courage unified the screen and had a strange reaction.
"Is this their letter?"
The screen display is a message, and this message is … from the border.
"Ga oh? They write? " Next to the blood fog and scorpion also leaned in and looked at the letter in the emerald dragon language.
"We can try to avoid this war. This war is meaningless. We can find a new way out by peaceful means."
"Does this mean that these mirrors are afraid?" Scorpion looked at this very short message and said
"The letter was sent from our ship, indicating that the environment had taken control of the ship," said the bug. "But instead of destroying it, it was sent to us …"
"We all know what you have done." At this moment, a letter came again. "After we closed the delivery, we tried to establish a delivery channel ourselves to come here. We didn’t stop you because we already knew everything about you and could interrupt it at any time."
"This war will inevitably lead to a tragic end. We are here to seek peace. If we want peace, we should reply to this news quickly. If you don’t reply, we will be considered as not expecting that the peace attack will continue."
"… do you want to reply?"
Chapter one thousand two hundred and forty-two Collision
"Because we are the original invaders, we can bear most of the mistakes. We can give you something you want and ask us to recognize it, so you can pay …"
For the environmental information, there is still no reply at last, and the Inca swarm indicates that it is regarded as it.
But even so, this information keeps coming, and it seems that they really want peace. They say a lot … conditions.
Some of these conditions look very good, which makes some people want to ask how many mistakes they are willing to bear.
So the bug sent them such a reply, and the Inca colony also said that it could ask one
And the reply will arrive soon, which means they can … send a message to the swarm or some information about their technology, etc. When the bug asks if it can give a …’ life warping device’ or a certain world time, the situation means …
"You incredibly dare to insult us? We will make efforts to destroy you! You will completely disappear from the virtual! "
"It seems that they don’t want to pay too much," the bug said to the Inca swarm after reading the reply. "And they seem to be quite angry … and one more thing is that they have found this position."
If you look at the sky, you can see several flashes. It’s not a star, but a large number of troops.
They are coming here quickly, and they arrive faster than them. There are all kinds of … shiny barrage.
A huge ball of light rushed into the field of vision of the bug, and it lit up the whole dark world as day at this moment. This scene lasted for several seconds, and the ball of light crashed into a violent explosion and disappeared completely.
That’s because several red fireballs hit it on the ground, and these fireballs were emitted from the worm’s mouth on the ground.
They are also shooting at the sky, because there are several barrage again, and their light illuminates the whole land. Facing the barrage rain, these worms are trying to intercept them.
"Hurry up and hide!"
Looking at the explosion, the bug sent a message to the scorpion and blood fog. It took them and courage to run quickly to the ground, and a hole dug by a virtual cockroach went all the way along the curved cave to hide outside and explode.
But they all know that if the ball of light in the sky falls to the ground, they will not hide any deeper. Now they can expect the swarm to repel this crystallization army.
And that’s what the swarm is planning.
Huge beetles on the ground gush out huge energy at the ends of their hind legs and abdomen. They rise from the ground to the sky, accompanied by a number of them emitting red light … exploding armor.
The source of armor-piercing is also a beetle. They are more than ten meters long, and the rear abdomen is like an expanding ball. The surging energy pushes them to rise with the large beetles. They are resistant to approaching the beetle ball.
When the crystal army threw their barrage at them, the armor exploded and rushed away. As soon as the barrage assimilated its brilliant brilliance, the beetle behind it moved on.
More than a dozen beetles burst into armor and flew from the ground to the virtual place. The scenery you can see here is tens of millions of crystallized troops.
They are closely and neatly arranged together, just like a crystal net. Each crystal aircraft aims the sharp part of its body at these beetles and the world behind them and shoots several barrage from them.
I don’t know where these barrage came from, but I think it may come from the crystal squid. They are very similar, all like a huge ball of light with high temperature and explosive performance, but the speed is not very fast, so we can fight it by intercepting and avoiding.

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