"Well, it’s almost over."

Suddenly Lynn found that Sally clapped her hands and saw that the data stream was pouring out from the jumping point … suddenly interrupted.
It’s like the jumping point suddenly closed
However, the data streams that have already flowed in here before are still moving forward.
"How to close the jumping point?" Lin doubt way
"Just know how they jump," Charlene said. "There are many ways to control the jumping point, but let’s solve the water here first."
Said Lin found … more troops out.
They mainly fly out from various areas in the side conference room, but they look almost the same as before, and they are all a winged Kirshman shape.
They are more numerous than before and completely surround the two data streams left in this imaginary space.
These two data streams also stopped moving at this time. They didn’t continue to emit sharp objects or impact magma, but they stopped all activities in the same place.
"It doesn’t seem to be moving. Go and break them down completely!"
Kathleen directed Kathleen to find that this group of troops was … like a spoon digging for data streams.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-six Set out
"These data … are really detailed."
After Charlene broke the jump point, the sea came in and the data stopped moving
Susalin asked the army to collect a lot of data to create the sea.
Maybe it’s because these data are like a huge pool of water, and they are mainly used for spooning.
Every small piece of’ water’ scooped out was sent back and carefully tested.
It can be found that the water contains a lot of data, of course, Lin knew it before.
The data in it records in great detail how everything works in the normal virtual reality.
"So much data … and so much …"
Sally and Lynn are in the stargazing room at this time, where you can see all kinds of data streams that create the sea.
Just now, Charlene checked it again and determined the location of multiple data streams in the unpredictable sea of creation.
These data streams … There are sixteen.
They are rushing to unpredictable places and will reach some places through jumping points. If they are attacked, they will also actively fight back.
Just now, the data stream that was supposed to flow in here changed direction because Sally closed the jump point, and it didn’t seem to be going to flow in again.
And the data left here seems to be … whatever.
"If such a huge amount of data flows in here, it will generally make it’ normal’," Charlene said. "It will make a large area almost the same as normal."
"But it doesn’t really make much sense to do this, because if these data can’t be kept for a long time, this place will still be slowly affected by the energy of other dreams, and the normal virtual phenomenon will disappear …" Sally said. "It certainly doesn’t want to do this, but if the three virtual objects collide again … where should these data be?"
"Is there any place that can be influenced by these data … to make the virtual approach?"
Charlene thought for a moment and said, "There are some places … where it is possible."
"Where?" Lin doubt way
"These places are all areas that will have a greater impact …" Charlene said. "It still needs normal virtual cooperation. If it doesn’t cooperate, it can attract people …"
"I’m still going to have a look at the normal virtual space," Charlene said. "I really want to know what kind of impact it will have … the result of the fusion of the three virtual spaces."
"This should be detected before it is completely completed," Charlene said. "There is still a lot of time."
"What can I know?" Lin questioned, "It seems to be almost finished."
"No, it will be a long time before these data streams reach their destination …" Charlene said, "You can always wait here until my journey data arrives, and we can go to the normal virtual place together … I believe we can find a lot of information."
"… so be it."
Later, Lin continued to wait here for a while. During this time, Rishalin mainly studied the data of creating the sea.
But the most important thing is to decompose these data.
That is to say, they are broken down and each piece of data is placed at a relatively long distance.
Although the "side conference room" looks like it has a diameter of 30 thousand kilometers, in fact, a large area near it is virtually within the control of this conference room.
Susalin can create a pre-magma attack.
Because she thinks these data are’ alive’, Charlene intends to disperse all the data left.
Then we will study it slowly.
And the creatures here … also have a lot of discussion about the former battle.
Lin found that many creatures originally intended to wait and see are now trying to stop the creation of the sea.
Mainly because they feel … danger in creating sea data.
Even so, they didn’t take any action.
Yu Shalin’s journey story, Lin also waited for this period of time and found that … she finally lost.

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