Sun Hao feels that if he chooses to restore his body bones instead of casting the sword bones, it is very likely that he will restore his body before the arrival of the century-old disaster to meet the first soaring disaster in the virtual world.

But the science of uniting to this point, Sun Hao’s theory is that he should also cast his own eternal foundation to complete his double sword bone.
The universal sword has become a universal trend.
A large number of forging bone pills are ready. Sun Hao can cast double sword bones.
Sun Hao in the sea sat cross-legged and went with the flow, summing up himself and thinking about his coming to practice Taoism
As the saying goes, different situations have different angles of thinking.
Sun Hao’s strength was sealed when he just soared, and all means were banned. The most urgent hope was to repair the bones and return to the road.
However, with the gradual recovery of Sun Haoxu’s strength, his mentality has changed.
From eager to recover to eager to recover stronger.
Double sword bone is a stronger way.
The sword of the four seas generates the sword potential of the sea. Sun Hao has the foundation of eternal life, so he can’t help asking himself a question.
Did you do your best?
Is this your limit? Is that you can forge the best sword bone?
Unconsciously, Sun Hao’s mentality quietly changed again, naturally from longing for stronger to pursuing the ultimate.
A snake swallows an elephant when people are short of heart?
It’s just that the environment is different and the angle of thinking is different
Chapter 1445 The third addition to the monthly ticket for the crisis of famine plug
Sun Hao’s environment has two biggest differences.
This is also the reason why Sun Hao pursues the ultimate.
Sun Hao joined the Ling Tianjian Sect and became an unknown brother. With the sword, brother Jun has no doubt about his position. With the protection of the surrounding environment, Sun Hao can feel at ease.
The second biggest difference is that Sun Hao, who has been penalizing for 20 years in Kemada Island, once again has extraordinary fighting strength.
Even if Zhenyuan didn’t recover, but now Sun Haoli is full of estimates that ordinary sword kings are hard to resist.
The four seas sword means the sea trend, the ancient iron war body.
More than enough for Sun Hao to protect himself. Most monks said that Sun Hao’s feet on the snake and scorpion Queimada Island had been flat. If it weren’t for considering that he couldn’t kill them all, Sun Hao might have slaughtered the most harmful gold finger on this island.
With strong combat power, the cultivation environment is stable.
Sun Hao naturally thinks about deeper problems.
I remember that when Sun Hao just stepped into the cultivation path, he stumbled into the twelfth floor of refining gas. dzogchen Tsukiji had a great follow-up influence on Sun Hao’s cultivation behind him, especially on refining evil spirits to generate magical powers.
In the same way, if you recast the sword bone, for example, into your own emptiness and cast the fairy base again, there is no doubt that the more practical this step is, the greater its influence will be in the future.
Four seas sword means the general trend of the sea
It’s so powerful that even the senior brothers look at each other with new eyes.
But this is definitely not your limit.
Sun Hao’s greatest advantage is that Sun Hao is a rising monk.
Brother Fei Sheng’s greatest advantage is that this world has a thousand-year foundation before birth.
Friars born in the virtual world, their parents are monks or mortals.
However, the parents of the soaring monk are one side of the world. To put it bluntly, it is equivalent to the natural beasts such as stone monkeys, and the soaring monk is a huge treasure.
Can I dig this treasure more thoroughly?
Sun Hao crossed his legs and the sea fluctuated with the waves, and his body was as imposing as the sea, so that the sea could not move.
After a long time, Sun Hao screamed at the sea and drank lang to shake the sky. "Double-pedaled four waves and a sword light cold Kyushu star; Looking up at the sky and laughing, are we Artemisia people? "
Step on the sea and the blue flies.
A world of top talents is proudly imposing, and a world of top talents is unyielding in pursuit and full of ambitions.
Sun Hao vowed that even if talented people came forth in great numbers, our monks would be brilliant.
Aspiring for a long time
After half a ring, Sun Hao’s eyes narrowed slightly and looked at the Jianta of Queimada Island.
In the past ten years, Sun Hao has rarely returned to Jianta, but only occasionally will he go back and press the communication ball to report his safety to Huangsai, and at the same time, he will also avoid Huangsai Jianxiu to disturb his practice.
After summing up and thinking, more than a month has passed, and it has been less than half a year since the senior brother agreed to pick himself up.
Sun Hao can go to Jianta to practice, but he must also clean up some traces of Queimada Island.
Sun Hao walked over to the beach with a slight flash of his body, and his feet set off a huge wave of sea water and followed Sun Hao to the beach.
Look at your own alchemy sink, and then look at your own makeshift camp. There is a trace in your eyes to remember your arms. There is a slight earthquake, and the waves are crashing down on the beach.
Camp or sink or a wave to disappear.
Another surge came, and all traces turned into a huge beach, and there was no sign of human monks’ activities anymore.
Slowly shaking his head, Sun Hao strolled along the waves and slowly walked over to the sword tower in the middle of the island.
More than 20 years have passed in a blink of an eye. Sun Hao has completely disappeared for 20 years. I don’t know how many people in Lingtian Sword School remember themselves and don’t know that their younger brothers are practicing now.
Such as Xue, Xiao Qing, Mei Kou and Mei Liu, I don’t know how they are now, and whether Uncle Zhu has been eliminated?
Will things change in twenty years?

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