"What question does General Li want to tell the little monk?"

This is Hui Xian’s answer.
However, as soon as Huixian’s voice fell, the neighing of the steed came from a corner not far away.
This neigh is really sad
The storm is coming …
The building will fall …
This battle …
It seems that we can’t avoid it …
At that time, Li Er and Huixian were almost caught by this scream at the same time. Seeing that they are almost synchronous, they will look away from each other’s faces and then shoot at the distant source in succession.
"This battle … even to play …"
Waited a while Li Er this seemingly whispering novel said.
Is he talking to me?
Or tell yourself?
What does he mean by this?
It’s certain that the eyes will attack the boundary gate, and he wants to pull Xia Zhijie at this juncture?
What is he alluding to?
Is it Xia Zhijie?
Or is it the battle of the khanate?
Li Er!
What the hell are you thinking about …
What are you worried about …
Huixian didn’t respond to Li Er’s whistle, but got up gently and then gave him a gift. After that, he thought straight while retreating.
Li Er is alone at this old wooden table.
Huixian …
You really can’t guess that you will arrange Dayin Temple to visit this muddy water at Jiemen?
You crossed the line …
Or maybe your Dayin Temple crossed the line.
You shouldn’t put your chips on that man.
Do you know that you have crossed the temple brother’s life and death?
If the attack on the boundary gate goes well this time, Huixian can’t go back.
Dayin Temple needs a person with enough status to cross the border to pay the bill this time, and you are the most suitable person at present.

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