Chapter 113 Evil to bravery edge.

Ouyang Zhi and Daniel Burns walked out of the lobby of Q City International Airport and then got a taxi and galloped away towards Q City.
"Is Master Ou Lian too nervous?" Daniel complained to Ouyang Zhi.
"We Chinese have a saying that people take money to eliminate disasters for others." Ouyang Zhi looked at his partner Daniel and said to him.
This time, the two of them were entrusted by Lian Jia to take Lian Jiamao back to the United States in Q City.
Ouyang Zhi and Daniel are the golden partners of the dark world, famous personal bodyguards and famous killers.
Ouyang Zhi is a Chinese who grew up in the United States, but he learned martial arts from a young age and was accepted by the old owner of the martial arts school because of his talent.
But then he entered the dark world, and his kung fu only reached the peak of his strength, and he didn’t go any further. However, he grew up practicing martial arts, his posture was sensitive and his reaction was fierce. In recent years, his marksmanship has also become superb, and gradually the American dark world has become famous.
Daniel met Ouyang Zhi three years ago and became a partner. Daniel had a strange experience. He was a soldier in Iraq. After returning home, he had problems in his heart, so he became an alcoholic. After being drunk, he shot someone and officially entered the dark world. He became a killer. Because he participated in actual combat, he was very good at blasting. In the last three years, he cooperated with Ouyang Zhi quite tacitly and gradually became a gold partner in the American dark world. Now it is very expensive to hire them and only a real giant can afford the price.
Lian Jiamao finally got medical parole!
At this time, Lian Jiamao’s face was pale and withered, and he was depressed deeply into the depths of his eyes, and he could still see a trace of chilling cold.
"Li Xiaoyun, I suffer physically. When I return to the United States, I will make you pay back a hundred times." Lian Jiamao secretly swore an oath in his heart.
During this period, from detention center to prison, his life was simply hell, and he was beaten and insulted every day.
Although the family paid a lot of money to buy off the prison discipline, the people in the prison kept beating him, even if he was given an extra sentence.
Lian Jiamao finally understood that I am the real local strongman of the dark world in Q city, and some prisoners were honored to be able to work for me, even though they were given a few months’ imprisonment for it, they were very happy.
Lian Jiamao was badly beaten in prison, and he dared not sleep every day. Because he fell asleep, he might not be able to fly naked and be thrown to the floor.
More than he has been violated!
That’s his nightmare!
Nightmare forever!
Actually, I didn’t tell the younger brother of Yizitang in prison to make Lian Jiamao so miserable. I just wanted him to suffer a little bit and get beaten every day.
But who knows that the Yizitang is more powerful in prison? Besides being caught in the Yizitang’s younger brother, some of his prisoners are also eager to contribute to the Yizitang. After going out, there will be less food outside the Yizitang.
They are also well-informed. After I got rid of Tian Xinrong and Xiao Hongfeng, Yizitang once again became the most lobby in Q city.
So things are a little out of my control. Plus, when I left Q, Zhao Tai and others were busy in prison, they naturally couldn’t care less.
People in prison do nothing but work every day, and they don’t come up with a way to trick people. It’s very strange.
There are always fish in troubled waters at Sincere Righteousness Hall, and even Jiamaoji suffers from mixed pain every day, but he doesn’t leave any scars, and he still doesn’t know who hit him. Every day, even Ximao is in pain.
Today, he finally received a lawyer’s notice that he was released on medical parole, and he could be released from prison today and leave China secretly.
This is because Lian Jiamao cried out every day, and even the old man came forward to increase investment in Q city, and all kinds of complicated online transportation made him get medical treatment on parole.
Lian Jiamao hates me to the extreme and is also afraid of it. Even the family sent Ouyang Zhi and Daniel, the American dark circles, to protect Lian Jiamao from returning to the United States.
Things are always so coincidental!
Lian Jiamao is in the car at this time. Besides him and the driver, there are Ouyang Zhi and Daniel.
The car drove past downtown Q and suddenly a figure appeared next to the street in Lian Jiamao’s sight.
At this time, Rollin Wang is shopping with Matsushima Harumi to buy clothes. It’s almost the New Year, so I always want to buy some new clothes.
"Bring me that woman!" Lian Jiamao came to plan to return to the United States honestly, but when he saw Rollin Wang, his anger flooded his mind and he was a little crazy.
"Master, you are still on medical parole …" The driver wanted to persuade Jiamao in a row.
"You shut up!" Lian Jiamao almost roared, so the driver shut up.
"I’m sorry, Master Lian, we just escorted you back to the United States." Ouyang Zhi refused.
"I’ll double the price. Aren’t you the American dark world gold medal killer? It’s not difficult to kidnap a little girl, is it? " Lian Jiamao immediately doubled the price of money.
Ouyang Zhi still shook his head and said, "Marie!"
It’s not that Ouyang knows whether he loves money or not, but he’s not stupid. Before he came to China, he learned about Lian Jiamao. It was because Lian Jiamao moved his mind on the little girl on the street that he was made worse than death in Q city.
I don’t want to rock the boat, and I don’t want to cause unnecessary trouble
But Ouyang knew that he didn’t want to do it, but the arrogant Daniel was moved.
"Master Lian, I can help you take that little girl captive." Daniel said to Lian Jiamao.
"Daniel, don’t mess around!" Ouyang know facial expression, a car in front of Daniel warned.
"Oh, you are too cautious to kidnap a little girl for one night. By the time the police find us, we may have flown to the American plane," Daniel said with no intention.
"Hum!" Ouyang know cold hum a didn’t continue to talk because although he was careful not to rock the boat, but deep in the solid didn’t really take the kidnapping of Rollin Wang as a big deal.
Mountain and Xiaolan and a line of six people are scattered around Rollin Wang and Matsushima Harumi, secretly protecting their safety.
Although Rollin Wang never let them say that they were all right, they didn’t dare to slack off when I spoke to them before I came.
I asked them to protect Rollin Wang, not against Lian Jiamao, but against the Yang family in Weifang City.
Yang Jingxing was also put into prison by me, and the Yang family sent a younger brother to the prison to protect Yang Jingxing personally.
Daniel got out of the car and followed Rollin Wang and Matsushima Harumi. His tracking skills were very good. Even Shan and Xiaolan didn’t find anyone following them
The horse is coming to the corner of the street. Lian Jiamao told the car not to stall and stopped at the corner.
He just discussed with Daniel that Daniel would block Rollin Wang and Matsushima Harumi from behind with his tall body and stun them instantly, and then hug their car. Daniel estimated that it would take three seconds to move this train.
So even if someone sees them, they will recognize them as boyfriends and girlfriends, and will not associate them with others, because this is a downtown area after all.
Actually, if there were no mountains and Xiaolan, Daniel’s plan would surely succeed.

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