Record all the doomsday scenes I have just foreseen one by one, and mark the instructions given by the crystal ball one by one.

The old man’s forehead is covered with sweat, and his eyes are full of fear.
When he shook his hand and wrote down everything he saw, it was only a combination of books. It was only a combination of books and books that he slammed into his armpit, pushed the dark door and ran to the temple in the distance with old steps.
Leave the ink and feather pen knocked over by the old man and the crystal ball residue shattered by prophecy.
As soon as the old man’s front foot went out, a breeze hit the house, and after struggling for a moment, the dim candlelight was extinguished by the breeze, and the tiny smoke was extinguished.
Saint Ting Cathedral
This Zion city is the most sacred place in the hearts of millions of holy see functional personnel.
At this time, an old man dressed in white and wearing a round hat in front of the cathedral is sweating all over the stairs in front of him, climbing the stairs made of white stone, and at the farthest end of the stairs is a huge church with a magnificent shape.
On both sides of the stairs are several beautifully carved sculptures. It is really shocking to see that these exquisite sculptures are all like the lion’s body, the horse’s head and the eagle’s mouth, and behind them are those huge wings that hold their heads high and want to take off.
In front of the cathedral, an exquisitely shaped fountain was built by architects full of ghosts and talents, and a huge angel statue was located here in the fountain.
Seeing this angel statue alone can be called art from the appearance. It is wearing a very close-fitting and exquisite armor. Her left hand is holding a scripture that has been turned over, while her right hand is firmly holding a sword that looks extremely sharp.
This angel wears a strange mask with a smile on the left side and a cry on the right side. The left side of the mask is carved with flowers and the right side with thorns. This angel’s wings are also different. The left wing is extremely smooth, which makes people feel comfortable and harmonious at first glance, while the right wing is carved with all the flames on the surface, which gives people a very oppressive feeling.
And this angel is the sacred place in the holy see’s heart, the demon hero who led the western people to defeat hell when the first catastrophe came.
Of course, this catastrophe in the West was also caused by Hongpeng.
It was a blessing that Hongpeng broke the nine gold pillars and plunged the whole world into chaos.
In the East, there are Yan Temple and Xuanyue Palace, which are competing against the time force of nine days away, but also live in a continent. In the West, there are defenders, who are under pressure to persist in human culture and the future. This kind of defender is the high angel led by Alvina, and the organization established by the westerners is the original Holy See.
Looking up at the statue of the hero of salvation in front of him, the old man was even more indignant. Seeing that he quickly withdrew his eyes, he bypassed the huge statue and walked quickly towards the temple behind it.
On both sides of the temple, flags were displayed, so they were inserted into flower boxes on both sides of the road to fly in the wind. These flags were all embroidered with a kite-shaped shield, and a dozen of them were embroidered at the center of the shield, while two were embroidered next to the side face. On the left face, it was a girl, and on the right, it was a masked armored soldier.
Outside the shield, a shape similar to that of a long sword was embroidered, and then the whole sword was completely hidden behind the shield, so that the tip of the sword and the tail of the sword emerged along the edge of the shield. The tip of the sword, especially the spike of the sword, was really beautifully embroidered. Seeing that the central part of the spike of the sword was made up of a beautiful ring, it was embroidered in the ring, and then a pair of great wings spread out along the two ends of the cross, while the tail of the sword was embroidered with a smaller but more exquisite ring, which was also embroidered in this ring.
Finally, when the old man in white ran to the door of the cathedral, he was already out of breath, and a strong burning sensation came from his throat and lungs. Even the simplest breathing tortured the old man and frowned constantly. It was very difficult for him to get a little sigh after the strong burning sensation in his chest was relieved a little, and then he slowly extended his right hand to push the closed door to a gap, and then the whole person disappeared into the church.
Every time the old man takes a step forward, there will be a slight echo from the quiet church, which comes from his feet but floats in this swinging dome
When the sunshine outside the church follows the churches mapped by the glazed domes, it is even more sacred in front of us, which can instantly breed a sense of awe.
It squeaked when the stone pillars bearing the dome passed in front of them and were trampled by themselves. When the priests in the shuttle church looked at themselves strangely, when the young man who was sorting out the second floor stopped working because of his arrival, when the old man saw the old man in front of him, when he saw the man sitting in a high chair in front of him, he couldn’t help but speed up his feet.
Even at this time, he was already out of breath.
"(seven city alliance lingua franca) prophecy … prophecy arrival … Anthony …"
Smell it before people arrive.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-seven Seven Cities Alliance
The west coast of Archaea is now pregnant with seven monarchies, and in the eyes of these seven monarchies, each other is all disobedient and alien. If it were not for the mutual coordination in the Holy See, it would be impossible for the whole western world to see the so-called peacetime. Even so, for hundreds of years, the seven countries will still argue with each other over water sources and geographical divisions. Although the great war has never been launched, the small friction between countries is almost daily.
The population distribution of the principality close to the northern part of the ocean is almost all human beings, but don’t underestimate the people from the northern part of the country. Their folk customs are quite tough and simple, and they were once called bandits in the Gulf Stream by the remaining six countries, which shows how brave and brave people living in the northern part of the country are.
It can be said that if a war is waged, the northern soldiers are definitely the most brave and good at fighting in the whole seven-nation alliance. It is no exaggeration to say that the fighting capacity of the northern infantry and warships can really be called the first in the seven countries.
Look southwest. When you cross the dense Gaelic forest, you can find its footprint and figure.
Falcon Empire symbolizes the country of human fighters, which is most valued by the Seven Cities Alliance, and is the most proud of the Falcon Empire. It can be said that if the northern infantry and warships are the most in the seven countries, then the Falcon Empire’s two knights are also full of cavalry, which can be called the most in the seven countries.
The flag of Falcon Empire was inserted at the top of the castle and let the wind dance freely. On the flag side, a huge castle was built by huge stones. The iconic cavalry of Falcon Empire was patrolling the land of the whole kingdom. Whenever the cavalry passed by Gail Forest, generate always showed a strong fighting spirit and hatred in their eyes.
That’s a national dispute, but also a family struggle
Along the east of Gaelic Forest, you will find that people can no longer be seen here. From time to time, you can see the ancient trees and elves who have lived for generations. They are like monkeys, and it is because of their appearance that this ancient Gaia forest is full of charm.
But don’t underestimate this group of seemingly competing wood elves. In their style, they are rich in assassins. When they come out, the assassins often choose three options: sharpshooter, shadow dancer and eagle knight.
On this group of brave wood elves will eventually choose their own future direction. Those wood elves who walked out of Larnochy and entered the Seven Cities Alliance are all expected to win the glory that belongs to them, making themselves warriors who guard the Holy See and guardians who are personally named by the Holy See.
The southern part of Larnohy Falcon Empire is the Principality of La Cavendish of the Holy See.
For the Seven-Power Alliance, the fighting capacity of La Kevins Principality is not outstanding. La Kevins Principality is not as brave as the Northern Principality, nor is it as glorious as the Falcon Empire, nor is it as arrogant as Lalnohi. At the moment, the soldiers in La Kevins Principality are mixed, and what kind of people and races are there? You can see the street vendors selling human beings, and the wooden elf assassins with bounty bags can see the pieces of Moya dwarves who are drunk in pubs. You can always see different things and always hear different new stories in La Kevins Principality.
However, the Holy See Department, the first of the seven-nation alliance formed by the Principality of Lacanthus, is located in this country.
The remaining six countries can be full of contempt for the Principality of La Kevins, but give ten courage to these six monarchs. I am afraid that these people will not disrespect the Holy See, and the Holy See will have such majesty. In the final analysis, it is still controlled by several organizations because of its name.
The cult of heresy under the direct management of the Archbishop of the Holy See is under the direct management of the presiding judge, and the Hidden Mountain Church is under the direct management of the Saint.
The core of these three forces is the cult of heresy. To say that the cult of heresy is powerful, in the final analysis, it is necessary to verify a fairy story in the holy book, a story about Elvina leading the cult of heresy to repel the abyss demon, and a story about the first catastrophe that all souls encountered in ancient times.
Alvina, the hero of the whole Archaean continent and the hero of the whole western world, led the cult of heresy to fight for heroes in the abyss and hell precisely because she was a hero, which also gave the cult of heresy glory and mission.
Only those brave soldiers in the core of the Seven Cities Alliance can be selected by the Holy See to become a part of the Holy See, and those brave and fearful soldiers in the Holy See can be valued by the cult of heresy. It is conceivable that the fighting capacity of the cult of heresy is far beyond the comparison of the soldiers of the Seven Countries.
In addition, it controls the whole seven-city alliance, the hidden mountain will control the whole alliance, and the people believe in the Iron Rose Church, which makes the holy see reach its peak. It is precisely because of these three forces that the holy see can be expanded to the whole seven countries, so that all the seven kingdoms can obey the holy see.
Now, take your sight out of Ravencys Principality and continue south along the national border. When you look over the mountains, you can reach a vast fertile land, which is the hometown of Moya dwarves.
Here, in Moya Mountain, you can buy the most sophisticated weapons forged by the whole Seven Cities Alliance, and you can also buy the powerful engineering equipment that will only be realized when the two countries are at war. This black fire technology was carried by the first mighty man who rose from the Dragon and the Huan Empire for nine days.
Moya dwarves, black fire technology addicts, mechanical forging masters can say that the technological level of the whole Seven Cities Alliance really depends on this group of simple and lovely Moya dwarves.
However, although Moya dwarves are as generous as humans in the north, these little guys are also extremely greedy for glittering treasures, but they have no resistance at all. Go to Moya mountains and don’t even think about talking about feelings with these dwarves, because talking about feelings with these dwarves is uncertain. On the day when competitors bid a high price, these dwarves will forget you.
After all, the Moya mountains are really money, which is why the Moya mountains in the seven-city alliance can be truly solid. The God of Wealth is the richest man in the seven countries.
Now that we have finished talking about Moya Mountains, we will continue to draw our attention to Xia Sonia, a land just across the sea that is forbidden by the recognized knowledge of the remaining six countries.
Xia Sonia, a strange woman recorded in the holy see’s holy scripture, a strange person who resisted the abyss by herself, the strongest wizard who can make tens of millions of people stick to Alvina and help mankind with thousands of wizards, and the strongest wizard who challenges the three demons of hell alone.
And here, blessed by knowledge, her name is forever remembered by people in another way and another channel.
Nowadays, Xia Sonia, you can still see the splendid magic and experience the pure magic charm, and it has become the only forbidden area in the Seven Cities Alliance. Only those talented boys and girls who are valued by Xia Sonia are eligible to be invited here to learn the most exquisite magic.
Moya Group Ravencys in the north of Shandong Province is east of Larnohi, and there is a vast area in the southeast. Two thirds of the country’s land is in the desert of Galand, and it is the last country in the seven-city alliance. It is the first line of defense of the seven-city alliance against the Longhuan Empire. Its name is Shengju Khan.
The most fundamental reason why the holy colt khanate was invited by the holy see to the Seven Cities Alliance is that the holy colt khanate has the most brave regiment in the Seven Cities Alliance, the Mammoth Cavalry.
Don’t say how powerful the two knights of Falcon Empire are. The heavy armor paladin mammoth cavalry is really like children. Don’t say anything about the physical gap. Plus a mammoth knight, there will be dozens of camel soldiers and hundreds of colt shooters and infantry around him. The overall combat effectiveness of this mammoth knight core battle group is really the best.
The core seven-city alliance of Ravencys Principality was officially launched on the stage.
Chapter two hundred and ninety Apostolic Plan
Holy See Cathedral, Laibang City, Ravencys Principality
Looking at his old buddy, he was wheezing and heavily dressed, and an old Anthony, the Archbishop of the Holy See, couldn’t help laughing.
At this time, old Anthony was dressed in a white robe. Outside the white robe, he was sewed with some gold thread, and then all these patterns disappeared into his collar. This white robe made the whole person feel more admired and more luxurious.
When old Anthony smiled kindly and stared at his old buddy, he slowly reached out his hand to straighten the glasses that had slipped down his nose when he didn’t know, and then he looked through some rolled footers in his hand and gently placed his legs and slowly shared his hands, waiting quietly for the old buddy’s mouth to express his words.

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