The old sound of long love seems to indicate that it has not seen such love for many years.

"What’s so rare about this?" Wang Mu asked, "I and she are brothers and sisters."
"Ha, ha, ha ….. you’re such an interesting human monk. If this is a love story between brother and sister, even there is no love affair between men and women at the end of the day." Long-lasting tree spirit said, "This little guy even gave you Jiao Ren’s blessing. This is a rare marriage … look at my face for yourself."
Wang Mu looked up.
I was surprised to see that two of the three branches were all lit up.
And the first thing that lights up is the lingering branch in this life. Pink is also a symbol of love in this life.
Shining means that the love in this life is extremely deep and difficult to give up.
Wang Mu one leng.
Something’s wrong. I have seven emotions, and it’s impossible to produce emotions. Then even if the long-lasting branch lights up in the afterlife, how can the lingering branch light up in this life?
Know the sea
The seven emotions are buzzing like a quiver and repelling.
A faint thought flooded into Wang Mu’s mind and was cut off by seven emotions for a second …
Wang Mu frowned and glanced at the little shark next to him.
I found that she was blushing with her eyes closed at the moment, as if she had experienced some special emotional experience.
The rosy cheeks are like attractive little fruits, which makes people want to pinch them.
So what exactly is Jiao Ren’s blessing?
Marriage is lucky …
This little guy …
"…" Wang Mu.
"You, a human monk, have never entered a special emotional memory. You are a heartless person with a thorough sword!" Long feeling tree spirit slightly weird way "you this is experienced seven emotions bitter beheaded his feelings? What a cruel man! I don’t even want this for kendo practice. "
"It’s a pity that Jiao Ren’s blessing is not a simple emotion but a special fate blessing. How can it be so easy for you to cut it off …"
Long feeling tree spirit smiled.
However, at this moment.
The front branch was also slowly lit up.
“?” Wang Mu
“?” Long love and tree spirit
The three branches and leaves lit up, which made the evergreen tree shine immediately.
Three different lights meet to form a unique scene.
This situation obviously surprised everyone.
Rare three branches with the same light
It was the last branch that lit up and soon went silent.
It’s just … it’s weird.
However, this fleeting scene still failed to escape the sight of many people.
"Three branches with bright! This is a reunion of the past, this life and the afterlife? Three generations of love? The first time I saw this kind of love in Qingqiushan … "
"No, QingQiuShan is said to have been many years without this kind of III love …"
"It is said that the emergence of this kind of love tree will give the greatest blessing …"
"Let bygones be bygones, we can still get together in this life and there is still great love in this life … it’s great."
"Grandma Hai, what is this?" Brother Mianjiu looked stunned. "Does this little shark in your family confuse me, the younger martial brother of Jianzong, that there is still a past marriage?"
He knows a lot about Jiao Ren’s blessing.
Grandma from the first two worlds agreed to bring Wang Mu here, but I really didn’t expect this to happen.
Grandma Hai frowned and shook her head to show that she was not clear.
"Little Sunseeker was born with a much slower growth of spiritual wisdom than his companions …" Grandma Hai said, "But I am loved by my family. If it really had a past life, how would I know? When the child was born, his parents were still a little difficult to produce, and they might not live long after they were born … "
In the past life, this kind of cause and effect involving reincarnation is that others can pry into it at will?
Anyway, she is not sure.
"My little teacher younger brother also has a past life?" Brother Jiu is holding the bar. "It’s interesting … it’s not right. Does the branch light up or not?"

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