"Recently, some younger brothers have gone out … their soul beads have all broken."

At the moment, Xuanxing’s face is gloomy. There must be something wrong with this issue. Xuanxing Ma realized that it was not good.
"There’s something strange about this. You should stay here first and don’t tell your younger brother not to leave Xuanlin Star. I’ll go out and find out." Xuanxing bid farewell to skyshatter and hurried directly to Shengyu Island mainland.
"Xuanxing congratulations on your diligence" Dream Glass Fairy appeared beside Xuanxing. She found that Xuanxing was already in the early stage of Luo Tianxian’s cultivation, which was two levels higher than that of 90,000 years ago.
At this time, Xuanxing has just arrived in Shengyu mainland, and in the process, Xuanxing has sent a message to Dream Glass Xianjun. Xuanxing is going to ask Dream Glass Xianjun to help him find out some news. Has there been any frequent struggle in the celestial world recently?
Dream glass fairy gentleman body six fairy gentleman, she naturally well informed.
"Dream Glass Xianjun, I need your help again this time." Xuanxing was a little embarrassed to say that every time he looked for Dream Glass Xianjun, he turned to others for help.
"What can I do for you?" Dream glass fairy gentleman nodded and asked.
"Recently, our brother Xuanlin sent out has lost a lot. Please help me find out who did this."
Xuanlin sent a dream, and Li Xianjun already knew what Xuanxing had done, and there was no need to explain anything more.
"oh? Leave this to me. I’ll let you know as soon as there is news. "Dream glass fairy gentleman nodded and agreed to come."
"How many Xie Meng glass immortals" Xuanxing thanked Dream Glass Immortals and left. Xuanxing hurried to Hongkun Fairyland again. Xuanxing came here to find Luosuo and returned to Hongkun mainland thousands of years ago.
Luo Suo is a person valued by the Emperor Tumen. The six immortals of Hongkun Fairyland naturally dare not underestimate Luo Suo. They are all willing to make friends with Luo Suo.
Since Luo Suo is a brother, Xuanxing will certainly not let him go as a helper. Besides, Luo Suo is equivalent to six dreams, and you have to ask him for help.
At this time, Xuanxing has already made up his mind that if he finds out who killed Xuanlin Paidi, don’t blame himself for killing him!
Chapter 2 Why
The Xianjun Mansion on the mainland of Hongkun was visited here by Xuanxing, and the Emperor Tu Meng took good care of Xuanxing. The Xianjun Mansion was on duty and several immortals didn’t stop Xuanxing. Xuanxing easily entered the Xianjun Mansion and hurried to Luofu.
"What Xuanlin sent his brother to be killed?" Luo suo was surprised after knowing XuanXing’s purpose.
Xuanlin sent his younger brothers to the celestial realm in the past 100,000 years, and Xuanlin sent his younger brothers to the celestial realm, and they generally failed to maintain high standards. The younger brothers also kept a low profile. It is reasonable to say that Xuanlin sent his younger brothers to the celestial realm without any enemies.
But Xuanlin sent his brother to die inexplicably?
"I’m going to find six immortals." Luo Suo hurried to the outside, so Xuanxing stayed in Luo Fu and waited for Luo Suo’s news.
Xuanxing frowned and casually found a wooden chair to sit down. Xuanxing was not worried that the six immortals of Hongkun Fairyland would not agree to help Luo Suo’s special identity, and the six immortals would like to help him.
At this time, Xuanxing pondered over who he had offended or who Xuanlin sent his brother to offend in these years.
Xuanlin sent his younger brother to repair the low profile. His younger brother should not have offended anyone, and several people have never told himself about this.
There can be no conflict between the brothers sent by Xuanlin.
Since there are many brothers in this matter, the only explanation is who you have offended.
Xuanxing carefully recalled everything that had come to the celestial world.
If you fly to the celestial roots, you won’t have him. Even if you kill someone, you didn’t leave a trace at that time, so the other roots can’t find yourself.
Suddenly XuanXing thought of a possibility, that is XiangQiong Restaurant!
Xuanlin Restaurant will certainly bear a grudge when it replaces Xiangqiong Restaurant, and Xuanlin Restaurant will be put in charge of Xiangqiong Restaurant by Xuanlin’s younger brother, which can be found out.
It makes sense if it is difficult for Xiangqiong Restaurant to distribute Xuanlin.
Although Xuanlin Restaurant is backed by red blood brothers, this does not guarantee that Xiangqiong Restaurant will not secretly make some small moves.
Not long after, Princess Luo Suo Xiang Lan came together.
"Princess Xianglan" Xuanxing nodded to Princess Xianglan.
"Xuanxing, please wait for the news here first. More than a dozen Xianjun have been dispatched. As soon as a horse is found, the news will come back." Xiang Lan enthusiastically tunnel.
Xuanxing nodded his head, even if he went out to spy on the news himself, it was not necessary to have a dream now.
"Do you want to hear some news about Xuanxing’s three factions?" Luo suo also sat down and asked casually, while Xiang Lan also sat down next to Luo suo.
"What’s the news from the three factions?"
The three factions are their sworn enemies. Xuanxing naturally wants to know more about the three factions
Although I am currently trying to find trouble with the three major factions, if I want to break through the immortal emperor period, I should send my hand to the three factions.
I now have a fairy monarch period and a fairy emperor period! It’s time for you to get to know the details of one or three schools.

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