The real person at Baiyunmen Muhai agreed with one bite.

How can your granddaughter, a real person, let her be a concubine?
Nai Cao Teng persuaded Ling Youqian, but Ling Youqian didn’t want to make Cao Teng difficult, so he agreed to be my concubine.
Cao Teng took Sun Yan as his wife.
Sun Yan is spoiled by the wind and supported by the wind and the real people. He usually doesn’t look at Cao Teng as a bad person
Without affecting the overall situation, Cao Teng, a real person who offends the wind, can bear it.
Sun Yan doesn’t like Ling Youqian to see her pregnant with a Cao Teng child. The jealousy fire in her heart can no longer be suppressed.
So through various means, Cao Teng vilified Ling Youqian and at the same time lured Cao Teng with many benefits.
Cao Teng is the head of Baiyun Gate. Sun Pingchang, a real animal herding the sea, is called the little head.
However, Baiyun Gate is indispensable for fighting. He wants to inherit the leadership position and needs the support of the elders in addition to strength.
Cao Teng has the support of Muhai real people. Wouldn’t it be even more powerful if there were the support of Fengyi real people?
With the support of the two most powerful real people in Baiyun Gate, he can get a lot of cultivation resources. Shuang Ling Gen is really expected to attack then to inherit the position of Baiyun Gate.
In order to get the support of Fengyi reality, Cao Teng naturally alienated Ling Youqian’s mother and daughter in accordance with Sun Yan.
The biggest reliance of Ling Youqian’s mother and daughter is Cao Teng, and now Cao Teng lets go regardless of Sun Yan’s natural dare to bully their mother and daughter at will.
People in Baiyun Gate are afraid of Sun Yan and dare not tell Cao Teng these things.
Sun Yan threatened Ling Youqian’s daughter again, and her daughter Ann could also bury her suffering in her heart and dare not tell Cao Teng.
As Sun Yan vilifies Cao Teng, Sun Yan and helps to get many benefits, Cao Teng dislikes Ling Youqian’s mother and daughter even more.
As a result, Ling Youqian and Cao Teng are getting worse and worse. Finally, today this step has become a tool for Sun Yan to vent his unhappiness.
I failed in building a foundation. Only six words, Ling Youdao, have thought about what will happen.
How can Ling Youqian fight through the foundation period of Sun Yan in the practice period of cultivating immortals?
She gritted her teeth no matter what humiliation she suffered when she lost her daughter.
Because once she doesn’t persist, how can her young daughter live in Baiyun Gate?
Ling Youqian looked at Ling Youqian’s mother with tears in her eyes and recalled how good she was to herself when she was young.
"The second sister and younger brother came late and made you suffer in Baiyun Gate."
Ling Youqian also wiped her eyes. The little guy said anxiously, "Mother doesn’t cry!"
Sun Yan laughed. "It’s really a good show."
Ling Youdao glared at Sun Yan and couldn’t wait to cut her to pieces, but he couldn’t do that.
"Ling Youdao, if you can’t bear it, you have to bear it."
He wakes himself up again and again!
Chapter two hundred and fifty-one Then real shots
Ling Youdao doesn’t just represent himself like Sanxiu. He also represents Cang Li Ling’s family.
Even if you don’t think for yourself, you should think for hundreds of monks and hundreds of thousands of mortals.
As the saying goes, once he kills Sun Yan, the real person will definitely make moves against Cang Li Ling.
At that time, I really don’t know how many people will die from the Ling family in Cang Li.
Those who worry about having a good time will often get into big trouble, and it is often their relatives who bear these troubles.
When the disaster happens, he puts the blame on the enemy and never reviews his own problems, but he doesn’t know that it was his stupid behavior that led to this result.
Ling Youdao doesn’t want to be that kind of person. He has concerns. It is concerns that suppress hatred and anger in his heart and calm him down.
He stared at Sun Yan and said, "Let’s call it a day. I’ll take them away."
Smell speech Sun Yan nu laughs "Little bitch is a master of Baiyun, not you. People from Lingshi want to take them away. What do you think of me as Baiyun Gate?"
"Sun Yan, I respect you as a real person. Sun has been patient with you many times. Don’t go too far."
Ling Youdao’s sleeve is very unpleasant in his heart.
Whether he is today, he will take Ling Youqian’s mother and daughter away so that they will no longer live this hot day.
Sun Yan proudly said, "If I don’t let them go, how can you resist me?"

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