Chi Chi-hai smiled and said, "You are a good talker. You know Yunling is not my opponent. Find him a step. This time, I found out that there must be some buried treasure in the strange conjecture of the ancient tomb construction because of accidental travel, so I hired dozens of villagers to dig, but I didn’t expect something to happen halfway."

Yunling technique immediately angered, "It was you who did the trick. How could you not deal with the things in the ancient tomb?"
Chi Chi Hai shook his head and sighed and said, "I didn’t see anything in it, but I’m sure it’s definitely not a ghost emperor. It’s very powerful. I thought that if I couldn’t cope with it alone, I wouldn’t go further. With your help, I would be somewhat sure to eat that thing."
Wang Foer was a little surprised and asked, "This time, Uncle Chi Chi Hai, since you have two glyphs, isn’t that a corpse demon in the ancient tomb?"
Chi Chihai shook his head and said, "It’s not a corpse demon. If I say it’s a fierce and incomparable ghost beast!"
Wang Foer heard some conation immediately and said, "The intelligence of the spirit beast is definitely less than that of the human demon family, and the possibility of turning into a corpse ghost is greatly reduced. Since the power of the ghost beast can be turned into at least three, since you said that you can’t cope with the animals that had the second power before your death, are you sure with Brother Yun that you can handle it?"
Chi Chihai proudly said, "In Araki Army, except Araki General, I am afraid of you. Brother Yun has the highest capability. I have fought with him for six times and won the power of the ghost beast after the death of the animal. Although it is still stupid, it is far worse than the corpse demon. I am not like Araki Army. I didn’t even have the right head to ride the beast to the battlefield."
Wang Foer heart way "if really have such a good thing how can it be your turn? My three dharma gods will be together … Your uncle will find teeth everywhere. "
Chapter 1 Heaven and Earth Bearing Flood and Drought
Although Yunling was very angry, he heard that there was a ghost beast, but he suppressed his anger. He secretly told Wang Foer that "Chi Chihai is a master of the tauren demon race. Although this clan is not powerful enough, it is very brave and never controls the tauren clan. Our two armies have fought dozens of battles and never took advantage of it."
Wang Foer, who heard that Chi Chihai was a tauren demon family, immediately asked, "The new king of tauren demon family claimed to be the sixth demon handsome, and that guy’s name is Dali Niu Mowang. I heard that he sneaked into Anyuan City of Dagan Dynasty some time ago and turned it upside down."
Chi Chi Hai immediately laughed when he heard that Wang Foer was the king of the clan. "So you, the child, have also heard that a certain family of our king is a power forward in Niu Mowang."
I’m the abbot of Da Lei Yin Temple, Wang Foer’s registered brother, Wang Shifang, and I’ve met the Chi Chi Hai power forward. If you have time, I can be responsible for the reception.
Wang Foer, with extraordinary bearing in Chi Hai, was very fond of it and immediately invited him. After all, he represented the interests of Da Lei Yin Temple and Yunling Art was not a family. When this kind of affection can be wooed, he won’t take the side of Araki General.
His friendship with Yunling technique belongs to friendship, and their origins are different, so naturally they will not be able to do the same thing.
I was a little surprised to hear Wang Foer introduce Chi Chihai. "So you are Wang Foer’s younger brother. That little monk has been very famous recently. Someone has compared him with our king. I’d also like to see what he can do! Have to go to your big screamo temple to see it. "
Yunling Shu snorted and said, "Since you lead the way, let’s start!" He obviously didn’t want Wang Foer to have more friendship with Chi Chi Hai, who laughed and shouted, "Then you, both of you, come with me!"
Wang Foer and Yunling hurried to test the strength of the two companions with perhaps this tauren demon striker general. He took a big step without reservation. It is rare that he is tall and majestic, but he is not surprised. It is far away when he falls together.
Yunling was born in Monty House, and it’s an oriental wooden clan with a long vein. Although it’s not as explosive as the tauren demon clan, its posture has been chasing after it like flowing water. Although it’s close to the Chi Sea, it’s not backward.
Wang Foer’s skill is naturally the worst, but he ran a few steps and said, "Unless there is motivation, where have I run past these two guys before a fool can compete with them?"
He beat the waist is the feather merchants chamber of commerce to give the belt shout a loud behind has been a pair of huge purple gold metal wings is the highest manufacturing machine a purple scales dragon chop.
This ancient secret treasure manufacturing technology has lost its completely different effect from the technology of the Star Golden Phoenix Cutting Institute in the south of Yanjiang, but this flying energy is not bad.
Wang Foer poured the true qi into the wings behind him, and the wings of metal Zijin were flat, and a whirlwind swept him around for half.
His pair of metal wings is a flapping fan, so he chased the two people running ahead.
Chi Chihai was running smoothly when he suddenly found that the strong breeze encouraged him to look up and cast a glance. He immediately showed an envious look and shouted at Wang Foer, "Little brother, it’s not fair for you to take advantage of this opportunity. Come and compete with me to come up with the real thing to be a man."
Wang Foer laughed and said, "Your childish provocation is really childish. Why don’t you wait for me for ten years? When I am your age, everyone will come back. What’s fair?"
Chi Chihai laughed instead of anger and said, "You are an interesting child. This is very reasonable, but it is very dangerous to explore that ancient tomb. Do you have such a fallacy?"
Wang Foer sneers at a pair of Fu Chihai, some look down on him and some are dissatisfied. "What can I do for you? You will naturally know that you will lose face if you don’t be Uncle Fu."
Chi Chi Hai, ha ha, long laugh. Don’t say anything more. Immediately concentrate on the road. All three of them didn’t move to ride the beast, but flying on the road was not slow, but they found the tomb in the middle of the hour.
Where did it come from? It’s a very hidden valley. The ancient tomb is not in the valley, but it has to go through a hole in the valley for a long time to get to another place. That’s where the ancient tomb is located.
But now the valley has been occupied by hundreds of resin soldiers, and three people can kill it all the way.
The red kelp road went into the valley and immediately drank a huge burden behind it. Immediately, an inch-by-inch fracture occurred inside, and a wheel axe appeared. He did not know where to draw a finger-thick wooden stick and poke it into the eye of the axe hole. The wooden stick immediately became bulky and extremely long, and the red sea had an extra mountain axe in his hand.
"Uncle Si used to have a golden scale wood, but how do you find someone to make the magic weapon work?"
Chi Chi-hai smiled. "This axe is of great origin. It means that one of the 20 warriors in the Bai Yue Demon King Hook is not the first magic weapon, but it is still not comparable to ordinary weapons!"
It’s the first time that Wang Foer heard of the name "Hong Huang Wei". He pulled out his hands and turned them into seven sticks. He swept a soldier who rushed to the corpse and asked, "I have heard of Goushen, of course, but what is Hong Huang Wei? Why haven’t I heard of it?"
Chi Chihai drank a huge axe and immediately cut three corpse soldiers to the waist and replied, "Hook God naturally met many opponents. He knew that he was tall and refused to kill some powerful opponents, but he tried to get rid of them alive. Some people in this batch of wild guards were able to catch up with Hook God in those days, but they all disappeared with the breaking of Hook God."
Chapter 19 Unique domain birds and animals are ghosts
Yunling chimed in and said, "It is the art of collecting corpses in middle-earth today that the guardian god of Dalantao Temple is the source of truth."
Wang Foer has a purple scale dragon beheaded, etc. If there is one more weapon that can be folded freely, the metal forged by this strange machine secret treasure is very sharp, and the wings are ten feet wide. When listening to the red sea Yunling technique, they have already killed the middle of the valley in one breath.

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