This black stone seems to be psychic. If Zhang Xiaotian doesn’t want it to suck the soul force, it won’t suck it. It’s like Yang Xiao holding this black stone in his hand before. If this black stone talks about who the soul force is, it will suck. Then Zhang Xiaotian won’t dare to let Fat Boy play with it every day.

After waiting, Fat Zhang Xiaotian deliberately slowed down.
After the first world war, Zhang Xiaotian gradually became the leader of the three of them. He walked slowly, and the Chen brothers naturally followed suit. With Zhang Xiaotian in them, they were not as frightened as before. Walking fast and walking slowly was not so important at this time.
"Xiao day you that dog beast? Didn’t we just run too fast and lose it? " Suddenly Chen Daniu asked anxiously, and he also noticed that Fat Boy was no longer behind.
"Don’t worry, Fat Boy can follow our scent. Let’s slow down!" Zhang Xiaotian light said with a smile.
"Can also track our smell? Hey! " Chen Daniu couldn’t help sighing. In his opinion, Zhang Xiaotian, the fur dog beast, is so clever that he can track the smell. The soul beast is not without but not much.
It’s been more than ten minutes since Fat Blackstone swallowed six ghost repairs. Zhang Xiaotian slowed down because he had to wait for it, but he didn’t go far. It was only more than ten miles before Fat got there in half a minute.
"The eldest brother is back!"
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
Hearing the sound of fat boy, Zhang Xiaotian suddenly stopped and turned away in surprise.
See fat boy has slowed down at this time is "leisurely" to Zhang Xiaotian three people.
When the Chen brothers saw that Zhang Xiaotian suddenly stopped and looked back, they couldn’t help turning their heads back. It turned out that it was the "Fat Boy" fur dog beast that followed. They couldn’t help but be surprised.
"Xiao day! Fat boy is so amazing that he actually found us! " Chen Daniu exclaimed that it was one thing to listen to Zhang Xiaotian’s mouth before, but now it is another thing to see the facts.
"Hehe, the fat boy is very clever when he comes!" Zhang Xiaotian smiled and said that he was naturally happy to hear others praise Fat Zhang as a heavenly heart.
"Fat boy! Why did you come back so slowly? Did you steal food in the back? " Zhang Xiaotian to fat sound asked with a smile.
Fat boy looked piteously at Zhang Xiaotian and extended his paws, which means he didn’t steal food.
"Hey? What’s wrong with this poodle? Is it complaining that we lost it? " Chen Daniu looked curious.
"Daniel! Although this hairy dog beast is clever, how can it be so psychic! " Chen Dabao couldn’t help laughing when he heard his brother say this.
The third chapter is here! Continue today after the day! I’m a little slow when there is an explosion in the sky. If there is no explosion, don’t scold me! )
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Anqu Road
Zhang Xiaotian smiled and ignored the words of two people, and Blackstone in Fat’s mouth was absorbed by him.
It’s only been less than half a minute since the six ghosts were absorbed. When Blackstone flowed outward, it was still a soul force.
The soul force flows out of Blackstone and is slowly absorbed by Zhang Xiaotian’s body like a baby sucking milk.
Although there are a lot of self-cultivation spirits in the six ghost periods, they are still far from the ghost period! Zhang Xiaotian has just reached the initial stage of ghost form, and these soul forces have just increased the degree of conciseness of his body. When the body can no longer be absorbed, he can go to the middle stage of ghost form. On whether it is because of his strong mind or Blackstone’s ability to refine the soul force, Zhang Xiaotian is not worried about the refining of the soul force now. It is easy to reach the peak of the soul force in the body.
To fat boy, the two brothers Chen are just talking a few words. To them, "fat boy" is at best just a smarter dog and beast, but it is still a dog and beast, which at most attracts their attention.
The way back: Zhang Xiaotian crossed the ghost-shaped beast area and returned to Anqu Road. There are some dangerous reasons for choosing to continue to advance from the ghost-shaped peak beast area. For Zhang Xiaotian, the Chen brothers naturally have no objection to this statement. Since seeing Zhang Xiaotian’s skill, they have been full of confidence in Zhang Xiaotian and have received so many benefits from Zhang Xiaotian. They are more obedient to him.
In this way, during the ten-day journey deliberately guided by Zhang Xiaotian, they met a group of ghosts, and fortunately, none of them were ghosts. However, those who met their ghosts and saw their "lambs" naturally would not let go. As a result, it was obvious that they were all killed by Zhang Xiaotian. Zhang Xiaotian’s ghosts could not hurt them during these ghosts.
However, in Zhang Xiaotian, the Chen brothers deliberately killed one or two ghosts every time, so they were also given some "war benefits" by Zhang Xiaotian.
Group ghost repair a total of 45 their mind nature has also been absorbed by Zhang Xiaotian through Blackstone refining.
Try the spirit beast area in the early stage of Mori Ghost.
"oh! Xiao Tian didn’t expect this magic weapon to be so powerful! Hit that guy! Kill that guy as soon as you hit him! You know, that guy is more qualified than me! " Lu Chen Daniu said excitedly that he was dancing.
Hear Chen Daniu Zhang Xiaotian smiled and said nothing.
"Daniel! That ghost repair must be a ghost repair at the peak of the ghost! How could he be killed so easily if you hadn’t just hit him on the head? " Chen Dabao said with a smile that he is usually taciturn, but this trial has yielded extraordinary results, and now he is in a good mood.
"Ha ha! I aimed at his head before I hit it. Of course it’s our business! " Chen Daniu said proudly
"ha! It’s really amazing that you can only hit you once after aiming for more than a dozen times! " Chen Dabao joked with a smile.
"I this is not just can make a magic weapon before long! There are still some unskilled people. When I get back to practice, there will be no problem even if I hit it once every two or three days! " Chen Daniu retorted.
"Two or three hits once when you are an idiot, let you play? If you want to compete with Xiao Tian, let’s go back and practice! " Chen Dabao rolled his eyes and said, although he said this, he knew in his heart that even if they practiced for a long time, I’m afraid there was not a trace that could drive Zhang Xiaotian to hope that Zhang Xiaotian’s strange posture was too abnormal. He never took a ghost repair with one knife. He was not as straightforward as his younger brother. He knew that they could kill one or two ghost repairs every time. It was Zhang Xiaotian who deliberately left them with Zhang Xiaotian’s posture. If it was not difficult to kill one more root, Chen Dabao would naturally feel a little grateful to Zhang Xiao. Those "war benefits" might not be important to Zhang Xiaotian.
"Ha ha! I can’t compete with Xiao Tian! But … I am comparable to Sun Ergou! " Chen Daniu scratched his head embarrassedly said
"This time we got so many things that my parents will be very happy when we go back! More than ten thousand soul stones! More than ten thousand dollars! I’ve never seen so many soul stones! And those two pieces of mental protective clothing parents will definitely praise us! There are still several magic weapons. Ada’s father won’t look down on us! " Chen Daniu said excitedly one by one
Zhang Xiaotian was so excited to see Chen Daniu, and he was also looking forward to going back to the secular world this time. He also brought a lot of good things with him. I wonder if Xiao Xiao will be happy to see so many things.
"Daniel! Dabao! Let’s go through here to Anqu University 6! " Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian mouth said
"ah? What? We were so lucky that we met a group of ghosts only ten days ago. If we met a few more ghosts, wouldn’t we be able to leave so many good things behind again? " Hear to Ann Chen Daniu leng and then asked.
Hearing Chen Daniu talking like this, Chen Dabao couldn’t help but sigh that if he met a gang of ghosts in ten days at ordinary times, it would be really bad for ten generations. How can he expect it like this?
"Daniel! My parents must be worried after we’ve been out for so long. We’ll talk faster if we go back from the safe area! Besides, wouldn’t it be dangerous for us to encounter a ghost-shaped ghost repair? Not only are there so many good things for them to take away, I’m afraid our lives are hard to save! " Chen Dabao export said
Hearing Chen Dabao’s talk, Zhang Xiao, as in the heavenly heart, secretly nodded. Will Chen Dabao be a human being and encounter ghost repair in the ghost beast area at the early stage of ghost? That’s even lower than the probability that a magic weapon falls from the sky. He is obviously dealing with Chen Daniu. After all, it is Zhang Xiaotian who let them get so many things. Now Zhang Xiaotian wants to get out quickly. If they are not satisfied, I’m afraid Zhang Xiaotian will be unhappy. After absorbing more than 30 ghosts, Zhang Xiaotian’s mind has stopped rising. Recently, Blackstone refining black liquor is absorbed by fat people.
In fact, Zhang Xiaotian is quite willing to stay here for a while. After all, every time he kills a ghost repair, it means that he can get more things and bring them back to Yang Xiaodi. But every time he hears Chen Daniu’s nagging, he looks forward to returning to the secular world. Now he finally can’t help it. Killing a ghost repair to get things these days is really "too little". It doesn’t interest him much. Compared with the value of the original things in his lock, getting these things now is really not worth it. Now that he wants to go back to the secular world, the expectation of getting these things has passed. He wants to go back quickly. In fact, Zhang Xiaotian can go out from anywhere. It’s not because he is afraid of encountering ghost-shaped ghosts, but this trial. The three of them are not familiar with it. They can know the general direction. They often go the wrong way and occasionally have some deviations. They want to get out of the trial as soon as possible. It’s better to go out directly from the road in the security area.
"Oh! It would be a great loss to let the ghost repair rob us of all our good things. We have to hurry back! " Chen Daniu said as if waking up
After deciding, the three men stepped up their steps and ran to the road in the safety zone.
Apart from Chen Daniu, Chen Dabao didn’t miss it at all.
In less than three days, Zhang Xiaotian came to the road in Anqu. In this period, they were "extremely lucky" not to meet the ghost repair, which also made Chen Daniu scold a phone call and Chen Dabao was thoughtful.
"Ha ha! Finally, we have reached the road in Anqu, and the horse can go home! " Chen Daniu shouted excitedly after running to the road in Anqu.
Seeing Chen Daniu so excited, Zhang Xiaotian smiled and turned his head to look at the road in the safe area carefully. To tell the truth, although he was not short in testing Sen, it was the first time he saw the road in the safe area, and he was also curious about it.
This is a road paved with a kind of blue stone, which is about 20 meters wide from head to tail. Although the blue stones vary in size, they are paved very evenly. It looks like a knife. In the middle of the road, there are several thin, tall and long poles that are only five or six meters high, but there is a yellow stone the size of a thumb on the surface.
Seeing the yellow stone at the top of the long pole, Zhang Xiaotian knew that it was to monitor the road. If there was a battle here, it would be sent to the soul glasses connected with these soul stones. Then the forces in charge of this trial will send guards to hunt down the fighters, but if they can’t catch it or record it, they won’t be able to test it in their life
The trial forest is really big, so many ghosts have entered here. It’s like water drops entering the sea and can’t be found anymore. However, there are 90% ghosts entering the trial forest. There are also three such roads in the whole trial forest. There are still many ghosts here. Quickly rush into the trial forest from the road, and there are also ghosts rushing into the road from the trial forest.
The distance from the main road in Anqu to the trial forest is a very dangerous road, and it is troublesome to be accidentally stared at by some ghosts.

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