Because the phoenix is really good to them, just because it doesn’t need work, it has already made several creatures willing to be slaves

Chapter two thousand four hundred and thirty-five Birth
"They … ended up there."
Phoenix invitation is not for a group of creatures.
But for many creatures
After getting the first group of individual creatures to live on the platform, they try to get more creatures.
However, this time, I didn’t experience any war, because most of the Phoenix were primitive tribal creatures or ordinary wild animals.
After bringing a large number of creatures to the platform, Phoenix also established corresponding living quarters for them.
Almost like cellular organisms, most of the’ life resources’ of dust particles come from the stars, and it is very easy to raise this group of organisms close to the stars.
Of course, Phoenix has also eliminated various unfavorable factors such as high temperature, allowing these creatures to live a comfortable life.
At first, the individual creatures thought that the Phoenix had completely enslaved their race, so they tried to find opportunities to resist, and among them, there were more people who thought that they were comfortable here and had no idea of resisting.
And the phoenix doesn’t care about this. They mean what happens after these creatures die
They didn’t deliberately kill creatures, but watched them … die in danger or natural death.
No matter what kind of phoenix is the main injection creature, it turns to dust after death and gives birth to phoenix cubs.
It did give birth to a lot of babies, and many natural dead creatures and dust were born.
Most of these newborn babies are rich in thinking, but their general character is similar to that of normal Phoenix. Phoenix is very happy about this, so they continue to take care of these creatures while expanding the platform.
It is said that taking care of reality means setting up an automation system to let them live on their own.
But there are also some small problems, that is, the self-reproduction ability of these creatures … has subsided.
The biological reproduction mode of dust particles is almost the same as that of Phoenix, mainly by mixing their own’ reproductive dust’ with their own kind and producing offspring.
But after living here for a while, they found that they could produce new offspring.
This is a very frightening thing for individual creatures. They think it is a conspiracy of Phoenix to destroy them and try to find a statement from Phoenix.
But Phoenix is not very interested in this.
Because they think that even if these creatures are extinct, it’s nothing. Anyway, other creatures can become phoenixes.
It’s better to say that after a long time … Phoenix would like them to be extinct so that their position can be given to other creatures.
These sexual creatures are frightened … trying to escape from here.
Some creatures also try to fight against the phoenix.
Those who tried to fight didn’t have a good chance, but those who escaped … did escape.
Because when they came here, they didn’t take the Phoenix spacecraft, but their own spacecraft.
These ships have always been able to and Phoenix has never forbidden them to make
However, they are forbidden by the phoenix to escape from the place.
But that doesn’t mean that the Phoenix doesn’t go … to hinder them.
However, the phoenix hindered them not because they ran away, but because they suddenly had some interesting ideas.
After being far away from the stars, the sexual creatures recovered their reproductive ability in the aircraft, so they immediately created a lot of cubs, and at this time, the phoenix … ran out and got in the way.
Phoenix attacked these escape ships, a total of ten escape ships, and after the phoenix attack, all the adult creatures were released into five ships.
And the remaining five ships put the sex creature cubs.
Then Phoenix got some automation systems for these cubs, mainly to raise them and educate them at the same time.
Education mainly means that they belong to a primitive tribe rather than a highly developed literate creature.
Then Phoenix set different routes for these ships respectively.
The adult creatures flew to the distant virtual finally where the phoenix didn’t care.
And the young flew to the first satellite of the gas giant.
Because of the education of the spacecraft system, the thinking of these cubs is similar to that of the original tribe
This is the purpose of Phoenix’s trip. They want to do a "cultural stripping" experiment to see if they can "restore" this group of personality creatures to the original tribal stage and let them develop again.

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