Gehong’s barren power has been exhausted. After the overtime yesterday, it should not be added. Ha, Mo, Yu Wan, as far as possible, can’t guarantee it. Dear friends, don’t spray it. You have to be busy. Check the sugar resistance. There are still many certificates for kindergarten. Then the temporary residence permit will expire soon. I have to ask some social security questions. My legs should be broken when I come for a while …
☆, 149 Shen Mu knelt down
The next day Meng Xin got up again and cursed someone several times in her heart, but someone was in high spirits, washing his face and shaving in hygiene.
She walked slowly over to brush her teeth and wash her face to prepare the toilet. Someone was still dawdling in the bathroom. Meng Xin couldn’t help it. "I want the toilet."
Section 15
Another unspoken sentence is naturally that you should go out.
"Well, you" someone responded normally and then continued to look at it in front of the mirror. It’s no fun to avoid suspicion.
"What am I doing here?" Even husband and wife, but so in front of the toilet Meng Xin this in the mind still some can’t accept it.
"I’m here, why can’t you? Isn’t it? Then I’ll teach you … "Meng Xin grabbed something next to someone in a hurry before someone finished." Do you want some face? "
How can you become such a virtue now? !
What about the former tall, cold and handsome male god? Before that, you can look at it from a distance, but you can’t get close to it.
It’s all gone, and all that’s left is the new sex.
Li Ziyu smiled and hid Meng Xin. It was fun, but you must master a degree. If you really make Meng Xin angry, it must be him.
Liziyu finally went out and helped Meng Xin bring the door.
Meng Xin solved the problem that some shameless person just got up from the toilet and pushed the door. Meng Xin’s face turned black and some were red, black and red.
"I’ve come to get something." Liziyu smiled at her and held her mobile phone in her hand from the sink.
"…" This person carries his mobile phone with him when he washes.
Meng Xin language to the extreme, she washed her hands and went back to the room to change clothes and went out.
Great aunt Lu has already made breakfast, and since they are not going to go back to the villa to live in the old lady, they have arranged for Great aunt Lu and LeiShu to come over. Before LeiShu, they have been taking care of Liziyu, and now they are still in their prime and continue to take care of Hengheng and his wife.
Without Auntie Lu and Leishu Liziyu, Hengheng would have taken him to the company, and now Hengheng is still sleeping soundly in his room.
Meng Xin drank the freshly squeezed soybean milk from Auntie Lu and cooked fried dumplings by Auntie Lu. It was delicious. Meng Xin ate two plates of fried dumplings and drank two bowls of soybean milk, and her belly was rounded.
"Great aunt Lu LeiShu constant trouble you, I walked first" Meng Xin took something in the heel two people waved goodbye.
"Well, be careful, big housewife." Great aunt Lu escorted Meng Xin and Liziyu.
Li Ziyu held Meng Xin’s two big pockets with her hands. Meng Xin looked at it. "If you still have time, please help me take Lele’s things to her cake shop. By the way, put Ellie in her place and let her bring it to Ellie."
"Okay, I know." Liziyu nodded. He said he would send it when he didn’t have time.
"Well" Meng Xin sit co-pilot.
As usual, Li Ziyu held the steering wheel in one hand and his wife in the other. Meng Xin didn’t say that he was used to talking too much anyway.
When I got to the door, someone woke Meng Xin up, took the initiative to gather together, gave a kiss, and then drove to give Min Mengjie something and went to work.
Meng Xin took the ladder directly to Min Mengjie’s office and saw Li Yi as soon as he hit the ladder door.
Two people nodded and walked in a hurry into the ladder Meng Xin goes to Min Mengjie’s office. Min Mengjie browses the news while eating breakfast in the office and sees Meng Xin and then directly looks into her hand. "Is this for me?" You are a girl with a conscience. "
"Well, take it." Meng Xin handed things directly in front of Min Mengjie and left.
"What are you going to do? It’s rare to have a chat. Isn’t there still ten minutes before work?" Min Mengjie pointed to the chair in front of her, drinking her mother-in-law, and there was a glass of milk in nutrition porridge.
"Are you chatting very much these days?" Meng Xin also sat down. "There are some specialties and local gadgets inside."
"Well, I’ve been to Rainbow Town. I don’t know if you’re going there this time." Min Mengjie nodded, and she was pregnant. She also wanted to walk around, but the elders at home wouldn’t let her.
It was only when she saw Meng Xin taking photos and sending them to her circle of friends that she realized that their trip to Rainbow Town was originally expected, and her heart was suddenly not so expected. She had been there.
"Why didn’t you recommend that place to me? It’s really beautiful. Although the town is very small, I think it’s not worse than those scenic areas with four A and five A." Meng Xin still has some aftertaste, and she can go to play when she has a small holiday.
"I think that manager Li will take you to play. Where can I go to such a small place?" Min Mengjie said sourly
Meng Xin gave her a white look and left.
"Oh, don’t go. You didn’t know you were going. This G city has been busy for five days." There are still many hexagrams that I didn’t say. This Meng Xin is leaving, which is too boring.
I don’t want to think about what a pregnant woman will be bored with staying at home and in the office all day. If I had known that it was so troublesome to get pregnant, she really shouldn’t have thought before giving birth.
This child will be haunted by children for about a generation, and it will never be easy again.
"What’s the divination?" Meng Xin is short of interest. She never likes to note hexagrams.
"In shenyang and premier liu" Min Mengjie said with a smile.
No matter if Liu Changfu wants to whitewash himself, it seems that he can’t whitewash himself at present. When Meng Xin and others came back yesterday, the health department had already sent a notice that the post of Dean Liu Changfu had been dismissed, and the new Dean was said to be degraded.
Min Mengjie doesn’t care if she drops or not. Anyway, it’s this Liu Changfu who is not afraid to make the staff do it. She actually doesn’t like to pretend that her private life is so erosive and she is also rationed to them as leaders.
It really made people laugh.
There is also Shenyang Shen Shi. It is estimated that there is no way to come back from the dead. Shenyang Ye Tong has already peddled shares in the public. This time, the old woman in Shenyang can no longer throw her weight around. This is also for Liu Ruxu and KINOMOTO SAKURA, and the bankruptcy of Shenyang will not affect the former court’s decision that half of Shenyang’s property is in Liu Ruxu’s hands.
This is called good and good are rewarded, and evil and evil are rewarded, not that the time has not come.
Min Mengjie speaks very enthusiastically. Meng Xin is not sad about Shen Jia and Premier Liu, but Liu Ruxu. That is a woman who is extremely soft-hearted. She is worried that she will consider that after all, she has had a couple relationship with Shen Ye-su for several years and once loved each other. Will she ever think of returning the money to Shen Ye-su?
Even if you don’t return it, will that old woman in Shenyang be an oil lamp saver? Will she go to Liu Ruxu’s trouble when she dies?
"Hey, Meng Xin, what are you thinking?" I don’t know what Meng Xin is doing. Meng Jie is dissatisfied and pushed her. "I said that your Li Nan God is handsome enough. Are you still dreaming of coming down to the dean?"
Min Mengjie raised his eyebrows with an expression of owed smoke.
Would Meng Xin really want to give her the water in the glass in front of her if she didn’t look at her pregnant woman?
"I’m kidding you. What are you doing with your eyes so big? Son, don’t pay attention to your dopted mother. She is not good at all. "At some point, Min Mengjie caressed her belly and comforted her baby like a mother."
"…" Meng Xin blindsided this woman directly, and the transformation was too fast. She couldn’t catch up with her rhythm.
Finally, Meng Xin knew that she was not to be taunted by this woman, so she simply stopped talking nonsense and left.
Min Mengjie didn’t keep it, and she couldn’t stay.
Meng Xin returned to the office and changed her job. Then the worker first finished the work in the office department and then went to make a tour. Because she didn’t work for a few days, she stayed in each department for a long time, mainly because she was caught and asked about some travel experiences.
What can you feel is that you are tired and comfortable. Anyway, traveling is to spend money to buy a sin, but everyone knows that it is a’ sin’. Once you sometimes like to travel.
When she returned to the office again, there were only twenty minutes left to go to work. She thought about it and called Liu Ruxu.
Liu Ruxu is cooking at home at the moment. She knows something about G city, but not much. Because of her family, no one likes to watch Shenyang reports and she is not allowed to note that since she is divorced, she is no longer a family.
Gu Sheng moved quickly, but it was said that it would take a week. As a result, all the cash was in place in less than a week. Gu Sheng also introduced her to a famous financial planner. After Gu Sheng introduced Liu Ruxu, she believed that she had left three million yuan to buy a house, and she asked the financial planner to help her manage the money.
She couldn’t tell why she believed Gu Sheng so much, just as she believed Meng Xin’s condition. Gu Sheng was also recommended to her by Meng Xin and helped him with her heart, so she was very heartfelt to these two people.
"Well, that’s good. Otherwise, if you don’t know how to manage money, the money will not have the greatest value on your side." Meng Xin is very much in favor of their women’s financial management concept. Since it is recommended by Gu Sheng, she is also very relieved.
But she was a little surprised that after her divorce case was over, she and Gu Sheng should not be linked. I didn’t expect them to talk so much in private.
"Yes, I think so, too. I’m going to go back to G City to buy a suite before school in KINOMOTO SAKURA. It’s estimated to be around 3 million." It’s best to think that although she is rich now, she really wants to leave the money to KINOMOTO SAKURA.
Shen Ye-tong estimated that he would be so willing to pay such a large sum for his daughter’s sake.
"Yeah, I’ll let someone help you look at this price area room." Meng Xin nodded and heard that Liu Ruxu was very good, and she was relieved.

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