And what it has to do is to find out the reasons for the extinction of high-temperature organisms.

At the same time, it also wants to revive these high-temperature creatures.
This ….. this’ future’ has opened up a new journey.
Chapter three thousand one hundred and forty-one Orthodox
This is a new emptiness.
The lost history has been redeemed by law, but there is a way to save it.
Obviously, although the star burner can see’ history’ in ancient times, it can’t make it go back to that time in the past.
It can try to save the high-temperature biological population in this new future
What star burners did at first was to look for.
It recognizes that some high-temperature creatures can be in a state of deep sleep, which makes them realize that they may not be connected to ancient times.
The star burner has found some individuals who may be sleeping high-temperature creatures, so it looks for these possible creatures and tries to wake them up.
However, the star burner did not reach the target directly to wake them up, but by controlling the ancient way.
Some of its methods connect multiple ancient times and make oneself aware of the location of the target through the ancient times.
If there are creatures with higher intelligence in the target area affected by the star burner’s consciousness, they are likely to produce … that kind of high-temperature worship phenomenon.
In addition to this scheme, it has many schemes. Star burners look for the targets they suspect one by one.
Unfortunately, it is recognized as a sleeping high-temperature creature, and those targets are actually not high-temperature creatures.
Star burners have always found many creatures, some of which are very huge and some have high temperatures, but none of them are descendants of those high-temperature creatures in the past.
The star burner thought of a … scheme at that time.
Now that they have gone out, it’s good to burn again.
The star burner then went to some places where it felt’ hopeful’, that is, those areas where high temperature was worshipped to the extreme.
It came to these places in various ways to try to’ create’ new high-temperature creatures, but the star burner tried many ways, but it still couldn’t create’ orthodox’ high-temperature creatures.
In the star burner’s mind, orthodox high-temperature creatures must be able to’ consciously’ connect with ancient times like it.
Those who burned the world’s burning stars because of crazy high-temperature worship created some high-temperature creatures that were very similar to the past, but they could not connect with the ancient times.
There is no meaning without connection.
So the star burners gave them up and went to another world to do similar experiments.
Lin found this interesting. When the fetish of high-temperature crazy creatures influenced by star burners reaches a certain’ peak’ … their consciousness will slightly perceive ancient times.
It is precisely because of this that star-burners feel that high-temperature creatures have hope of being born again.
Generally speaking, star burners mix these admirers’ neural structures with something else to create’ orthodox’ … high-temperature creatures.
But it never worked.
At first, it couldn’t even get stable living things out. Even if it succeeded later, they were not’ orthodox’.

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