And manipulating them is guided by those elders since childhood!

So what does Kunshi talk about?
Talk about glorifying ancestors?
Take it to recover the eagle?
I’m afraid that only Kunbana has no mood swings. He had expected it long ago.
And I deeply know that it’s still early. Some people who think they are hidden deep in heaven have not come out yet!
And for the time being, he didn’t know that those who followed the crying and grabbing the land were somewhat true or false!
Kunbana watched these people walk out of the crowd and kneel in front of him. "Do you have anything else to say?"
A middle-aged belle in a Chinese dress looked sadly at her husband behind her and said, "I have nothing to say! I’m a spy sent by Duke Miaolang. I broke into the Kunshi Department twenty years ago! Over the years, whether it is voluntary or forced, it has already made a big mistake and failed to live up to Xianggong and Son!
I am willing to die. There is only one request, that is, don’t let them see my miserable death, and please be satisfied by the saints! "
There is a handsome middle-aged man with grizzled hair, but there is still sadness in his eyes. He looks at his wife and says, "I’m sorry to say that it’s hard to save the afterlife and never meet again."
He stared at the belle as if the sky were falling, kneeling down in tears and saying, "What are you? What? ! Do you really have no guilt? What good will it do you if I burn the torch? I ask you, do you really love me even a little? "
The tender expression in the man’s convergent eyes became cold and stiff with a smile. "Now that we know the ending, it will be like this. Then I will tell you completely that from the meeting 23 years ago to yesterday’s temperature, I resisted my disgust and disguised myself as affectionate, sewing my clothes like water to trick you into being a lamb to be slaughtered without knowing it.
Do you know how painful I have been these years? Always pretend to be affectionate, even if you have a lot of disgust, you can’t show it at all. Today is finally free.
I know what you’re going to say, and you don’t believe it, but you can take out my heart after I die and see if there are any traces of you. Even if there are, there is nothing but hatred.
What, you want to die with me? "
The man laughed and burst into tears. "Well, I can’t ask for it, even if I didn’t cut your head myself. If I can continue to play with such a stupid lamb, I won’t need any disguise. Hahahaha …"
Kunbana watched this scene quietly, and paid most attention to the true feelings of his wife and children from some people who consciously admitted it.
There is no note for those who beg for mercy and remain silent and pale.
He knows human nature.
For decades, people can’t understand unless they are vegetation
Most people who can become spies also decide their own destiny. If they get along with each other day and night for a long time, many people will really have feelings.
Although that can’t hide their sins, it can show Kumbana the brilliance of human nature.
The most affectionate and coldest people who scold their wives and children, Kunbana, can actually see the love beyond life and death in their eyes.
Playing with the master of human nature will reveal the flaw. If you perform too hard, Kunbana can see the truth and falsehood.
Human nature is so complicated.
It’s true that I handed the information to the enemy of Kuns. It’s also true that I love you to live and die to transcend life and death.
But in order to continue this love, I have to abide by my mission and continue to do those things
If you stop that wrong line, not only I but also you may die that day.
This makes me choose, and that annoyance and remorse have long made me crazy and sleepless all night.
How many things in the world are black and white
Of course, such people are not in the majority. After all, they are professionally trained to brainwash death spies. Not everyone has a heart.
Even if there were, they would have been handed over to the devil who sent them. Can a slight heart move beyond his mission?
That’s why many people choose to admit it. Because Kunbana said that you consciously admit it, I won’t go into who your Lord really is.
Most of these people are pale and speechless or begging for mercy.
But they still know too little about Saint Kumbana.
Glorious saints are saints in your mind, not the real me.
Your saints don’t lie, but I do.
Saints in your hearts don’t go back on their word, but I will
"Ancestors of Saints!"
Just now, the most indignant little girl was let go by the negligence of the elders such as Kunlun.
She had already cried and choked with rain. She hugged Kunbana’s thigh and resisted Kunlun’s pull.
Kunbana raised her hand to signal Kunlun that they didn’t look down so much and said to the girl who was crying and out of breath, "Go ahead."

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