"Adult please command" magic dragon immediately.

The ghost-faced woman said, "The eternal abyss has not been completely defeated by us … In the decisive battle, it suddenly gained a new body and its strength increased again."
"The situation is tight now, and I came in a hurry, so I will go back soon."
"-I know that the chaotic era is coming in this 900 million-story world."
"I want you to form a chaotic alliance on our behalf."
"In the Covenant … you help their God and then let them take all the chaos in the 900 million world and we will destroy the eternal abyss together!"
"yes! My Lord! "
Chapter 46 detect!
A meteor flashed through the darkness.
This star passed through millions of worlds at a very fast speed and finally fell into a gray, humble and barren world.
The meteor’s falling into the earth’s breath did not cause any severe earthquake.
-magic dragon meteor falls.
He let out his powerful horse and spoke to the whole world.
"God of Chaos, Soul Screaming Pavilion. I know you’re hiding here."
No response.
The world was silent.
Magic dragon said with a straight face, "You can’t talk, but if I destroy the world, you have to come out to see me."
Waiting for another breath.
Suddenly, a vicious sound swept the whole world.
"magic dragon! What do you want? Robbery by fire? "
Magic dragon laughed and said, "No, you are the era of chaos. The chaotic will of the gods will do whatever you want. I have no intention of killing you."
The sound stopped and asked, "then what did you come to me for?" Look at my miserable appearance? "
Magic dragon shook his head and said, "Don’t try again. Let’s be honest."
He spread out his hand and showed three coins, saying
Gu Qingshan received three coins. He wanted to go back to the past and save an order.
The voice of the soul squealer suddenly rises. "How do you know this? Say it quickly!"
"Look, I’m not afraid of you, but I can go on talking to show my sincerity."
Magic dragon smiled and continued, "He personally asked me for coins, and then when you were busy chasing him, I arranged for someone to drain the power of the angel card, which delayed his action a little-but you know he has more ghosts. If you want to kill him with me, I’m afraid we won’t have much time to talk slowly."
"why should I believe you? You must give me more sincerity, "the soul squealer doubted."
Magic dragon said, "I can tell you that I know the time when Gu Qingshan wants to go-the time when the Tower Association was destroyed."
The soul squealer fell silent.
The earth trembled.
The whole world splits on both sides.
Magic dragon bowed their heads and overlooked some movement at the moment.
The earth is full of corpses from shallow to bottomless.
-Count the bodies of professionals
The whole world has been dug up and hidden with countless bodies.
Two figures came from underground.
Men’s and women’s double-faced six-armed monsters
An old woman covered with black tentacles.
Magic dragon eyed the soul scream some surprise in my heart.
This monster is not as weak as the intelligence says, but its injury is almost healed.
Magic dragon eyes swept the world body slowly white.

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