Yang Mu’s eyes lit up and he said, "Yes, I forgot about Teacher Tie. He is now a frontier general."

"Master, the sixth teacher’s younger brother’s prestige and the Queen Mother don’t know about it. I can go to Beijing to let the sixth division master more soldiers. Although there are some empty positions, I think I should be able to" Zhao Zifeng has made Zhang Fu’s business all over the country naturally handy for contacts all the way, even in Beijing.
Zhang Zhongxuan also thinks that if you really want to confront the Queen Mother and get through the connections in Beijing, it will naturally make Yang Mu have more advantages. "Purple wind will do as you mean."
At this time, the weathered cloud outside the house shouted, "Master, I brought my sixth younger brother back." Before falling, the weathered cloud took the iron heart and flew in.
Naturally, Zhao Zifeng and his party seldom meet each other when they hurriedly come and salute.
Yang Mu looked at the tall and mighty iron heart and sighed, "I thought that Sixth Teacher Brother was still a small soldier, but now he is a tall general. What a surprise!" Yang Mu didn’t know that iron heart climbed from a soldier step by step. When he became a general, it was natural that things would not cause any big sensation.
"Brother Yang is flattering me, and I know something about it," said the iron-blooded heart. "Now that the master is closed, I think it will definitely help Brother Yang get a fair deal."
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "Don’t say pleasantries. Now let’s have a good time and help Muer think about what to do in the future." Zhang Zhongxuan gave orders and several people discussed it for a long time and finally decided to go to neighboring countries for help first.
On that day, Zhao Zifeng was ready for everything. After all, going to the neighboring countries for help, some of the flowers still need to be spent. Zhang Fu’s financial situation is naturally a cinch now.
On the second day, Zhang Zhongxuan and Zhao Zifeng followed Yang Mu’s entourage to neighboring countries, and of course the weathered clouds followed.
In fact, Zhang Zhongxuan’s ability to fly to neighboring countries is just around the corner, which is bound to leave a lot of words for later generations of literati. This is what Zhang Zhongxuan doesn’t want to see. There are also hidden rules for people who fix the truth. Generally speaking, they don’t advocate joining the WTO, otherwise, with the ability of fixing the truth, everyone can naturally be a party.
Three days later, when Zhang Zhongxuan and his party just stepped into a desert, three people flew from the horizon.
Zhang Zhongxuan and Yang Mu several people came out of the carriage and looked at the people. Everyone except Zhang Zhongxuan stayed, even if the mood was like Zhao Zifeng, and Zhang Zhongxuan was obsessed with it. Now it is difficult to say anything about Yang Mu’s entourage and pretend to be fascinated by the people in front of him.
It turns out that there is a woman among the three people. This woman looks like she is twenty-three or four years old. She is dressed in white clothes and exudes a noble temperament, but this nobility is not the kind of secular nobility. This noble temperament is the kind that makes people feel that she does not belong to people. It is too extraordinary to get rid of dust.
Aside Zhang Chongxuan naturally knows what’s going on. Looking at this woman, it’s obvious that she is also a fix true person, and the way is absolutely not low. Even Zhang Chongxuan can’t see her actual situation, but Zhang Chongxuan’s mind is behind the woman. The other two people are all dressed in a Tsing Yi face and wearing a mask.
Zhang Zhongxuan knows that these two masked people are by no means idle.
Female eye wave circulation eyed Zhang Chongxuan and his party. When the female eyes passed behind Yang Mu, Zhang Chongxuan took one look, but after seeing Zhang Chongxuan’s body moving from the female eyes to Zhang Chongxuan, Zhao Zifeng and the weathered cloud revealed a trace of "it’s a thousand-year-old poison dumpling"
If you follow the weathering cloud’s personality, you will definitely be careless, but Zhang Zhongxuan just gave it to him and stayed honest for a while.
Yang Mu said to the woman politely, "I wonder if the girl is standing in the way? I don’t think I know the girl! "
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Female of shushan ()
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Female of shushan ()
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The woman smiled slightly. This smile is as brilliant as a hundred flowers. This smile is as pure and sweet as clear water. For a while, Yang Mu and his party were stunned. The woman said, "I think if it is right, you should be too Yang Mu."
Yang Mu couldn’t tell a lie when she looked directly at the girl. "I don’t know who the girl is?"
The woman said faintly, "I am still a master of Shushan."
"Lushan!" Yang Mu’s face changed greatly, but the thought that Zhang Zhongxuan was by his side calmed him down again. "I have never been in contact with the Shushan Sect. I wonder what the girl wants with Yang Mu?"
The woman sighed, "Well, I don’t want to come to me, but my two brothers in Shushan were assassinated in the capital. I, the weak woman who is about to pick up the head of Shushan, can’t pick up and sent such a big leak to investigate the matter personally."
When this woman sighed, she actually made everyone’s mind depressed. Although a few words made Yang Musheng angry with her teasing tone, Yang Mu showed an incredible smile when she heard that she would be the head of Shushan. When Zhang Zhongxuan outlined some things about fixing the truth to him, Yang Mu also knew about the fix-up world afterwards. Now it is incredible to hear that one of the three fix-up schools in the Tang Dynasty should be borne by twenty-three or four women.
The female name is Lin Mengying, and her real age is indeed 24 years old. Like Zhang Zhongxuan, Lin Mengying has reached the soaring stage. Whether she can achieve this kind of cultivation is inseparable from the shushan faction. Lin Mengying was regarded as a godsend by the owner of shushan since she was a child. It is rare to have a talent for the foundation theory of shushan for thousands of years, so shushan has made efforts to build Lin Mengying.
This is also the result of the secret competition among the three schools of shushan, kongtong and kunlun. As a result, kunlun has become the most powerful school among the three schools over the years, and shushan has always been the boss. Of course, shushan can’t swallow this tone, so she built lin mengying as a fighting machine. Although she grew up in a daily practice day, her mind is also outstanding. It is also natural to be the head of shushan school.
Shu Shan is a noble family in the field of repairing the truth. Whether it is the gate of Shu Shan that does not advocate joining the WTO or a small number of people advocate joining the WTO in order to strengthen the power of Shu Shan. However, two brothers sent by Shu Shan were assassinated. When the bodies of two brothers of Shu Shan were transported back to Shu Shan, those who advocated joining the WTO took the opportunity to write articles.
To prevent losing contact, please remember to reserve the domain name L A.
The most important thing is that Zhang Zhongxuan’s "hands and feet" can’t naturally hide the people of Shushan. They soon discovered that two brothers of Shushan were killed by oolong scissors, and this directly rose to the faction, which will order Lin Mengying, the head of Shushan, to join the WTO investigation.
To find out the cause of the whole thing, of course, Yang Mu is naturally the key to the problem, and Lin Mengying will find the door
Zhang Chongxuan heard that Lin Mengying was the head of the Shushan Sect. Zhang Yan looked at the Tsing Yi people behind Lin Mengying’s two masks and knew that if there was no wrong guess, the two men were probably the twelve elders of the Shushan Sect. If once they met, Zhang Chongxuan thought that he might not win.
Seeing each other, two Tsing Yi people looked at themselves, and Zhang Zhongxuan hurriedly withdrew his mind for fear that the other party would find himself.
Yang Mu came to his senses and said, "I can also express my sadness about the accident before the girl, but two brothers of Shushan were assassinated in Beijing. Why did you come to me instead of looking for the murderer who assassinated your cousin?"
Lin Mengying laughed. "I will come to Taidian only to find the murderer who assassinated my cousin."
Yang Mu knows that this will never end, and his head will run at a high speed. He thinks for a moment and then says, "Well, I’ll tell the truth if it’s time to come. Yes, I know that I miss you too deeply in the dungeon for three years, and I always want to save me. I think it’s nothing if I’m inferior to others. In three years, I finally seized the opportunity to save me while my two brothers were fighting with others, but I didn’t expect it.
Lin Mengying said, "Are you? Not really. If I didn’t guess wrong, the person who killed my Shushan brother should be you. "
Yang Mu Lang Lang said, "Girl, one faction and one leader in Shushan is swearing at others without evidence?"
Lin Mengying glanced at Yang Mu. "I don’t have time to kill me with you. The two brothers of Shushan Sect are still Kongtong Sect. If you don’t hand over the murderer, it will be difficult for me to do it."
Yang Mu naturally won’t tell Zhang Chongxuan, so he came to a dead letter saying, "If people don’t kill us, we can’t make it worse. I have nothing to do with Kongtong Root."
Lin Mengying sneered, "What do you think I will do if you don’t hand it over?"
A murderous look pervaded the middle Yang Mu face moved, "Girl, you are cruel."
Zhang Zhongxuan knew that if he didn’t go out again, it would be a stand-off when he came out. "Girl, you are the head of the Shushan Sect. Isn’t it afraid to go out and laugh at heaven and man?" I’m afraid it doesn’t make sense for your name. "
Zhang Chongxuan’s tense atmosphere immediately disappeared when you said these words. Lin Mengying couldn’t help but look at Zhang Chongxuan again. Just now, he took one more look at Zhang Chongxuan’s body and felt that although Zhang Chongxuan was an ordinary person, he had a transcendental bearing, which made him care that Zhang Chongxuan was wearing makeup. Of course, even Lin Mengying couldn’t see this makeup because Zhang Chongxuan was good at hiding in the celestial world. Lin Mengying can also see Zhang Chongxuan, who is in his thirties.
Lin Mengying said lightly, "Since I dare to do it naturally, I won’t let you say something."
Zhang Chongxuan retorted, "So the girl is going to kill her."
"Good" Lin Mengying was sure that Lin Mengying had just finished saying that his face became heavy and said, "Let’s go" and his body flashed into the desert.
Chapter one hundred and sixteen Pretending to be Kunlun ()
Chapter one hundred and sixteen Pretending to be Kunlun ()
Watching Lin Mengying disappear in the desert, Yang Mu asked Zhang Zhongxuan, "What did the master do to them?"
Zhang Chongxuan looked into the distance, and he naturally knew what was going on. Just now, he sensed that there was a master atmosphere of Kongtong Sect hundreds of miles away from here, and Zhang Chongxuan could sense that Lin Mengying, who also reached the soaring level, naturally sensed Zhang Chongxuan’s way, "There are Kongtong Sect people hundreds of miles away, but when we pay close, we find that there are people who are bound to be Kongtong."
Zhang Chongxuan said that he found the breath and flew around with several hidden breath formations in his body. Although Lin Mengying and his party are all masters, Zhang Chongxuan is not afraid of these small hidden breath formations, but Zhang Chongxuan hides hundreds to thousands of small ones in the celestial world! It is said that although the skills learned are small, Lin Mengying and his party may not necessarily find him. Even if Zhang Chongxuan’s Yuan God is found to have chaotic gas protection, no matter what, the body will be greatly damaged. However, if the other party forces Zhang Chongxuan to be urgent, they will not be better there.
The desert beyond the Great Wall is a mess. Everyone who walks in the desert knows that it is a claw mark left by a sandstorm. However, once the sandstorm passes through the natural desert, it will calm down for a while, and a group of people will appear in Zhang Zhongxuan’s sight.
This team is dressed in a foreign country, and has a flag of a big country in the cavalry. Zhang Zhongxuan naturally knows that it is a big country in Beijing. The original people in the cavalry have a huge carriage, which is more than three times the usual carriage. I think it is the messenger car from that big country in Beijing, and Lin Mengying and others are in it. This makes Zhang Zhongxuan feel that something is wrong. When the gods are eavesdropped, the gods released by Zhang Zhongxuan’s powerful abnormality will naturally not go there, and they will not worry about Lin Mengying and others finding out.
As soon as Zhang Chongxuan released the knowledge of God, he found that there was no words, but Lin Mengying and others were in the carriage. Zhang Chongxuan knew that although he did not find himself, he sensed that he was eavesdropping. They must be searching and not eavesdropping, so he quickly meditated.
People who fix the truth can get a sense of things more and more when they get to the back with the five senses. Lin Mengying and others will naturally search first. After a long time, Lin Mengying still spoke first. "Yu Xu’s visit to my mountain is actually to find out one thing. I sent two younger brothers who joined the WTO to be killed in Beijing, and according to our observation from their younger brothers’ bodies, the cause of their death was that Yuan Shen was shot by an oolong scissors, a kongtong celestial instrument."
Lin Mengying’s voice just fell and an old stereo played "Oolong scissors?" Can this be true? "
Lin Mengying affirmed, "There can be no mistake. My master signed it himself!"

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