This is the penultimate nerve, and one will be completely fused.

"You did … very well." After the fusion, it became a huge star. The bus nerve said to Lin, "These things have been completed … no matter what your purpose is … I feel quite necessary to thank you."
"But … this gratitude seems meaningless because everything here will disappear and pollution must be wiped out," said the bus nerve. "It’s time to end."
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-one The past plan
"This is what they always do …"
"They try to change everything by themselves …"
"Here … before reinventing myself, I found that … that kind of … disease is what makes them want to reinvent everything."
There is such an ancient creature that appeared in this virtual reality from a long time ago.
They are called … star buses because they revolve around the stars and also ride several creatures.
Despite this name, they don’t all revolve around stars, and sometimes they revolve around other big tumbling objects, such as gas tumbling objects.
There are even some special species that live in the gas tumbling part, and some extreme species are those places in the virtual life that are dangerous to ordinary creatures.
But no matter what kind, they all have a long life course. This kind of creature can always witness the prosperity and weakness of their own creatures and cultures … They are born as’ creators’ and are a very … gentle creator.
They rarely interfere with what those creatures do, whether they kill each other to extinction or develop to leave the bus.
Stellar bus invaders, although their own creatures will not have a problem with each other, are quite interested in the invaders, and they will not allow the invaders to wage war themselves.
They will try every means to deal with intruders until the target is solved … There are many problems for younger star buses that are difficult for them to solve.
And when they reach adulthood or … when they are old, they will hardly encounter unsolvable problems, which has always been the case …
Until a certain time, a’ disease’ appeared in the star bus body.
It’s a huge world. They seldom get sick. Even if they do, they can quickly find the reason, but they can’t find the reason for this disease.
Moreover, these sick star buses can watch their bodies become abnormal, which will slowly deprive them of consciousness and then make them die.
That is, in the case of collapse, their bodies will burst into a pile of pieces.
They, of course, don’t want to accept this ending, but they can’t do anything. The best they can do is to let their bodies collapse, so that they can become ordinary tumbling bodies and those creatures can continue to live.
This way is more complicated to operate and may not be successful, but they still need some experiments.
However, one of these sick star buses does not agree with this practice.
To be precise, it doesn’t want to just reach this level. It still wants to trace the source of their illness, so it is only left in its life that it constantly studies and tells some of its thoughts to its companions.
Later, it found a place that might be the source of the disease.
It was a distant place, but that source somehow sent this’ collapse disease’ to their place.
This star bus suspects that this pollution source is related to another creature, that is, the creator.
If the star bus is a natural creator, then the creator is the’ acquired’ creator. They are also quite interested in creating vast environments and creatures, but they may not be so … good at their own creations.
And they are also quite threatening to young star buses.

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