Then Tucker came to these huts and seemed to keep saying something to the cubs.

Lin followed it to see that the skeleton dragon was indeed a sound communication, while the ancient squid relied on color-changing communication. These two communication methods have their own advantages, but they are both very troublesome. It is much more convenient to directly deliver information like the Inca swarm …
Speaking of which, what is Qianqiu? What do you mean,’ each has his own merits’? What if you have a thousand years? It feels really strange …
Tucker talked for a long time and then several cubs came out of the hut. Then Tucker talked and looked at Lin from time to time, as if telling the cubs about the pterodactyl Lin …
So these babies can understand these words at such a young age? Maybe we have to do some research.
Lin listened to Tucker’s words. It seems that there is something about Lin. It seems that it is a strange pronunciation to call Lin pterosaur’ Figure’.
The more Tucker said, the bolder the cubs became. One cub was heading for the pterodactyl. It came over with curiosity and poked the pterodactyl with its forelimbs.
Lin suddenly turned to bite the cub’s head.
"Ah!" The cub suddenly gave a sad cry, but Lin bit it for a few seconds and then let go. Lin injected some miniature arms into its skin
Bitten by Lin, the cub hid in the hut, afraid to come out. Tucker only looked here at this moment, but it didn’t seem to know what happened.
Lin miniature explorer larvae swim to monitor its brain.
This seems … quite interesting. Lin found that the brain of the young is really well developed, but some cells in it seem to be undeveloped.
When Lin was observing, there was a sudden sound outside the hut group.
Come around Tucker, the cubs rushed out at once. Lin turned to look and found that it was a group of skeleton dragons. They seemed to have just returned from hunting and were dragging some small dinosaur prey with them.
The cubs jumped around these adult skeleton dragons, and Lin found that the number of skeleton dragons was exactly the same as that of shacks. This time, after Tucker had an experience, he didn’t rush out directly, but raised his forelimbs and shouted.
When the leader of the skeleton dragon saw this, he suddenly exclaimed-it seemed surprised that Tucker was stabbed with a wooden thorn before he was alive.
This group of skeleton dragons came running around Tucker to observe it. They carefully observed Tucker’s chest and seemed very surprised that there was no wound there.
The leader and his skeleton dragon were still puzzled after watching for a long time. Then Tucker turned his head and said a few words to Pterosaur Lin.
After listening to this, the leader seemed to be more puzzled. All the skeleton dragons immediately surrounded him. After observing the pterosaurs for a while, the leader suddenly shouted, and then they danced to the pterosaurs like Tucker.
It seems that these skeleton dragons like to do some strange things.
The dance between the leader and the group is not the same as Tucker’s, and it lasts for a short time. After the dance, Lin found that they brought something tied with them. These are some dinosaur teeth engraved with strange marks, stone pieces and so on. After they put these things beside the pterodactyl, the leader raised his forelimbs and issued "Oh!" Shout loudly
Other members shouted like leaders. Lin really didn’t understand what they were doing, but they all seemed very excited and excited …
As the day slowly darkened, the leader and his skeleton dragon were also excited. They seemed to accept Tucker to join them. The leader of the tribe gave Tucker something like a horned dragon horn.
At this time, the leader and the skeleton dragons, together with their young, formed a circle in the hut and hunted them into several dinosaurs as if they were going to eat them.
What they hunted was a small red dinosaur. Lin will call it’ Turkey Dragon’, which is about one meter long and weighs ten kilograms. Although it is very small, there is enough for these skeleton dragons to eat.
Speaking of it,’ chicken’ seems to be a creature, but now Lin has never seen such a creature.
Skeleton dragons don’t eat like normal creatures. They seem to have to do a lot of things. First, they cut the Long Lin skins of turkeys with a sharp stone, then stacked them together and put them aside. Then they cut the noodles with a sharp stone.
Lin thought that if they go on like this, their claws might degenerate. No wonder their claws are much shorter than those of ordinary dinosaurs.
Most skeleton dragons, including the leader, cut meat, and then a skeleton dragon flew away from the hut group and observed it and found that it had made a lot of white sand from that white sand.
The skeleton dragon’s claws picked out a pile of white particles that were different from sand, and that should be salt.
Finally, the skeleton dragon sprinkled these particles with turkey dragon meat before they picked up the meat to eat.
I feel really troublesome, and what are they doing with salt? They’re not sea creatures. It’s not good to put so much salt in them.
The wonder is that they don’t eat first, but put the meat cut and sprinkled with salt in front of the pterodactyl Lin as if they wanted Lin to eat first.
It seems that they seem to regard this pterodactyl as very important. In that case, Lin tried to eat this kind of meat to see if the pterodactyl nutrients were running out.

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