This is Arsenal’s hope.

The only worry is that Lazio are attacking so hard that they may have broken Arsenal’s goal before Arsenal score …
But is there any other choice now?
There is no other way but to attack.
If you don’t attack, you will die
There’s still a chance to attack, deus ex
Wenger gritted his teeth and reached the latest order.
Arsenal also changed their playing style.
Arsenal players actually welcome this change in defense. It’s not that they are good at it. Are they better at it or attack …
However, it’s a bit high to lose a ball as a price.
When the game resumed, Lazio continued to attack, and now they have equalized the score. If they want to advance, they must continue to score goals.
Changsheng doesn’t really want to play a penalty shootout.
Arsenal also changed their defensive counter-attack tactics and actively came out to look for opportunities to play against Lazio.
Changsheng turned to look at Wenger when he saw this scene.
He knew it was Wenger’s decision, and it was a tough one.
That’s exactly what Lazio wants.
If I were Wenger, I wouldn’t want to do this myself.
It’s too dangerous to attack each other
If you compete for attack power … Now everyone knows what Lazio’s attack power is like.
There is no good match against Lazio.
But balzaretti scored a goal and forced Arsenal out. They must fight Lazio to the death.
Because the first 34 minutes of the game have proved that Arsenal’s defense can’t keep them. If they lose the ball in 34 minutes, the players’ mentality will be out of balance. What if someone wants to keep it and someone wants to attack?
In this case, Wenger must agree that the team’s thinking cannot continue to develop from this situation, otherwise the team may collapse completely
He chose to attack.
This is what Arsenal do best, but it is not necessarily correct.
This is Wenger, Natta and Arsenal’s insistence on artistic football offensive for more than ten years. It’s not easy for them to suddenly shrink their defense and play like Inter Milan …
Arsenal chose their best tactics. Arsenal players played Shu.
Playing Shu naturally makes it possible to play beautifully.
The scene looked good for a while.
Those China fans who stayed up late to watch the ball have expressed their command of the ticket price.
And the audience in Europe also applauded the game-they like to watch football like this!
However, for both sides of the stadium, do they enjoy offensive football, art football …
They want to kill each other now.
At half-time, the two sides didn’t score again, and the score was 1 Lazio leading.
At half time, Lazio picked up speed, and Arsenal gradually fell behind.
In the 69th minute, Lazioli Arsenal’s defence made a mistake. cavani headed the ball and scored 2!
In the total score, Lazio reversed and took the lead of 21!
"This is the decisive goal!" The commentator shouted, "Lazio has taken the lead! Their advantage in score will turn into psychological advantage! A team playing at home now has a psychological advantage … The next game will be very difficult for Arsenal! "
Chapter 16 The most important game
Arsenal are really in trouble.
Although they need to score another goal.
But in the overall morale, they are in the wind.
Morale is very important, although people always ignore it. Many people always think of many tactical things, such as the formation of both sides and the tactical requirements of both sides.
But in fact, sometimes, and it is very important, morale is even greater.
Especially the key moment
Arsenal are now at the crunch time.

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