Chapter five hundred and forty War Messenger Jiang Gen

Another long day …
Listening to the breeze in the ear, smelling the faint fragrance at the tip of the nose, occasionally the rows of geese flying overhead pass by like this, and the white clouds disappear in the distance. Through the mottled cracks in the leaves above, you can see the clouds floating in the blue sky slowly and quietly.
Entrench your legs in this slightly cold wheelchair, and then hold your hands slightly. At this time, you can keep a slight skew, gently sip your mouth, and then close your eyes. Only then can you really enjoy the quiet breeze that is constantly coming towards your cheeks and the breeze.
On this day …
Really good is a long time …
What is long enough to make him feel a little interesting …
It has been so long that he feels a little boring.
Even if the breeze is mixed with a faint fragrance of flowers, it will slowly and elegantly blow the hair hanging from your ears back and forth slightly.
But even so, there is no way to let go of this sorrow in his heart and that slightly anxious heart.
The end of the war made him relax.
Even at this moment, he can still talk about peace, so he can devote himself wholeheartedly and enjoy it, because he can’t let go of a person in his heart who has saved his life several times.
It can be said that at this moment, my heart is the quietest.
It can also be said that at this moment, my heart is the most throbbing.
It can be said that there is a moment when your heart is the clearest.
How can I help you?
Xia Zhijie, please tell me what I should do to help you fulfill your dream.
Although I have become a cripple now, you know what? Disabled people have dreams, benefits, hopes for glory and desires, and I want to help you through my own efforts …
Ah …
This wind, this cloud, this light songbird call this intoxicating fragrance, which makes people feel so comfortable!
Do you know Xia Zhijie?
I really want to keep this life for a whole generation, so that the whole person can be completely immersed in this worrying world. Occasionally, a familiar melody will pop up in my mind, and then I will hum along with this sudden melody, which makes people feel comfortable and breezy. It’s like a fairy day.
I once had fantasies, but you experienced the sunrise and sunset together, you traveled all over the mountains and rivers together, you witnessed the change of history together, and you witnessed the miracle together.
I once fantasized about me, and you lived in the mountains like this. I played the piano, you danced the sword, I raised sheep, and you led cattle.
But I know that I’m a man, I’m a cripple, and I don’t deserve to be around you anymore
I can see from your eyes that now you want to leave.
I don’t blame you for this, but I think you know that you are really important to me, so important that there is nothing in my heart that can be compared with you.
As for Jiang Gen, when he closed his eyes and indulged in the short silence given to him by nature, a drop of foreign body did drop on his shoulder accurately, accompanied by a breath collision and a smell.
Obviously, this drop of foreign body awakened Jiang Gen, the man who kept playing in his daydream.
"First … born … is … bird … (dung) …"
And when Jiang Gen has not made a statement, this very strange sound came behind him.
This sound sounds so uncomfortable, so stiff, so dry and so inhuman.

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