All the notes are accompanied by the convergence of these eyes, and the students sitting around the edge of the hexagrams stand together in an unruly and arrogant figure

He is Peng Jiu.
At the beginning, Pu Cheng Junze Jade and others were tit for tat with Peng Jiu.
He’s coming towards Jiang Manlou.
"Where are you going?" Method word door old teacher smoothed her beard and asked
"From here" Peng Jiu didn’t look at the Taoist priest. His eyes have been looking at this side since the appearance of Jiang Manzou and others.
"Don’t you know that those who skip classes without asking for leave in advance will be disqualified from the six-character door by the hospital?" A tsing yi teacher sternly shouted at
"I know, but I don’t care." Peng Jiu continued to come here.
"Don’t you want to practice Dhamma doorways?" The French doorman took a look at Jiang Manlou and others and said instead
"Since students have entered the courtyard, they are naturally doubtable students," Peng Jiu said.
"Since you admit that you are a French student, you have to leave without authorization?" The French doorman said
"Because students want to practice in another place," Peng Jiu came to the old master and stopped.
"Change the place? Is there any place in the whole hospital where you can practice the dharma doorway besides here? "
"Of course there is."
"Seventeen mirrors in the courtyard!"
Peng Jiu respectfully saluted the French doorman and then left with Jiang Manlou and others without looking back.
Behind him, the Guatai French doorman seemed to remember the recent uproar in the courtyard, and then the incredible Tsing Yi teachers looked at each other.
They were shocked and thought, are these freshmen going to challenge the seventeen mirrors?
The student who sat around that edge of the hexagram platform started an uproar.
"I hope you don’t misunderstand this time, but we all take what we need. Our grievances are still there, and we are still rivals." Peng Jiu took an umbrella from the mountain and said indifferently.
"You can rest assured that we didn’t want to stop making peace from beginning to end," said Jiang Manlou.
"That’s good."
Peng Jiu changed the subject and said, "Where are you going now?"
"We have seen the strength of the goalkeeper when we entered the school, so let’s take a walk from the sixteenth stage of the hospital. Sometimes it’s not a bad thing to take a walk." Jun Zeyu smiled.
Chapter 9 The Return of the View of Dust ()
Seventeen mirrors in the courtyard
Xiao Lingtong has been in a bad mood since the first snow fell in this Pu courtyard in winter, and it has always been as heavy and suffocating as this dark day.
He didn’t let them feel very good on weekdays because the 17 dressing tables in the hospital were singled out by Luo Changfeng alone. Although there are still some reasons for this, it is more because Luo Changfeng regards him as the goalkeeper of the 17 dressing tables.
A month ago, Luo Changfeng wrote a series of brilliant achievements from the sixteenth stage, which was overwhelming. At ordinary times, the stage of the hospital was defeated, but he only leaped over his own ten robes.
Those students who once wanted to challenge the status of the seventeen mirror platforms in the academy are all doubtless trying to start the seventeenth mirror platform. After all, if even the seventeen mirror platforms are defeated in the end, who is qualified to look out at the sixteen mirror platforms that can’t see the margin?
This is the origin of the door god’s name.
It is a title advertised by the honor record of guarding the mirror stage one after another.
But now it is directly regarded!
Even if you have exposed your strength in the purple bamboo forest, you should not directly ignore it, right?
Xiao lingtong thinks like this.
He was a little fidgety and confused with every move and every type, and there was a slit and an offset.
"Why are you still here?" Small six rushed in from the outside and looked at Xiao Lingtong nervously and said
"No, where else can I go?" Xiao Lingtong said impatiently
"Something’s wrong! Didn’t you see the team that just walked past our seventeenth courtyard? " Small six urgent said

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