"What, you seem quite familiar with our culture?"

Just when communicating, Atiya discovered that Olga was too familiar with the Elves.
Even some extremely uncommon cultures in the "Elves" can be explained clearly.
This abnormal performance naturally makes Atiya have no doubts.
Even if it is the former, those doubts may even turn into vigilance.
The situation of accumulating goodwill through communication just makes Atiya feel a little confused.
And wonder about it.
Since the other party has come out, it has always been to tell the truth, and Olga replied directly without hesitation.
"Because I have two wives who are owned by the Elves, I have always been sensitive to the culture of the Elves and will deliberately accept them."
As far as he is concerned.
Whether human culture or elf culture.
He’s all about authenticity.
But thanks to the influence of Alison and Greer.
Olga usually receives a little more information when facing various planes and elves.
That is to say, the priority of doing things should be raised a little.
Face his answer
The speaker means the listener has a heart.
"Wife? Two? "
After hearing that one of his own kin is the other’s wife and there are still two.
Atiya’s look is inevitable, and she is slightly stunned.
Because in most cases
[Elves] still prefer monogamy.
It’s rare to hear of multiple spouses.
Moreover, the ethos of "Elves" is a little more conservative than that of many people who like to mess around, and there are few cases of intermarriage among foreigners.
When Olga answered her, she was also a little surprised.
That’s all.
This [plane] [Elves] conservatism is a relative thing.
Not something that has absoluteness!
After all, let alone the mortal race, even many [gods] are fooling around with men and women, which is for both men and women …
For example, some [God] of the Elves belong to No.1 Middle School.
Although a little surprised, Atiya quickly accepted the reality.
But soon, when Olga talked about his wife, even his expression, which had never changed, softened a lot.
It’s not that kind of thing anymore.
Her tone is a little sour because of some emotional influence.
"It seems that you love your wife very much."
"What an enviable family."
In this respect, Olga nodded his head without any taboo.
"That’s natural!"
"After all, that’s my wife’s position. I’m equal, but I’m an equal communicator."

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