Chapter 6 scrapping the Municipal Councils

Tony Stark, who attracted the fire target of the Phantom Legion, is an epic treasure chest in his eyes. Stay close to Stark and don’t worry about getting killed
So Stark invited Goofy and agreed without hesitation.
"Then make room for me."
Tony Stark was overjoyed-this is a powerful help!
He immediately pushed the strong bodyguard beside him out of the carriage. "Ralph, you go first!"
Ralph, the bodyguard, lost his face, but obediently obeyed the boss’s instructions. Then Goofy got into the carriage and took the door again.
Tony Stark patted the back of the driver’s seat "Happy Car! Express! "
Talking about a row of bullets, taking a taxi sideways, the left door immediately sagged, and the driver Hapi didn’t dare to neglect it, so he quickly slammed the gas pedal and fled.
"Whew … it’s safe for the time being," Stark said to the co-pilot’s bodyguard after he was relieved. "I have to talk to Roddy about what happened today. Someone dared Manhattan to threaten me. I admire the courage of the behind-the-scenes planner."
Then Stark looked back and smiled at Goofy and asked, "What should I call you, officer?"
"My name is Goofy," Goofy said.
"Officer Goofy, thank you for helping me today, but considering that you kicked me, I may have to give you some discount in return." Stark was in a good mood and didn’t forget to make fun of him.
While the voice did not fall, a mobile phone bell suddenly sounded in the carriage. Stark’s eyebrows frowned and asked in surprise, "Who’s the phone ringing?" Happy? Lorant? "
Happy, the driver, quickly shook his head. "Not my husband."
Bodyguard Lorant also denied that "this is not my bell."
So Tony Stark turned to Goofy with a look of disgust and said, "Officer Goofy has to say that your cell phone bell is simply terrible …"
But goofy knows that this is not his mobile phone. His mobile phone ring is Nokia’s default ring.
"I don’t think this mobile phone belongs to all of us," Goofy said, shaking his head. Then he followed the sound and pulled out a Motorola mobile phone from the back seat.
Press the answer key, and a manually processed tone comes in the phone immediately.
"Hello, Mr. Stark, it’s an honor to talk to America’s most outstanding entrepreneurs. I’m the phantom of your long-time admirer …"
Starkman guessed his identity "Phantom of the Opera? Oh, I get it. You’re the one who planned today’s assassination, right? The name sounds like a professional killer and it’s still expensive … "
"Yes, I am," the phantom sneered. "Mr. Stark, I respect you very much. Out of respect for you, I don’t want to kill you like ordinary people. You are an American wonder. You deserve an interesting way to die …"
Tony stark picked his eyebrows. "Oh? I’d like to hear how to die is interesting? "
Phantom Shen said, "It’s very simple. I played a little game with you. I installed a bomb in your car. This bomb won’t explode immediately. It has a special program-when the car is driving faster than the speed limit, the program will be activated. Once the car is driving slower than the speed limit, the bomb will explode-so it’s easy for you to run but difficult to stop …"
When I heard this, Stark couldn’t help but consciously look at the dashboard in the central control area-Hapi, the driver of the escape station, had already driven the car to 13 mph, which means that the bomb automatic trigger program has been started.
The car must not be less than the speed of the city. Once the speed is reduced, the car owner will be blown up directly.
"Friend, have you worked in the Traffic Management Bureau? This device should be matched with the new york speed limit law so that I can see who dares to overspeed in the city! " Stark despair vomit a way
The Phantom of the Opera sneered, "Mr. Stark is really a person who has seen big scenes. He can still make jokes at this time, but just to remind you, this game lasts for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the bomb will automatically explode depending on how fast you drive. Goodbye, Mr. Stark. Have a good time."
Say that finish phantom of the opera hangs up the words directly.
Tony stark has a dignified face.
Have a goofy expression as usual and clap your thighs and say, "Wait, I’ve seen this story! If it isn’t Speed of Life and Death! "
Tony Stark and the front bodyguard looked at Goofy Euse e with a question mark on their faces. ? ? What did you say?/Sorry?
Gao Fei quickly explained, "Come on, the 94-year-old movie Speed ? ? is about Keanu Reeves. The plot is that a bus is loaded with a bomb, which can be accelerated by speed control, but it can’t slow down, so it explodes …"
Tony stark and bodyguards are still full of question marks? ? ?
Goofy a collapse "you really haven’t seen it? This film was shot by 20th Century Fox Company, that is, the company of Men, Wolverine and Deadpool … and so on. It seems that something is wrong. "
Speaking of which, Goofy finally realized that this is the Marvel Comics world! Although most things in this world were the same before flying through the sky, film and television alone were not the same.

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