Is fierce attack more than ten demon emperor suddenly feel bad look at the red evil bodhi old zu that solemn look, I’m afraid … They are going to send their strongest attack!

Everyone guessed that Red Evil and Lanjun Yaodi were also top players in the late period of Yaodi, but everyone who met themselves had to be respectful. But at this moment, these guys at the beginning of the emperor level were not desperately attacking themselves, and these Yaodi people were completely angered by the red evil bodhi old zu. They were ready to launch their strongest attack and strive to shock these Yaodi at once so that they did not dare to make a move!
"break!" Red evil bodhi old zu two people suddenly a detonation drink "shout … shout …" Two dozens of meters wide, hundreds of meters long golden sword mans towards the front of more than a dozen demon emperor!
At the same time, "bursts … bursts …" Thousands of coarse cracks in the bowl accompanied by the two giant sword mans rushed at those demon emperors!
All this is just a split-second effort. When more than a dozen demon emperors just realized that it was not good, Lan Jun’s demon emperor’s attack had already fallen. These demon emperors wanted to move to avoid this horrible blow, but their bodies seemed to be locked … Fiona Fang Kilometers was already in the control of the red evil bodhi old zu. More than a dozen demon emperors were located in the field of them!
In an instant, the red evil bodhi old zu attack has arrived! "Bang … bang … bursts …" Violent collision and tearing suddenly sounded.
"break!" The demon emperor department running body energy trying to break through the domain of LanJun demon emperor.
Instantly, dozens of demon emperors moved away successively.
"Boom … boom …" The dull noise gradually disappeared, and the second human blow of the red evil bodhi old zu finally ended.
"Do you want to continue?" Red evil bodhi old zu looked at the distance light tunnel
There are sixty demon emperors standing thousands of meters away from the red evil bodhi old zu, and they are very embarrassed. Their chests are fluctuating sharply.
Hear red evil bodhi old zu ask ha sixty demon emperor department quietly empty stand that no one is willing to the previous step …
Because just now, there were a total of 90 demon emperors on their own side, but only 60 people were left at this time! More than 22 demon emperor department … The amusement!
Everyone was shocked by the strength of the red evil bodhi old zu. "Is this the strength of the demon emperor in the later period?" The heart in fear andao.
"Hum" LanJun demon emperor cold hum a red evil bodhi old zu at the same time turned around and looked around the pale golden energy shield to see there still lay a dark golden jade Jane.
With a wave of his right hand, Lanjun Demon Emperor Yu Jian’s peripheral energy shield has disappeared.
In the distance, 60 demon emperors looked at the red evil bodhi old zu with unwilling eyes, but they could stare in the distance …
After the energy shield was removed, the red evil bodhi old zu Lanjun demon statue was excited in their arms and took a step forward to repair the gods … The two transvestites reached out to the jade slips at the same time.
Gradually, their faces became more and more embarrassed, and their faces trembled a little.
Moments later, the red evil bodhi old zu both withdrew their demon knowledge from the jade slips and looked at each other. They all saw disappointment in each other’s eyes.
"Ah …" LanJun demon emperor sighed and shook his head without saying anything and moved away directly.
Looking at the disappearance of Lan Jun’s demon emperor, the red evil bodhi old zu exudes murderous look, but he still suppressed his anger in his heart and eventually he moved away.
"What is this?" The sixty demon emperor in the distance thought doubtfully.
"Repairing the Jade Jane" immediately sixty demon emperors moved to the jade Jane and put their demon knowledge into it. After a few breaths, all the demon emperors were shocked. They were already white and red, and the bodhi old zu would be disappointed.
Because ….. There is no spiritual practice in the root of this jade slip!
Remember that it is only in the field of repairing truth that there will be a law of repairing truth, and it is also the lowest law of repairing truth 3! What’s even more infuriating is that this method is still incomplete. It remembers the method of practicing before Yuan Ying!
More than 90 demon emperors fought with each other and ended up with 22 demon emperors!
And all this is the result of this incomplete and low-level law …
"Ha ha Xuanxing, you are too bad." Jiang Linxian laughed. He naturally knew what was remembered in the jade slips. More than 90 demon emperors had a broken and low-level method of fixing the truth and fought for it. It was funny to think about it.
Xuanxing smiled and didn’t say anything, but in his heart he remembered his father’s incomplete and low-level method of fixing truth, which was exactly his own practice method of Li family’s successive dynasties. Xuanxing also practiced that method at the beginning
Although this law is by no means low-level, Xuanxing has a special feeling for it because he is the only thing left by his father …
"It’s time for us to leave." Xuanxing buried his heart awake. Jiang Linxian Emperor just died. Twenty-two demon emperors died before adding them. The Qiu brothers totaled twenty-four demon emperors, which should be a big blow to the demon world. It’s time for them to stop.
"Then let’s go to the underworld." Emperor Jiang Linxian laughed.
There is no need for Xuanxing to attack several immortals in the demon world, and it is impossible and dare not force Xuanxing to go to the demon world to meet a wish of Emperor Jiang Linxian to find him a close opponent who can be a life-and-death opponent.
Emperor Jiang Lin Xiandi naturally understands this, but now he has successfully broken through the demon world, and there is nothing to miss. The two of them can return directly to the celestial world.
However, the two of them agreed to several fairy requests, and they had to go to the underworld to kill some Mundus.
Immediately XuanXing two people hurried to the demon underworld channel.
The distribution of channels in the real demon world and the demon world is the same as that in the fairy world, and several channels are located in the center of the demon world.
"Jiang Lin congratulations" When XuanXing two people arrived at the center of the demon world, Shen Tu Xian Zun, skyshatter and others were greeted by him, and the wind was also here. He has been staying together for the past ten years.
"Thank you for several immortals’ absurd praise". Emperor Jiang Linxian bowed slightly to five immortals and thought of his breakthrough in Jiang Linxian a few years ago. He still felt a terror. If there were no Xuanxing to keep aside, the consequences would be unimaginable.
"Xuanxing" At this moment, the Qi Oboro demon statue also came to Xuanxing, and the blue thrush demon statue also stared at the two hateful immortals angrily.
"What can I do for you, Qi Oboro?" Xuanxing asked
"You can remember that the death of our underworld emperor master must not exceed two layers!" Qi oboro warned XuanXing.
"Don’t worry, we will go back to the celestial world if we have a casual look at the underworld." Xuanxing must have no intention of sincerely killing those Mundus because of his own coming.
"I hope you keep your word." Qi oboro’s magic statue snorted coldly.
XuanXing skyshatter and others casually said something, and then Jiang Linxian emperor rushed to the underworld together …
"Qi Oboro Magic Zun Xuanxing is still very measured. You see that the demon world has lost 24 demon emperors, and your demon world must not lose much. Mundus" comforted him when he saw the embarrassing Qi Oboro Magic Zun Shen Tu Xian Zun.

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