"Whether I have to come back before this crack disappears, try my luck nearby."

With such an idea, Xiao Lingyu first inquired about Zhu Xian Da 6, and then he left Zhu Xian Da 6 without any gains.
After arriving at a large-scale underworld, Xiao Lingyu suddenly thought of an idea, that is, to go to the bounty hunter branch and ask the bounty hunter to help find the bandit group.
But to his surprise, in the bounty hunter branch, he saw many gangs looking for robbers, and the bounty was not low
After some inquiries, I realized that the bandit group has attracted everyone’s attention in the underworld, because they have done several very successful and shocking cases, and now these rewards for finding them are looted by them.
"It seems that they have a good exhibition, but they have attracted the attention of so many enemies. One carelessness may be beyond redemption!"
Xiao Lingyu is also a little worried while admiring.
After he laid the cloth, he waited patiently. Finally, after waiting for a few years, he saw that the search for bandits had been completed, and a few moments later he received the news that it had been completed.
After getting a message at the counter of the bounty hunter branch, Xiao Lingyu left the city directly and then took the escort.
As you can imagine, the brothers who have been completed naturally got the information about the current location of the robbery group, even if they have already dispatched their manpower to take revenge, or they have already prepared their manpower and are now out.
So Xiao Lingyu can’t linger. He wants to meet the bandit group before it is found by those well-prepared enemies.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t go to hide his strength again, and directly released a strong momentum, which directly made the progress of sending the array naturally faster without waiting in line.
It took Xiao Lingyu nearly three months to get to the information, but there was no robbery in the underworld, but there was a strong clan whose "door" was just robbed.
Obviously, it’s not that the bounty hunter gave the wrong information, but that the bandit group left the underworld after finishing this order.
Zhu Jincong must know that nowadays, the bandit group will be missed by many enemies, and every time a single business is completed, it will be transferred quickly.
After some inquiries, Xiao Lingyu learned that the bandit group robbed the "gate" half a month ago. He guessed that the bandit group was not too far away from this big six at present. After all, the number of the whole bandit group was too large, and the transfer rate would not be too fast.
Xiao Lingyu looked around for this big six center.
Every time I go to a big 6 Xiao Lingyu, I will send messages to Zhu Jin, Xia Liang, Lian and others, instead of looking for others, and the search is also very fast
Nearly two months later, Xiao Lingyu finally received Zhu Jin’s reply in a place called Mufeng Ma Da 6.
Zhu Jin’s reply is very "exciting", but it means that they are now blocked by many enemies in a small valley in the northwest of Mufeng University 6. Now that valley has been surrounded by bandits, although they are dealing with each other, the situation is not optimistic
After receiving the message, Xiao Lingyu flew to the northwest of Mufeng University 6 for nearly two hours before finding the valley.
The valley is surrounded by towering mountains on all sides, and now it is really surrounded by several monks from the underworld, and the magic light and the thick bloody smell overflowing with the wind all indicate that there is a cruel fight going on inside.
Xiao Lingyu did not watch a flicker, but went to the valley and then released himself from the chaotic field.
He "mixed" chaos field can’t cover such a large area as the ordinary level of the strong field, but the valley can be shrouded or there is no problem.
In the field of Xiao Lingyu’s chaos, all the monks in the underworld outside the valley tried to move again, but they were still fighting fiercely. At this time, the monks were just like statues, and all kinds of strange postures stood still.
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Chapter 561 is a talent
? Chapter 561 is a talent
The valley is surrounded by towering mountains on all sides, and now it is really surrounded by several monks from the underworld, and the magic light and the thick bloody smell overflowing with the wind all indicate that there is a cruel fight going on inside.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t watch a flicker is to …
Chapter 562 Bird hunting god
? Chapter 562 Bird hunting god
In this master’s realm, such as Youcheng, he knows well. Although he can’t be sure, he can be sure that this master can knead his role at will.
"In fact, I was ordered to come here. I want to control a small force that was not very strong before the underworld, and then it will gradually grow and finally …
Chapter 563 Plan won’t change 1
? Chapter 563 Plan won’t change 1
Xiao Lingyu stayed with you for two months and finally waited for the bounty hunter, the god hunter, one day.
At that time, Xiao Lingyu was talking with Zhu Jin in a big tree. Suddenly, a shadow came at a high speed in his mind, and just as he frowned slightly, the shadow had stopped at the big tree, revealing a strange dress …
Chapter 564 Plan won’t change 2
? "If you can get in and out at will, do you have to cooperate with us?" Xiao Lingyu frown asked.
"Yin Daoyou is a superior strong man, so it shouldn’t be difficult to capture a monk in the late period of Tuoba family?" Xiao Lingyu a little confused tunnel
"Your bounty hunter organization is quite powerful, but you can calculate the Tuoba family fairly and keep it so secret?" Xiao Lingyu continued
"If things go on, I don’t care if it comes at the right time, it’s no problem. I will definitely make moves then," Xiao Lingyu said.
Then we talked a few painful words, and Yin Xiangcai hurried away.
You Cheng continues to rob around with the bandit group, and every time he chooses the right target, the other party will not be weak, but it will definitely not be stronger than the bandit group, so as to ensure the maximum income. After all, the robbery is weak, but the gains will not be too great.
Nearly a thousand years later, YouCheng finally said to Xiao Lingyu one day that Tuoba Yi had come back from the celestial world with the strong family of Tuoba to hunt the gods Yanxiang, and it was ready to start work.
Xiao Lingyu vaguely remembers that at the beginning, everyone had the idea of developing the bandit group into a bandit group that made all the monks in the underworld and all the forces of all sizes frightened. Although it was a bandit group that everyone seemed almost impossible to fulfill their hopes at that time, Xiao Lingyu didn’t mind letting them get closer to the target. Anyway, this bandit group was still recorded in his name.
With Xiao Lingyu’s consent, You Chengcai took a group exhibition with bandits according to the detailed information given by the bounty hunter organization.
At that time, the escort square was the strongest, and there was also an early Mundus natural law to prevent the robbery and prevent the robbery from leaving after the robbery
This may also attract the attention of the Tuoba family. After all, this robbery doesn’t seem to be aimed at them.
If this is also a coincidence, then it can no longer be explained by coincidence that there are constantly demon squares being looted, and each of them has a Tuoba family brother.
If you put it in the front, the Tuoba family will definitely be thunderous and will dare to kill them. But now, after all, the war between the two worlds of fairy magic has not completely ended, and the Tuoba family’s trip to the celestial world is also damaged by a lot of people. They are the first to warn one.
Rio Tinto’s family is, after all, the top power in the underworld, and there is a magic statue of the strong in their natural won’t be bullied by others, so they sent the strong family to search for the enemy everywhere.
The enemy is a bandit group, and it moves quickly. If the Tuoba family wants to attack the enemy, it needs to be able to find the enemy first, but it is easy for the enemy to attack them. Because many Tuoba family industries can’t transfer all their own industries, it is even more impossible to send a large number of strong people to protect all industries.
For this surprised Rio Tinto family, explain to yourself that the other party should know that Rio Tinto family will retaliate and constantly change its position.
Tuoba’s family brothers are very angry and dare to come out to kill the enemy.
There are nearly ten Mundus in that group of elite tuoba family experts, but they are all in the early and middle period of Mundus.
Once again, a group of elite experts sent by the Tuoba family were almost annihilated by the other party. After that, the strong people in the late stage of the Tuoba family were finally unable to sit still, and it was almost a one-off department. If it were not for the death, it would be a realm or a serious injury, and then they would fight.

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