Sir, you’d better leave here. We are immortal brothers, and now nothing has happened to us.

In my eyes, Xianmen is not a bird. Situhao’s voice falls to the ground hazily and bloodthirsty solution is directly put into use. Dozens of younger brothers are on duty, and their blood immediately surges into Situhao’s body.
The bloodthirsty solution was suddenly put to use, and the immortal disciples immediately came from Stuart, the elder whose face look changed little.
Ga ga ga Lao advised you to save your energy. Your elders have been killed by our department. Ga ga Ga Situhao said with a gloomy smile.
Situhao’s bloodthirsty solution has been practiced to the extreme, and those who have not reached the ninth-order strength will not last long in his hands. For a moment, several people have become mummies.
In the face of this strange blood-taking fairy’s younger brother’s look changed greatly, and his surviving brother rushed to escape the scope of Situhao’s bloodthirsty solution, but just as they flew up, Situhao’s hands became empty and his strength was broken, and those who wanted to escape were directly shot to pieces. Chapter 8 Firm belief
Situhao killed Xianmen by sneak attack, captured them by the Ministry of Ruins after the brothers in the Love and Passion Institute, and then dismissed the people in the Love and Passion Institute. For those people who were caught, he still gave them some compensation in the past.
However, in the process of doing these things, Situhao first shaved off his face and beard to show his face to others.
It’s not that Situ Hao wants those rescued people to remember themselves. He wants to be self-interested and start the name of Tiandao Guild. From now on, members of Tiandao Guild and local Tiandao Guild will support them with their hands tied.
Do these things well. After noon, Situ Hao took some prepared food from Gankun Ring. After eating it, he quickly ran back to Tiandao Guild without delay.
After several days of flying around the clock, Situ Hao soon returned to Tiandao Guild.
In a few months, the scale of Tiandao Guild has expanded. Everywhere in Tiandao Guild, you can see a prosperous scene of practicing martial arts.
Moreover, the most gratifying thing for Situ Hao is that the cities in the thousands of miles of Tiandao Guild have distributed the power of Tiandao Guild, and those cities look prosperous compared with other places.
Although the sphere of influence of the Heaven Guild is still very small, it is a good one. Situ Hao said in his heart that he is not excited.
However, after a little excitement, Situ Hao’s heart was heavy again because he was very white. The situation in the fairy magic mainland has become extremely critical. The Heaven Guild has managed to maintain a good situation. Maybe in a moment, it will be hit. A fairy magic mainland will directly become hot water.
When Situ Hao returned to the Heaven Guild, he ran directly to the deliberation hall of the Heaven Guild. What were the ten backbone forces of the Heaven Guild discussing?
Hao son, you’re back. Ye Tian saw Situhao enter the hall and said excitedly.
Hehe, yes, I’m back. Situhao said with a smile.
President, it is good that you are back. We are waiting for you to take charge of the overall situation. Feng Xiaoyao said with a smile.
Since the establishment of Tiandao Guild, Situ Hao has inherited a kind of equality. In addition to the different job divisions, Tiandao Guild, that is, the lowest-level members may not salute Situ Hao.
Isn’t the Tiandao guild developing well under the leadership of the vice president? I think even if I sit in the town myself, I’m afraid it may not be able to develop to this situation. Situhao said with mirth.
Although the situation in Xianmo mainland is as heavy as a mountain, as the president of Tiandao Guild, he is the backbone of Tiandao Guild, and he can’t be pessimistic in front of them.
At last, Situ Hao’s leadership is not good, just like a parent, that is, the family is poor and jingling, and the family must never show their own life in front of their families, otherwise this family will become a family.
Haoer, you will make fun of me as soon as you come back.
Uncle, how come? I said it’s true
All right, let’s not talk about this. There’s nothing left. We’re discussing the matter of slowly spreading power everywhere. Now that you’re back, you can’t escape. Come with us to discuss this matter.
Well, Situhao has walked to the first floor of the hall and sat side by side with his uncle. How far has the members of the Heaven Society developed now?
Ye Tian frowned slightly and pondered for a moment before saying that there are probably more than ten members of the Heaven Guild. There are too many people and people join in from time to time. I’m not sure exactly how many.
More than ten people are already a huge number. I believe that the mixed scene of dragons and snakes will not reappear in Tiandao Guild.
Well, it’s really hard to reproduce this scene. Nearly 6,000 people have been assigned to 15 cities in Fiona Fang’s 3,000-mile range, and we have set up branches in each city. We have taxed those places, and besides the necessary sales of each branch, we can also pay a large amount of surplus to the Tiandao Association.
Situhao nodded slightly and asked, among these taxes, there is no ordinary people to pay it. This is the most heart-felt problem of Situhao, and he asked at the first time

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