Others may think it is a show of strength.

But Luo Changfeng won’t look at it this way.
He also repairs swords. He repairs Italian swords.
Even if deliberately gathered to repair Luo Changfeng, you can still feel the pure and extreme sword spirit of herding Yun Jian City.
Don’t say he is ashamed of his sword alone.
Luo Changfeng, it seems that the young head of Kunlun Jiange is an Excalibur, which is unique in the picture.
Seeing Luo Changfeng smiling without saying a word, Pasturing Yun Jian City continued, "I hope I can fight you again one day. I really want to know whether the so-called destiny is a long talk or a true destiny."
Luo Changfeng still smiled. "If one day, I won’t let you down."
At night, the two finally moved.
Tiannan unique Yunling is a hidden tiger and Wolong land, but it is by no means an iron wall.
However, few people set foot in the 600-mile demon race field when the demon race is secluded from the world. For Luo Changfeng and Yun Jian City, the only way to enter Yunling is through that mysterious forest, which is really useless.
After all, the 600-mile demon domain is really noble, and the big demon mansion will not be located on the edge of Jueyunling.
Chapter ninety-four Lin XII
There are not many differences between the demon family and the outside world.
The endless mountain pass through a stream, climb a hill and cross a jungle, and you will see many villages with a population of about 100.
Some small cities and towns with gentle terrain and flat foothills are located in a slightly noisy and lively way.
Seen from the clouds, these villages are not only small towns, but also prosperous, although their distribution positions are different according to the mountains and there is no certain regularity and regularity.
It can be seen that in the years after the troubled times, the demon race thrived in the world struggle, which is much more stable and comfortable than many classics.
Even in some special villages, it is not necessary to have a sense of disobedience if the demon race and the terran live together.
See these Luo Changfeng difficult some doubts.
Compared with the chaos in the outside world of Jueyunling, it can be described as quiet and peaceful here. The demon emperor, the ruler of the 600-mile demon clan, has no reason to betray the Terran alliance in the past.
"Is it selfish?"
early morning
A little disguised as Luo Changfeng grazing in Yun Jian City, they entered the town and found a tea shop to rest.
They will naturally not feel tired if they take a short journey now, but they just want to know more about the customs of the demon race. If a large-scale battle of the demon race really breaks out in the future, it is better to find a breakthrough with the right medicine.
Seeing a guest coming to the tea shop, the proprietress came with a pot of white water in one hand and two bowls in the other, and put the bowls on the table and wiped her cheeks conveniently.
Luo Changfeng grazing Yun Jian City Xu Ren also saw that this quite young tea shop owner’s eyes were reddish. Obviously, she cried soon and grazing Yun Jian City glances at Luo Changfeng and asked, "The shopkeeper, this is …"
The busy man in the house saw his wife crying in front of others for fear of scaring the guests. He quickly glanced at the woman before he untied the shroud.
The proprietress, who has been thinking about doing this tea shop business for a few days, simply threw the teapot off the table and ran to the house to hide her face and cry.
"I’m sorry for the two." The man filled Luo Changfeng with tea with a full face of apologies and continued, "This woman is crazy about children, but she doesn’t want to take it personally."
Luo Changfeng took a look at the eye man, and his eyesight recognized that it was the curiosity of the Terran heart that stretched out his hand and invited the seat. "If the eldest brother doesn’t mind, I can talk about what is difficult."
The man didn’t doubt the identity of Luo Changfeng. After sitting down, he lowered his head. It took a long time to get out of his sadness. "It’s not a big deal."
"Some time ago, an adult came from the tribe and posted notices in various villages saying that a young man of fifteen or twenty years old was enlisted in the army. My baby was recruited a few months ago after he turned fifteen and woke up his veins, and then he heard from me."
"Not long ago, I heard that someone in the village saw the newly formed army led by Princess Taitai leaving Jueyunling. Today, we ordinary people have not returned to us, and we don’t know what happened outside. The woman worried about the child’s life and cried all day."
Los Changfeng nodded his head.
Ordinary people in the outside world, who live in the absolutely Yunling demon clan, are different. Military conscription is still screened from ordinary people.
Either the father is separated or the husband and wife are separated.
It’s as difficult to chant Buddhist scripture as it is to be reluctant to part with emotion.
I never thought that what the tea shop couple were worried about was somewhat their own.
He looked at the head of the royal sword brother who killed the demon tide and fled to graze Yun Jian City, wondering if he would have to go if he knew that the demon soldiers who besieged the casting sword city were all twenty years old, the first young man in his generation who turned robbery into a statue of Jiange.
Luo Changfeng was thinking about comforting the street and suddenly someone called.
Lin San seems to be the name of the shopkeeper in the tea shop.
The man saw that it was the village patriarch who called himself and quickly got up and said a sentence. After two slowness, he ran towards the village head.
The patriarch didn’t just change Lin San-yi, one after another. About a dozen people gathered from all over the town and then I didn’t know what to say. Everyone followed the patriarch of the town to leave.
Luo Changfeng grazing Yun Jian city didn’t mean it at first until those people turned back from the village head
Except for the older heads of families, middle-aged men who had been called by their names to follow them away hurried back behind their backs.
Lin San’s complexion is not very good, not because he feels tired after running all the way, but because he is carrying his own concern behind him and was called to join the army.
"Come out, baby."
Luo Changfeng grazing Yun Jian city got up at the same time.

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