A god who is good at etiquette, you ask him to tell you a hundred ways and origins of greeting a nobleman. He can be a treasure, but if you let him fight, he will say that this is a barbarian and a pariah, and the roots of nobility do not need these.

So he was dug up by Qin Mu Ye and then went to prison.
In this regard, Qin Mu Ye has suspected that the emergence of a series of wonderful gods, such as noble gods and etiquette gods, is likely to be the secret guidance of the holy light god, which is to strengthen the development and restriction of this pasture on the main material plane
Similar gods, but many of them are mostly defective, and they came from some famous big noble gods.
Anyway, the combat power can’t be managed, and it’s impossible to buckle one’s own aristocratic field. It’s like this etiquette god was famous in various kingdoms, and then he became a god after all kinds of strange stories.
"Consolidate the rule? Is really done, "Qin Mu Ye through this group of gods who were forced into 7-order waste is one of the reasons.
It is estimated that there are not many who can fight, so it is no wonder that there are so many 7 orders.
However, it is said that the seventh order is actually a shell. Without this magical power, it is probably an ordinary person.
Otherwise, how can it be that it hasn’t grown for so many years, even if a pig has lived for thousands of years, it has to grow a little.
"It can be seen that this group of backward gods are probably just peripheral gods. The real rulers of this world should be the gods of light, benefit, abundance and so on."
Qin Mu Ye recorded a lot of data in the magic net and then prepared to take a look at the kingdom of etiquette gods.
After all, he has good luck in hand, and such a clergy needs to make a field trip to the other kingdom, such a sacred habitat.
Because after they become gods, they are able to return to the main physical plane to create their own country, that is, the kingdom of God is not only the soul of the believers after death, but also the place where they believe.
Fortunately, the kingdom of God is a gift after it becomes a god, otherwise, this group of man-made waste gods will not be able to complete the construction of a kingdom until now.
Therefore, Qin Mu Ye suspected that the kingdom of God is the receiver of faith, which is an important part of building gods. This kind of place must be visited on the spot.
Although the news from the kingdom of God is not optimistic
A large number of gold, silver and jewels, as well as various crafts, antique and luxurious clothes and ornaments, have been found in the kingdom of this etiquette and good luck god. They are always more like a nobleman than a god.
Even the souls of those believers have been affected, and all kinds of red tape are going blind to take over the kingdom
In combat power? Forget it, Ki.
Otherwise, the magic blood can easily lead the team to kill it again and bring back the etiquette and good luck god. More importantly, it doesn’t disturb the gods.
In the eyes of the gods, they are high, and they have everything under control.
It was a social beating, etiquette and good luck that God realized the reality.
Qin Mu Ye naturally knows what this etiquette and good luck god didn’t transform the believer’s soul into a guardian or a soldier’s armor. The reason is very simple. Then do you need it? After all, it is an insult for him that a god who is good at etiquette should choose a guard without paying attention to etiquette.
Another is that he is already a god in his eyes, and his gods are all following the aristocratic system. It is impossible to launch an unjust war, so he is safe and that’s it.
In this case, Qin Mu Ye can say that mother’s mental retardation guides this spirit, which is simply extremely severe.
Starting from common sense, solidifying thinking, re-monopolizing and differentiating is not only the main material plane, but also the gods’ pasture, and the subsequent gods all choose limiters by them.
You can’t beat it, but if there are no big variables that can really last forever, after all, the gods will not die
Through the abyss, Qin Mu Ye soon came to the kingdom of etiquette and good luck
Here, the souls of the first believers are naturally escorted and sent to the prison of the abyss, and then naturally they are mimicked by the ghosts, even the etiquette and good luck gods.
It is equivalent to Qin Mu Ye directly occupying the kingdom of the gods.
However, I don’t worry about being exposed, because gods rarely come and go to the kingdom, but more come to visit in incarnations.
Incarnation is definitely better than not being true, and it is impossible to say that casual visits are due to the aristocratic system, and there is a set of special visiting rules, especially to visit this god who is famous for his etiquette. If the etiquette is not equal, it will be contempt.
This set of etiquette is smelly and long. I’m afraid it will take ten days and a half months to complete the process, and I’ll be prepared when I have enough time.
It is precisely because of this that no gods will visit the etiquette and good luck gods at all.
"Sure enough, the kingdom of God is the gathering place of beliefs, and the gods are more like the central unification. The reason why the law returns to the main material plane is that the other material has become a part of the kingdom of God, forming a new plane shape. If you go back, it is equivalent to a plane invasion."
"No wonder God’s punishment or divine punishment is so harsh, which is equivalent to other countries’ intervention in politics without certain strength, and they can walk by the strength of believers."
Qin Mu Ye said that nature is those waste gods, such as the God of Light, which is truly powerful. There may be restrictions, but this restriction is the same as nothing. If you don’t really enter a lot of things, you can say it.
It’s certain to treat them differently. Otherwise, the divine church will develop so much. It is precisely because of the support of sufficient force that it will develop to the point that everything is decided by the gods.
Like etiquette, good luck, gods, etc., it’s just a light touch
The strong gods such as the Holy Light, which is the particularity of the clergy, will also protect the believers who are consciously growing and protect the church from extinction because they are too weak. Those gods naturally show their eyes, otherwise they will have to give birth to a god who threatens them.
After some on-the-spot investigation, the data obtained by Qin and Mu Ye have gained a lot, and they still have a basic understanding of the gods and beliefs.
If possible, Qin Mu Ye can build his own belief channel and make the belief increase himself to the abyss, which can also further enhance his strength.
The world doesn’t believe in toxic claims, and even if it did, it would have been filtered and purified into pure divine power.
Clergy, divine fire, divine personality and divine kingdom have constructed a whole set of processes of naming gods.
"Normal situation should not have divinity? Oh, yes, how can there be divinity in this group of people’s personalities? "Qin Mu Ye remembered that there was such a thing in the magical mainland gods, but it was normal that they belonged to different gods.
"This world is not suitable to be called the kingdom of the gods. It is better to call it a farm."

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