Tian laughed, "Soon."

"If you don’t have this patience, how can you be a fairy in the future?"
"It is not easy for a fairy to return to her place. It is destined to go through many tests. You are now obsessed with when you can become an immortal."
The day preached to the nun 1.
After hearing Tian’s sermon, Fairy Girl admitted to the sky that "my husband and brother were wrong."
Tianma waved "not so serious"
He is used to being easygoing, but it is unnatural for him to be so serious in front of him.
"You have the chance to become an immortal, and you can make friends with him."
God gave advice to nun 1.
In the original plot, Fairy Fairy was to save the eldest mother. First, it took nine days for the Xuan Nv Temple to be moved. After that, Xuan Nv was given the sword of the mysterious goddess, and then she saved the eldest wife, Zhen Niang, to get the Guanyin Bodhisattva to become immortal.
"Long room!"
Fairy smell speech reveals a confused color.
She has just met Nagataka, which is certainly recognized by Nagataka, but she never imagined that Nagataka would have a chance to become an immortal with her.
Day see nun 1 doubt light way
"The long room is also a fairy of destiny, and your fairy lives are linked to each other."
Fairy has long known from the mouth that she is destined to be a fairy, and she has no doubts about the so-called destiny fairy.
To her surprise, Nagano is also a fairy of destiny.
You should know that the long room has a hot temper and a great prejudice against ghosts and gods.
He denied that there were immortals in this world.
It’s just like a joke that such a person is a destiny fairy.
Fairy girl seems to be the least fairy-bound person in the long room.
Fairy aunt flashed these thoughts in her heart and said directly, "How can a long room be a fairy of destiny?"
"What can’t he be?"
Day smiled and asked.
"Arjun, you should be a fairy when you meet me."
Without waiting for a word, Xiangu disappeared.
Fairy cried out that she still had a lot to say to the sky, and it turned out that the sky was so far away.
Fairy fairy listened to heaven and made friends with Changfang. They became good friends and became sworn brothers and sisters.
After Changfang met, Xiangu also met, playing Lan Caihe with an allegro all day.
When the fairy maiden made friends, her attention was focused on pangolin.
Pangolin failed to catch small ginseng essence, and unexpectedly got the first fruit of the Millennium, and also let him catch the grandfather of small ginseng essence-the old ginseng essence.
Small ginseng essence has been sent to Tongtian to practice.
For the safety of the elderly, nature will not care
However, God knows that pangolin stew is the opportunity for Zhang Guolao to become a Taoist.
The sky did not appear for the first time, but was secretly observed.
Pangolin has been stewing Shouwu soup for thousands of years. When the old man was about to take part in the sperm pot, the old man broke free and fled.
Pangolin went after the old man and passed by Zhang Guolao and smelled delicious food. By the time Pangolin discovered it, Zhang Guolao had already drunk half of Shouwu soup.
When pangolin wanted to settle accounts with Zhang Guolao, Zhang Guolao donkey drank the other half of Shouwu soup.
Then a man and a donkey pangolin chased after the clouds and soared to immortality.
Pangolin is a dead egg. Not only did it fail to catch the old man’s ginseng, but it also lost its first soup.
In particular, Zhang Guolao drank his Shouwu soup and soared to immortality in front of him, which made his eyes green
"Pangolin, are you very unwilling?"
Day appeared in front of pangolin at this time.
Pangolin immediately got excited at the sight of the sky. "It’s you who took the little ginseng essence. Give it up quickly."
The Millennium Shouwu lost the old man’s ginseng essence, and he didn’t want to give up on the little ginseng essence in Tian’s hand.
"You can’t even handle a Zhang Guolao, and you want to rob pangolin from me. How dare you?"
God saw pangolin this performance is not angry, it is a very calm tone to pangolin said.
"Cut the crap and give me the ginseng essence quickly or I’ll be rude to you."
Pangolin directly takes out his red tassel gun and is ready to shoot at the sky at any time.
"I want to see how rude you are!"
The sky looks the same and it is extremely calm there.
His status and position are rare to see someone so crazy in front of him.
Pangolin was about to start a show, but when he came up with this idea, he found that his body roots were out of control and he was trembling slightly.
"What, my body is out of control and I’m still shaking? What have you done to me?"
Pangolin dignified looking at big question.
He felt that heaven must have done something to him, otherwise he wouldn’t be like this.
I didn’t do anything.

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