When the eyes of sumeru are scattered …

When the illusion and darkness converge …
What’s left when I’m …
Dear son, I’m sorry, sister. I really tried my best this time …
"Hold on, Yiyi. I’m Uncle Chai. It’s you and Uncle Chai. Hold on, Yiyi, please. I’m begging you!"
Looking at his arms, his eyes were wandering to Yiyi Chaida, and his eyes were not only full of tears, but his heart was like his own daughter. Because he was too indulgent when he was young, he married himself and went home for three consecutive times. His concubine never gave him a continuation of incense in the old Chai family. He went to the medicine valley more than once, and he met Liu Fu in the medicine valley many times, but God seemed to want to play this joke with him. With his hard work, God never rewarded him with a trace of incense.
As time went on, he gradually became indifferent to the issue of heirs, and he was no longer persistent about it.
Until one day, when young Zhao Xuan understood the secret valley with a little girl not much older than her, Chai Da’s heart, which had been immersed for a long time, was once again enlivened by the appearance of this little girl.
If you don’t give Zhao Xuanji a meeting, Chai Da will still be picked up by Yiyi when he was a child, and he is worried that Zhao Xuan will ask his VIP and take Yiyi away from Cangzhou. They also don’t know where to hide, and this hiding is more than three years.
If Chai Da’s whereabouts were not discovered by Zhao Xuan, I believe he and Xiang Yiyi can hide for a while.
Now that Zhao Xuan has found himself, Chai Da is not hiding anything. He also returned to the Valley of the Secret with Yiyi. Chai Da was almost fifty years old that year, and Xiang Yiyi was almost twenty.
Soon Zhao Xuan was commensurate with Yiyi’s sisters, and at the same time, he was half-joking with Yiyi and recognized Chai Da’s adoptive father. This is a complete integration into the big family of Jiemen.
Over the years, Yiyi gradually showed her excellent talent and diligence to everyone in the world. She stood out from thousands of foreign brothers, was selected as an alternate brother by the Ministry of Finance, and made herself enter the official sequence of the Ministry of Finance as soon as she passed by. And along the way, her growth made everyone’s heart beat, and her inspirational story gradually became an example for the younger generation to learn.
Talent is important, but diligence is also indispensable
Xiang Yiyi is such a person.
She has a very high talent for practice, plus her birthday character, and the secret method of practicing the golden flag by the Ministry of Finance is very suitable, which laid a good foundation for her to enter the sequence of the Ministry of Finance
However, this is not enough for Yiyi to know exactly what is wrong with her shortcomings, and to make her shortcomings become slack as much as possible, so that her shortcomings will no longer become constraints and imprison her. This is day and night training, and she is always not practicing Yu Beitang. In a word, Xiang Yiyi is a martial idiot and a crazy one.
Whether you are crazy or crazy, you should be rewarded with her after all. During that time, she received the banner of the Ministry of Finance, which was the highest, and the fact was not too big. She still took the order from the old flag bearer as she wished, and made herself a new flag of the Ministry of Finance.
Xiang Yiyi will be forty years old that year.
It was also that year that Zhao Xuan went to Jinzhou behind everyone’s back and was single, and then personally triggered the Kuroshio incident that shocked all countries.
Li Quan, the prime minister of Longhuan, suddenly died. Qin Gang, the duke of the west of Yanhu Island Town, died tragically. Hundreds of congenital people of Lingjianzong gathered in the top 20 schools of Lingjianzong Xuantianpu, all of which were implicated in this matter.
That year, Yun Ze was born.
That year Yu Beitang slapped Zhao Xuan for the first time.
Now ten years have passed in the blink of an eye.
At that time, the little girl had been baptized and grown up over the years. Although she never married, the woman gave all her youth to Jiemen, and dedicated herself to this land she loved. She could find a successor like her predecessors and then retire smartly, but she didn’t know that Lu Feng attacked Jiemen before she found her favorite brother.
Hundreds of thousands of Long Huan military are pulling towards Cangzhou before the summer wheat turns yellow. The Li Er army has been stationed in front of the cat valley.
Ziwei Heavenly Moves the East Palace and gradually sinks.
Zhao Xuanbai is not the time to start a war at this moment. If we can keep Jiemen from this time, there should be no war. She has sought help from many parties more than once, hoping that her words will reach Lu Feng’s ears. But it is obvious from the reality that Lu Feng is obviously not going to let Jiemen go alone this time.
In order to get Li Er to settle this matter as soon as possible, Lu Feng even secretly revealed the power of the cabinet to inform the various sects of the day. Who dares to rescue the world door at this time? Who is the one who is trapped by a fight?
This piece of paper told that heaven and man were afraid to move. At this time, the only one who dared to rescue Zhao Xuantian was Su Qingguang.
Even if you are angry about this, you can let your family not be affected by this storm. Those who are willing to come to help Zhao Xuan are also afraid to rush to make moves. This includes the bounded gate, which has always maintained a good sword casting villa, the land inflammation Sect, the spirit sword Sect and the God Luo Dian.
Of course, it’s good for those who usually don’t like the power of the boundary door to fall into the well.
Zhao Xuan, the curse of the world, anticipated Xiang Yiyi and learned about the harm from Zhao Xuan.
As Zhao Xuan said, once Ziwei Day is unstable, those Taiji Tian Shu will inevitably become unstable, and once Taiji Tian Shu collapses, the chaotic forces suppressed by Taiji Tian Shu will be integrated into the world’s defenders. This result is obviously not acceptable to all the people in the world.
Zhao Xuan’s heart is full of ambition, and Yiyi should also try his best, and the five elements should also try their best.
But I never thought that Chai Da would look at Yiyi and lie in his arms covered in blood today. If he shouted the other person’s name, he would always be indifferent to Yiyi, so he kept shaking himself, so he kept patting his cheek.
I saw sumeru light, I saw illusion, they were right in front of my eyes, they were right in my ear.
Maybe life is so full of regrets, maybe life is so fascinating.
But since people should face their own destiny.
Give me death before the right path.
I’m not afraid of anything after I believe in my heart.
If there is an afterlife, I believe I will still choose to continue my unfinished journey in this life, keep walking until the end of the world, see the scenery at the end of the world with my own eyes and listen to the waves at the end of the world with my own eyes.
When the eyes of sumeru are scattered …
When the illusion and darkness converge …
What’s left when I’m …
Dear son, I’m sorry, sister. I really tried my best this time …
Chapter three hundred and twenty-five
Until she tried everything, until she insisted on the early end, until she dispersed to Yiyi, but she did not stop Li Er’s footsteps as she hoped. She failed again after all.
Even if I dream in my heart
In the war in Zhao Xuan, Li Er, in the war in the imperial Jianghu, Yiyi did everything she could to give her life, but there was a great disparity in the number of people before the war. Xiang Yiyi could hold her anger here and she deserved to stay here in the future.
However, after this battle, Zhao Xuan’s gold department was completely forgotten by history. As Yiyi and Wang Xueer once again fought back those five elements who had lived from the human wall, after this battle, all the people including Yiyi people survived and insisted on going to Chaida to rescue them back to the underground wall. I was afraid that even 100 people were insufficient, and eventually the underground wall could be left alive, that is, 40 or 50 people were left with hard lives.

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