"Mother, which naive sister made a fool?"

They talked noisily.
The girl in black hangs her head
The demon mother said, "Look up from the dark."
The girl in the dark clothes raised her head and said, "Mother’s adult."
"Well, tell me what he said about you?"
"He said to give me a world reward."
Day witches department laughed out.
"It turns out that our best sister actually believes in a human being!"
"I have never found out that my sister can deal with food besides mastery."
"Ha, ha, ha, this is really unexpected. Have you moved from your sister? Have a desire like a mortal? "
The girl in black looked calm and said nothing.
The magic mother sighed and looked disappointed.
She said, "In the dark, you are in charge of one side, and the monty female emperor was deceived by human beings and made great efforts to help them do things. I don’t think you are qualified to be the female emperor anymore."
The girl in black suddenly turned pale.
While her sisters have bright eyes.
It is inevitable that some people will have others, but I don’t know who my mother will arrange to sit in that seat again
"That-I have to interrupt a" Gu Qingshan suddenly debut.
Monty are quiet.
They turned their heads and looked at him with an ambiguous look.
The magic mother said, "It’s rude to interrupt others at will. Don’t you understand such a simple truth?"
"Because I called you here, please allow me to finish what I want to do, and I won’t say another word about what you want to do," Gu Qingshan continued.
"What do you want to do?" asked the magic mother.
Gu Qingshan said, "I do have a little debt to settle with the dark female emperor, and you can say something else when I finish the settlement."
The magic mother turned her mind and sneered, "Why don’t you tell me? It just makes them all long-minded."
Chapter five hundred and fifteen The World Certificate
Gu Qingshan also smiled.
"Before leaving the Dark Lady, we agreed that you would take someone to help me fight and I would pay a world reward."
He stepped on the ground and said, "This world will be you from now on."
Looking at him from the dark, he has been pulled behind by the magic mother before he speaks.
"You said you gave the world to my daughter?" The magic mother asked
"The world gave it to her."
"Are you serious? Can you speak for yourself? "
"I can speak for myself." Gu Qingshan said.
The magic mother nodded and her face was full of sarcasm.
"Daughter and mother will teach you a lesson today to make you how cunning white people are," the magic mother said to the dark.
Before she strode, she pointed to the temple behind Gu Qingshan facing all the heavenly witches and said, "Listen, I have searched out the details of this world-that building belongs to the temple of ancient gods, and the root here is not his world but the lost world of gods."
The magic mother also pointed to the heaven, "Heaven has a famous world, forbidding the divine power of the ancient gods-this is the barrier to protect the world and the divine law set by the gods."
"Go and fly alone for everyone to see," she ordered
Immediately, several evil spirits scrambled to fly together.
Soon the sky flashed with golden light.
Several witches flew back and said excitedly, "Leave your mother and tell your sisters that the face is really a barrier between the ancient gods and the great powers. We can’t pass."
"Very well, let’s go on," continued the magic mother. "The barrier of great power is the vast ocean where some ordinary creatures grow."
"The ocean is the world of ice crust"
The magic mother laughed and looked away from the tunnel. "Guess what’s on the surface, daughter?"
"I don’t know" from the dark good should way.
The magic mother announced that "Mian has been occupied by 100,000 demon and ghost armies and 200 million enchanters!"
"They have got the world!"
Day witches crashing commotion.
The man kept saying that he would take out a world to pay his debts, but he didn’t expect it.
The magic mother looked away from the darkness and said, "That is to say, the world belongs to either the ancient gods or the demon king, and it is not for the man opposite you to own it."

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