Followed by seven mountains and seven battles.

Later, Mo Qinan broke through the land and led the host to move Shannai to collapse the emperor’s mausoleum and turn it into a pile of stones.
Luo Changfeng and Emperor’s tears were delivered to fight for life and death, and then disappeared. I don’t know life and death. There were Tiandong fighters and the ten-valve army demon brothers who stormed the thirteenth city, and the thirteen city was caught in a bloody battle with hundreds of soldiers and demons.
There is also a student Li Xingyun who mistakenly entered the world and joined hands with Mr. Bai Zhiqiu to fight for half the sky and then solve the hidden dangers of war and magic. The Buddha was born in Nirvana.
It is rare to reach a common opinion on the overall situation of the stone pavilion and the discussion of the sky, and it is rare to recuperate and send troops to set aside foreign chaos
But who knows the end of the road to kill a cemetery that will never leave the world and never set in the north!
The eleven men were really strong, powerful and horrible, which made the heavenly heroes feel frightened. In the end, they abruptly took away Tiandong Xinsheng Liancheng tactic, Kunlun Wangdao Jianmu Yun Jian City, Qingshen Mountain Little Saint Wangting, Tibetan Soul, Jianghu co-owners Xiao Bielian, Armored Gate Liang Bing, Beixue Mountain Zhuang Qiubei Snow, broken home and broken thousand one, courageous and determined, Zhenshan Chongkui and the demon family.
It is said that it has crossed the sea and returned to the cemetery where the sun never sets … Looking back, it will be calmed down by all kinds of falling moods.
Ann red bean is very clear that Luo Changfeng courtyard has a complicated emotional detachment reaction, and the whole body injury has been panoramic by her. She has always been fearless of the red lady Luo Bingwang and suddenly has some bad feelings.
She asked tentatively, "Is something wrong?"
At Ann Red Bean, I felt sorry for it and nodded my head.
If an Hongdou was hit by the sky, her head buzzed and she asked, "Is he still alive?"
From falling didn’t speak.
Is sighed and shook his head.
I don’t know what to think when I slouched out of the steps of the dry wind building in red.
She suddenly looked back at the unconscious slight force holding Xue Ji’s hand.
When I turned my head again, I looked determined.
I saw the wine flag waving across the street as if I saw the road ahead in loneliness.
She jumped in the direction of the rising sun, still climbing the eaves and climbing against the wind and clouds. Although her beautiful face was still stained with some wind, frost and dust, she was no longer tired and depressed.
"Luo Changfeng is waiting for me."
Beside the wine flag
Wearing a wide black robe, my face is haggard in some deja vu. By the way, I left a little broken silver in the wine bowl at dusk, and it was the same as the east.
Chapter one hundred and four Half-style Wang Xiaoer lost days
"Where are we?"
"The wind is flying in the clouds."
"I heard the tides and waves. We seem to be close to the sea?"
"It’s our flight in the North Sea."
"Then we take the birds and beasts is …"
"Tian Peng went into the sea to melt Kun"
"Kunpeng? Is there really a Kunpeng in this world? "
"Sansheng River has bred Kun for ten thousand years, but it’s not that the one who put a butcher’s knife on the ground and became a Buddha once dropped a statue of Kun Peng’s beast just ten thousand years ago."
"Sansheng River?"
"It was called Sansheng River ten thousand years ago, but now this name has been forgotten by the world."
"Kunpeng god beast that’s said to be comparable to god in the introduction of saint high! Even if Bai Ze, black dragon, Qiong Qi, Shan Hai Xuanwu and Lei Ze add up, how can they be willing to be driven by their predecessors to be birds and beasts? "
"there is no way"
"No way?"
"Because Kunpeng can leap over Sansheng River, the sun never sets."
This is a dialogue between Gao Muyao and Yue Qingping, a teenager whose sun never sets.
At the moment, they are carrying their backs.
Qianli Kunpeng built a 15-storey pavilion as a temporary residence for 14 distinguished guests invited to the sunset cemetery.
They are Shi Zongliu, Chen Yanzhen, Yu Qingqi, Liancheng Tactics, Mu Yun Jian City, Wang Ting, Duanqianyi, Tibetan Soul, Huanger, Qiubeixue, Xiao Bielian, Liang Bing, Dayao Chongkui and Ayao.

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