Wearing armor, Jin Zun raised his right palm with a cold hum, and waited for the thunder to split the flower god and the ancient Weng to sneer without saying anything.

Two middle-aged Taoist priests quickly stopped Jin Zun, who was wearing a pale blue crane, and said, "Jin Zun is a friend, but now Jiang Zi, a famous monk in the monastic world!" Jin Zun’s eyebrows shook, and then he slowly withdrew his right hand. A harsh golden light in his palm just flashed and dissipated rapidly.
Another Taoist priest wearing a milky white crane shouted, "Why did Jiang Daoyou have a chance to come to me today?"
Chapter 40th Continuation of the Soul
Wearing a coarse cloth robe, my eyebrows flashed in my eyes. Ginger laughed from’ Hehe’ and showed her figure from that ray of light. There was a humming sound hidden in the light whistling. Ginger flew to the front of five people and nodded and laughed. "Qingyi and Qingchu, two Taoist friends, have not seen each other for more than a hundred years. Where have they gone?" Well, who are these three? " Jiang Zi looked at Jin Zun, Hua Shen and Gu Weng in great surprise, and their faces were filled with confused expressions.
"This is Jin Zun Daoyou, Hua Shen Daoyou and Gu Weng Daoyou." Wearing a blue crane, a person smiled and introduced Jin Zun to Jiang Zi. Jin Zun, Hua Shen and Gu Weng were lukewarm and nodded at Jiang Zi, indicating that three pairs of eyes were constantly sweeping and sweeping. Gradually, Jin Zun, Hua Shen and Gu Weng appeared a little surprised on their faces. First, Jin Zun was impatient and gently’ snorted’.
Green one, green two people stay for a while at the same time, the avatar looked at Jiang Zi for a while, and they both picked a long eyebrow and laughed at the same time. "Congratulations to Daoyou and Congxi Daoyou, who haven’t seen Daoyou for more than a hundred years, but they also broke through that one, but they really got a big free and unfettered! Congratulations! " Qingyi, Qingyi congratulated Jiang Zixi constantly. The two Taoist priests were very happy in their hearts. Isn’t it an extra help when they went to explore the ruins?
Jiang Ziwei smiled kotow way "with joy and joy! These days, I have gained a little from being original, but I can’t compare with the two Taoist friends. "When I shook my hands, Jiang sighed with emotion," I found out that the two Taoist friends have long been ashamed of being original in the virtual world! "
Qingyi, Qingyi smiled at each other at the beginning of Qingyi shook his head and said, "Daoyou are polite. When my other disciples invited Tian Xing to step into the virtual world, it was just a secret ~" Paused and Qingyi laughed. "Why can you tell Daoyou today? I don’t know if you came to Kai Yuanxing? Why don’t you drop by my Yuan Zong for a cup of green tea? "
Qingyi said politely, Jin Zun was already a big grin and smiled. "It’s true that this little Taoist priest is good enough and qualified to join us. Maybe he will have any benefits when we go there. Well, especially he specializes in Lei Fa-Lei Guang. The god’s eye is extremely exquisite. He is banned by lightning in several places, but he is just right!"
As soon as Jiang rolled his eyes, he looked at the five people, such as Qingyi, and suddenly laughed. "It’s better to be humble than to ask questions!"
Six people laughed at the same time, and six people flashed through the light, and six people flew rapidly towards Qi Yuanxing.
While flying fast, Jiang said casually, "Being original has been hunting for wonderful immortals for months. A few days ago, Lei Fa just chased him here and destroyed his body. Yuan Shen discovered that being original near Qi Yuanxing was interested in going to Yuan Zong for a few glasses of wine. Who knows, I met several Taoist friends. Hehe, I don’t know how many Taoist friends came here? Qing Yi and Qing Chu, two Taoist friends, have gone to a happy place for more than a hundred years? "
Flower god eyes flashing suddenly said, "wonderful fairy that rogue was killed by you? Very good! I remember this favor. I once hunted for the wonderful immortal 1,700 years ago, but he escaped three transgressions and two times. In the end, he was only seriously injured. Today, his death in your hands is also a god’s net. "
Jiang Zi quickly humbled himself. He took a deep look at the flower god and asked with a smile, "Listen to the elder. Is the elder ~ ~?"
At the beginning of Qing Dynasty, one side smiled and said, "Jiang Daoyou, the three predecessors, have been practicing in the virtual realm for thousands of years. They have been exploring somewhere for thousands of years, so their names are not obvious in the monastic world. Today, the monastic world is the highest and most profound of these three predecessors. Just say that the ancient Weng predecessors had a Yuan Shen period three thousand years ago, but for some changes, his old man’s house would have soared, but it is not in this monastic world."
"Old Weng predecessors! Three thousand years ago! " Jiang twitched from the corner of his mouth for a while, and his eyebrows turned sharply. He suddenly asked in surprise, "Is it true that the elder of Gu Weng was the island owner of Canglang Island?"
"hey? Interesting! You this doll knows Canglang Island! " Gu Weng gave Jiang Zi a surprised look and frowned. "My Canglang Island has always been a one-line list. Except for making friends with friends and outsiders, where did you know my old man’s name?"
Ginger since suddenly stopped dun light green first class also followed him to stop to ginger since suspended virtual face changing looking at the ancient weng suddenly face upwards burst out laughing green first class surprised looking at ginger since don’t know what’s wrong with him but heard ginger arrogant laughed "bodhi old zu know, of course! At that time, bodhi old zu, I was you. Well, aren’t you the little guy around the old man Dai Li Weng? Hey hey, when the bodhi old zu gave you a bloody soul, it was blocked by your master! "
The old man’s face changed suddenly. He waved his fishing rod and brought up thousands of blue water lights. He screamed at the old man, "The bodhi old zu, the god of blood! It’s you devil! Go to hell! " In the water light, the thumb-sized sunflower water god thunder is like concealed, and it swarms to Jiang Zi.
The roots of Qingyi, Qingyi and others who changed their armpits and elbows didn’t respond to them. None of them could think of how this famous monk, Jiang Zi, and what blood god, the bodhi old zu, pulled? However, seeing that the always kind old man’s face was murderous, Jiang Zi’s face suddenly burst into layers of evil spirits, and the lotus flower was amazing. They were still able to react. Several swords were shot from their hands and hesitated to twist to Jiang Zi.
Ginger since insidious smile, his body suddenly turned into a lotus flower shadow, and several lotus flowers poured into the five people with pungent smell of blood. As soon as those swords touched this lotus flower, the sword light was dim, but the flying sword was defiled by lotus flower, and the spirituality was greatly weakened. Ginger had already planned to sneak attack halfway, and her figure just turned into lotus flower and flew up in lotus flower, and then she shot a purple thunder. After Lei Guang, she was adorned with three wisps of delicate lotus flower, and the number of twisted small faces was faintly visible in the red light, and the three wisps of light were sharp.
The three men, Jin Zun, Hua Shen and Gu Weng, practiced deep body and had more powerful treasures to protect their bodies. Seeing a few bright lights, they protected their whole bodies, and the outside world’s lotus roots invaded their bodies.
Green one, green early is due to ginger from the magic real name, but also because ginger from the friendship with their former friends didn’t prevent ginger from even if they can swing out two swords, sword light castration is also uncertain, but they don’t have the time to launch a protective magic weapon, several lotus flower transparent bodies, and since they saved purple thunder behind them, they even blew out a big hole in the chest of green one, and Lei Guang blew up green one, and lost sleep on the spot. Three wisps of thin lotus flower were drilled into the body at the beginning of green one, and the skin at the beginning of green one suddenly burst into thick black gas.
Several lotus flower from green one and green early body drill bleeding light color are lit up in a few minutes, there was a ginger smug smile in the virtual "Yuan Zong kill wonderful fairy bodhi old zu I will kill their ancestors! Hey hey! Hey hey! Hey hey! " Yin is extremely extremely smile several lotus flower a twist to condense into ginger itself with a hundred zhangs long Lei Guang to stay in the distance to escape.
"Want to escape?" Laughed a golden statue.
"It’s too contemptuous of us!" Flower god coily laughed.
"crack day seal! !” The ancient Weng drank a lot. His thin, shriveled body swelled like a balloon, and his body became Zhang Xu’s intellectual man fit and floated to the front of the golden statue and the flower god. The hands of the golden statue and the flower god formed a strange printing tactic. The four palms of the two men gently stuck to the middle of the back of the ancient Weng, and plumes of purple halo poured into the ancient Weng’s body rapidly along his arm. The ancient Weng gave a loud drink, and his hands changed nine times in a row. The right thumb suddenly expanded to three times the original thickness. He gently pressed his thumb toward Lei Guang, which had already flown nearly a hundred miles away.
"Bang" The ancient Weng’s thumb was blown up, and a flash of light and shadow was driving away from the light. Jiang himself suddenly collapsed and a dark hole suddenly appeared, swallowing up the nearby aura and all kinds of free energy.
Jiang spontaneously gave a frightened howl, and even this howl was swallowed up by the black hole. His body, together with the escaping light, was strangled by the destructive energy in the black hole, and in a moment, it fell to the ground, and the separated Yuan God was also beaten to the ground.
"The ancient seal is indeed more powerful than our present Taoism." The ancient Weng gawked at his raw thumb and sighed, "It’s a pity that we can enter the third place."
Jin Zun raised his head to look at the sky with his arms around his chest and snorted.
The flower god is floating around Qingyi and Qingchu, and he is a little at a loss. "Damn it, Qingyi and Qingchu’s seminal blood has been completely drained by lotus flower, and Yuan Shen has almost collapsed. Qingyi’s physical injury has hidden a very powerful evil spell that is devouring him. Is this good?"
The ancient Weng Changmei picked a nasty way: "Come on, we got’ Purple Rodin’ from the ruins. They protected the Yuan God and hung their lives. Well, go to Yuan Zong and see if there is any help-saving baby for their Yuan Zong family! They were sucked dry by the blood god bodhi old zu’ scattered soul and blood light’. Now that the soul has been separated from the body, it is really uncertain whether it can be saved! "
Gu Weng and Jin Zun picked up Qingyi and the road ahead of the flower god at the beginning of Qing Dynasty, and left for Yuan Zong rapidly.
On the same day, Lin Xiao and Qing Chu squatted down to the pool at the back of Yaoshan Mountain in Yuan Zong, quietly looking at a head and a half-length and a right arm that had just grown in the pool. A part of Yao Ying’s body was divided into several moss-covered holes. From the Yinhe River, Yuan Zongdantang constantly extracted the elixir from the discarded residue liquid medicine and condensed it into viscous medicine juice, and then Yao Ying extracted a little aura from the medicine juice to repair his body again.
Green hoe gawked at Yao Ying for a long time before lightly sighing, "Don’t be rash after Xiaoqing ~ Look, you’ve been smashed into pieces again this time!"
I’m busy mending my body, but I don’t want to give birth to hair. A little head is bare, and Yao Ying crooked his mouth and snorted. "I’m not afraid that even if it becomes a piece, I won’t be afraid that the demon core is not broken. Well, I’m afraid that Brother Lin won’t allow Yao Ying to eat those ready-made elixirs, but I have to work hard to extract the medicine from that river."

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