Suddenly, the star-gathering body twisted for a while and then continued to fall, and the fractured layers around it suddenly seemed to lose cohesion and spread like water.

It seems that … Xingju can’t continue to control the fractured layer, so this plan will be successful.
Chapter one thousand four hundred and seventy-four Afterwards investigation
The 700-meter body fell heavily into the sand, and when the dust was aroused, the pioneer slowly landed beside it.
Star gathering … has been completely motionless. It should be really dead this time.
But I still have to confirm it before I know.
Thinking of Lin, she asked the developer to release many pompoms and fly to the star gathering place, and drilled into it from the explosion wound of the star gathering place to test the situation inside.
It really is.
After some tests, Lin has confirmed the general situation, and the previous action was indeed correct.
Qian Xingju flew to the desert and called many fractured layers to stop Lin Tuo from chasing Lin, and then he came up with a solution.
I don’t know when it will be solved if we continue to chase the pioneers and bomb the pompoms. Lin needs a quick solution, so Lin asked the pioneers to throw out the box with the broken layer.
This square hit the star cluster and burst. Actually, it’s a very strong thing, not so explosive. It’s Lin’s square with many tiny … explosive bombs attached.
These bombs explode together to break the cube, and then the fractured layer inside can move forward through a key part of the star cluster body.
That’s … where the big devil’s brain is.
Star aggregation is a completely condensed virtual species, so it can let the cataclastic layer pass through itself unharmed, but … that big demon brain should not.
Although it is likely that it has undergone many mutations due to’ eating’ solidified drugs, so it can command star gathering, but this’ mutation’ will definitely become endless.
Lynn thinks that the fractured layer is the one that can damage the big devil’s brain, so kill it.
Now it has been proved that this is correct. Lin Rong’s star player has found the big demon brain, which is like … being cut by a sharp knife, and a large piece has not been lost.
However, there is still a small piece to study. Lin can think of the scene when Lin threw out the broken layer and passed through the skin of the star cluster and entered the star cluster to cut off the brain …
After being cut off, it has no control ability, and those poly-fractured layers also fly away, and finally fall to the ground.
Then it seems that there is no threat. We should study it more carefully.
….. So after a short time …
Canned city is still floating in the sky, where residents have not recovered from fear, and Lin has carefully studied the two bodies of Xingji and those demons who have been caught
Star gathering body … It’s really a strange thing.
It is a very special thing that has never been seen in this virtual reality.
Star gathering can hide a kind of liquid substance on the surface of skin, which can be rapidly excited to become explosive and high-temperature substances, which is why it can release a large barrage of stars.
Its structure can also resist very high temperature and … very low temperature.
In addition, Linye Cluster has discovered organs that can control … the fractured layer.
It can’t be precisely controlled, but when this organ contracts, it will release a special … thing to gather the surrounding fractured layers.
There are still many complicated stellar aggregates, and Lin thinks that after understanding them, she will also know a lot about solidification.
There is also a lot of research on the box with broken layers. This box is not made of solidified virtual matter, but … but the material found in this virtual matter is mixed with solidified virtual matter to make it.
The manufacturing method is not difficult for Lin … Soon Lin can make the same one, so there is a way to trap the fractured layer.
And those … demons.
Now there are more than 30 demons left, all of whom have been … After testing them in prison, Lin found that they have many variation parts.
These mutations haven’t changed their protocells. Unlike the brain-making monsters, they have changed their bodies into’ ashes’ demons. All the cells have changed a lot.
These cells have strengthened their abilities in all aspects, which makes these demons’ abilities become original … almost three times, including strength and speed, but there is also a negative effect that energy consumption is fast. Simply put, strengthening demons will be more hungry than ordinary demons.
The strengthening source is mainly solidified virtual matter.
These substances are scattered all over their bodies like powder, and their cells will mutate as soon as they touch the cell nucleus.
In the end, it leads to the overall strengthening, but the strengthening range is not as big as that of the dust crocodile. It can be said that the dust crocodile can become the heroes in the movie, but the demon strengthening is just stronger.
But it’s enough for them to easily defeat the pot brain machine one-on-one
The biggest problem is … Lin found that these substances that can make dust crocodiles mutate have no effect on their own cells.
Lin’s own cells went to test the contact, but there was no response.
Of course, Lin didn’t only return it herself, but also found cell biology in some cities to test it, which didn’t work
That’s weird …
It seems that this variation of solidified virtual matter must be associated with Midgard.
But although demons are somewhat related, they are actually assembled by the biological cells of the velvet ball. How do these substances distinguish demons from other creatures?
Lynn thinks there is some special connection in it.
Although there is only a small part of the demon brain left, it can still be studied. It is indeed connected with the star cluster … many nerves.
Finally, the great demon commanded the Star Gathering, but it couldn’t finish its command to start the Star Gathering … those barrage defenses.
It can make the fragmentation method stop Lin so that she can escape, and its final goal is to fly to the sand and drill into the deep sand to return to the canyon from the ground.
Because that part of the great demon’s memory is left, Lin detected its thinking.
Its final plan is to fly to the canyon and find a way to cause some … large objects to fall, which will trigger the eruption of the fractured river in the canyon again and then meet the new demon king.
It’s a simple plan. In fact, this big devil thought of these plans when he was found secretly blowing up the engine.
But it was stopped by Lin.
But even if we stop it, the new demon king won’t stop. Lin feels … it’s almost time to meet it.
Chapter one thousand four hundred and seventy-five Preparation
"I heard that … the new demon king is coming here?"
"Rest assured! No matter what kind of monster it is, we will try to deal with it! " "Yes, we have doubled our strength after practicing here!"
This is … somewhere in the Midgard pipeline.
The brave man is looking at a large group of uniting creatures, who are competing with each other for sword training.
The brave are not interested in their training, but keep thinking about … news of the new demon king. It is said that the new demon king will come here soon and must be prepared.
That being said, the brave don’t know what to prepare, and it’s not quite sure what this new demon king is really like.

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