Feel the sapphire sword to vibrate. Guo Xiaosi looked surprised and gasped slightly. The elder said, I didn’t expect you to be two.

The elders also rushed to talk about the shock from the whip. In addition to the shock, there is still a firm but gentle attack, which is really hard to resist.
Hum, if you want to play, you will die. Before the elders rest, Guo Xiaosi has waved the sapphire sword and kept hitting the elders with the secret sword tactic.
Smelly little you die to see Guo Xiaosi sapphire sword menacing elders quickly whip shake to Guo Xiaosi at the same time, single-handedly print mouth silently chanting in Guo Xiaosi surprised eyes this whip has become bigger than the line to fly to Guo Xiaosi.
Guo Xiaosi accused the sapphire sword of constantly attacking the flying whip, struggling to cope with the whip, and rushed to Guo Xiaosi at the sight of this. Guo Xiaosi snorted and flew up the carefree sword, and the mana was severely chopped at the giant whip, accompanied by a crack of whip and instant dust.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-three Encounter an old friend
Chapter three hundred and fifty-three Encounter an old friend
The sapphire sword body is the middle-order fairy device, where the elders are. These instruments can be compared with adding Guo Xiaosi to strengthen the mana. Although it is not immortal, it is already much stronger than the sapphire sword.
His weapon was destroyed, and the elder sprayed one mouthful blood in his mouth. When the sapphire sword hit the individual, he suddenly flew backwards and broke many flowers and plants.
After falling to the ground, I got up hard, and the elders vomited blood. I looked at Guo Xiaosi and hated it. Well, well, since you dare to make enemies with evil spirits, be prepared for revenge.
Haha, Guo Xiaosi looked at the elders and said, "You are dead, who knows that I killed you? What kind of perineum evil clan have sworn enemies?" Then Guo Xiaosi said to Liu Jian and Liu Mei that Liu Xiong killed the other three evil clan members.
Good Liu Jianbai, what does Guo Xiaosi mean by "destroyed"? That is, both form and spirit are destroyed.
Hearing Guo Xiaosi’s words, the elder’s eyes stared with horror, and then the elder said, I’m afraid you’re not a famous person. Dare you ask your name?
Hehe, I didn’t tell you my name when you don’t delay. Guo Xiaosi looked at the elder cheerfully and listened to the screams behind him. The three brothers of Bai Yin Xie Zong seem to have met the Liu Jian Liu Mei killer.
Elder’s eyes rolled a few times. If you don’t join us, we will create a future together.
In the future, Guo Xiaosi is funny. Looking at the elder and shaking his head, he said, I admire your will to survive, but the evil Sect is to destroy death in the future. Is it necessary to join?
Liujian arch eyebrows also came to Guo Xiaosi’s side and looked at the elders coldly. Hum, what kind of evil spirits are not rats crossing the street, while arch eyebrows gawk at Guo Xiaosi for decades and find that he has not changed much.
Hum elders such as liujian voice suddenly will hand a young a piece of pink powder from the hands of the elders and Guo Xiaosi three people suddenly felt a red smoke surge.
Guo Xiaosi three people want to escape when they see that the surrounding area has been occupied by these inexplicable red powder, and they are trapped in the red powder. To Guo Xiaosi’s surprise, these red powders seem to still attract people to move slowly. Nai three people have distributed mana to protect the whole body from being occupied by these strange pink smoke.
Guo Xiaosi has always been on guard against the elders’ whimsy. The magic clan will never sit and die. They will find every way to survive.
When the red smoke spread, Guo Xiaosi waved the sapphire sword, and the light of the sword suddenly destroyed the red smoke around the three people.
When Guo Xiaosi tried to kill the elder by hand, he listened to the elder’s pointed smile and gagged me. This can be a poor and wonderful thing. Even if you have a big event, you can’t eliminate these yin and yang powders. It is even more difficult to get rid of Gaga.
Yin and Yang powder is actually not so big, mainly aimed at the masters of the spinning period, that is, at Liu Jian Liu Mei. Compared with Guo Xiaosi, it is almost gone. At the same time, some sharp swords and awns can also destroy it. This Yin and Evil Sect Elder is too big.
While the elder was talking, Guo Xiaosi had already determined his position, and the sapphire sword in his hand swung at the elder like smoke.
What? The elder hasn’t reacted yet. The sapphire sword and the light of the sword have flown to his front, and the elder has repeatedly realized that his right hand is covered, but he sees that his right arm has been cut off and the lotus flower is scattered.
Ah, the elders roared and stopped the blood at once, and shouted at the same time. Today, none of you want to go back alive, but you saw these red smoke rolling sharply in the manipulation of the elders, as bright as the sunset glow in the sky, and they kept pushing into Guo Xiaosi three people. At the same time, this piece of hongyun constantly exudes oppressive deterrence and hangs over Guo Xiaosi three people.
Hum, when I saw this, Guo Xiaosi smiled and took the sapphire sword, which constantly motivated the body. The mana couldn’t stop the sapphire sword from lighting up with horror. At the same time, Guo Xiaosi saw Liu Mei Liu Jian and looked a little scared. At the same time, they waved the flying sword slowly. When comforting Liu Xiong and Liu Mei, rest assured that we will deal with everything. You should be firm for a while.
Looking at the red smoke around, I feel that my flying sword is stagnant. Liujian’s eyes are a little scared and timid. Please Guo Xiong. Liu Mei heard Guo Xiaosi’s words and became less afraid. Guo Dage be careful.
Well, Guo Xiaosi nodded again. If Bai wants to get rid of these Yin and Yang powders and save Liu Mei and Liu Jian, he will kill the elders first.
At this time, the more intense the red color is, the more important thing is that in this piece of hongyun, drops of bright red water droplets are constantly flying. Guo Xiaosi is sure that this is not blood, but the color can be compared with blood. I am afraid that these yin and yang powders will force the water in the gas to condense into bright red water droplets that attack others.
It’s really not ordinary poison powder.
When Guo Xiaosi didn’t kill the elder without saving Liu Mei and Liu Jian, I’m afraid he killed the elder, and both of them were killed by this strange Hongyun.
Seeing the surrounding red smoke approaching constantly, it also sends out the smell of people’s minds shaking. When Guo Xiaosi is facing Liu Jian and Liu Mei’s brother and sister, he urgently drinks "Come on, you two."
Immediately, Guo Xiaosi ran the secret sword tactic, and the sapphire sword in his hand kept growing inch by inch. When these swords met these red smog, these red smog retreated one after another.
See time Guo Xiaosi drink a green jade sword sword light victory over sharp sword light into a brilliant blue Guanghua place will be red smoke have driven out a big gap.
Seeing this, Guo Xiaosi immediately waved the cat sword tactic on the spot, and suddenly the sword light turned into a wall of light. These blood clouds composed of Yin and Yang powder were swept away by the sword light.
When Guo Xiaosi shouted at Liu Mei Liu Jian, take this opportunity to go to Liu Jian Liu Mei smell speech and shake his body to avoid this blood cloud.
When Guo Xiaosi and his three men walked through this blood cloud, they found that their right arm had been broken, and the elder fell to the ground panting and didn’t escape on the spot. In fact, the elder also wanted to escape, but he fled even if he had fled in vain, but Guo Xiaosi tracked him down. After all, he was seriously injured to avoid Guo Xiaosi.
The elders’ powder of Yin and Yang is enough for the other Guo Xiaosi, but I didn’t expect the seemingly ordinary sapphire sword to disperse the blood cloud, which really made the elders unwilling.
Hum, I didn’t expect you to avoid the attack of Yin and Yang powder. It’s a good blessing. The elder sneered at Guo Xiaosi’s way. I’ve asked the information about Yin and evil. You wait for revenge. Gaga laughed and stopped abruptly, but Guo Xiaosi has killed it, including the poor Yuan God.
For the elders, it’s not a big deal to take revenge on Guo Xiaosi’s base. I just need to change when I meet a sinister Sect. Hey, hey, I don’t believe anyone can find out

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