Gruss and Nie Chen took the mutated alloy knife and looked at the sharp edge. Hey, hey, giggle. There is a Red Coral in the fleet. There is a tenth-level creative teacher. I have long heard that the mentor asked the creative teacher to build a batch of equipment. This mutated alloy knife must be made by the creative teacher, even if it is not so amazing, it must be much better than the ordinary alloy knife.

"Go" Lin momo without much nonsense turned and galloped into the distance.
See Lin momo beneficiary slightly to shape on the ground to take off and blink of an eye to a few hundred meters away breathing has become a little black dot on the horizon.
"ah! Wait for us. "gruss and Niechen exclaimed that they could never watch the alloy knife urging them to leave, and the source force rushed to the ground with the wind gradually narrowing the distance between Lin momo.
The three figures slowly merge into one place and fly forward in a zigzag way. It is interesting that three people will encounter a magnetic storm when they go out for ten kilometers each line. Even if they enter the range of Ziyun, this rule is the same. It is easy to deal with Lin Sisuo.
About 50 kilometers gallop. When gruss and Nie Chen were slightly wheezing, the stone tower mine beast was near the battlefield. The size of the mine beast was much smaller than that of the mine beast. The largest mine beast was 50 meters high, but the largest one was more than 300 meters long, almost topping the Sperm Whale. The scale of the mine beast was equivalent to hundreds of star cruises, but it was not as shocking as the small shattered species according to the level.
Super-class monsters have almost the strength of a class C star cruise ship, while those ancient super-class monsters have the strength of a class B star cruise ship. But this is not an absolute star cruise ship. It is like the Phantom of the Opera has already shown its strong prototype when it was class C, and these monsters are very ordinary and have no special individuals.
There are a lot of mineral beasts, with more than 5,300. They rely on the number to build victory. The beasts have no defense. Lin Sisuo chose to lurk nearby at this time because he saw through the deep eyes that the beast camp was almost untenable. At this time, he might have an opportunity to hurry.
"Stop here and wait patiently until the battle between Pei beast and mineral beast is over and then play it by ear." Lin momo suddenly slowed down and telepathically informed the two behind him.
The three people’s toes lightly touched the muddy ground, and their figures refracted out at the same time, and soon they came behind a dustpan-shaped rock.
Without too many words, it is the next thing to do to hold your breath and watch the battle. However, when the three people hid in the shadow of rocks for less than five or six minutes, they stretched out a straw from the muddy swamp not far away and quickly shot at Lin Sisuo.
The fact is not only that there is a difference of only three seconds before and after a single straw strikes, but thousands of straws are densely covered, and they kill Lin Sisuo as prey.
The surface of the straw is not smooth, but it is divided into sections like delicate bamboo. gruss and Nie Chen found that the change was "overgrown" and their faces became livid. They said, "It’s over, but before he could conquer, he was dead!"
Lin momo didn’t even bother to lift his eyelids. He gently flapped a dozen drops of black liquid and flew out. As a result, gruss and Nie Chen had no image. They opened their mouths and fell back again.
These dozen drops of black liquor don’t sell well, but don’t underestimate them. As soon as they fly into the water, they pull out a lot of black silk, as if suddenly very long black hair would block the straw.
At this moment, there is a feeling that all straws are firmly centered, not that they don’t want to move forward, but that they can’t move forward. They have been pierced by black silk
Yes, it’s that black silk not only penetrates through the straw, but also penetrates along the straw to the ground.
In an instant, all the straws sticking out of the surface turned black and gray, and then the ground around the dustpan-shaped rock collapsed slightly. gruss and Nie Chen heard a faint moan and then the neighborhood became extraordinarily cold and cheerless.
Lin momo’s eyes flashed and he didn’t go through the straw. The root of the straw has been corroded.
After this little episode, the three people put their energy into the watching surface. The beasts were not afraid of death, but they showed signs of decline but strongly supported them for more than half an hour. More than a dozen seriously injured beasts let out a moan, and then they all burst into bright flames, and then they were subjected to earth-shattering microwave blasting.
"Buzz …"
The battlefield was full of flesh and blood, and the flesh and blood of those explosive beasts quickly decomposed and formed a thick layer of light clouds. At this time, the purple light clouds turned up and kept attacking Fang Guangyun, and the magnetic storm thunder stung three people.
When the power of the magnetic storm thunder weakened, those living beasts opened their mouths and gave off strong suction to swallow their companions. After death, they formed a light cloud, which helped them become energetic and their injuries improved rapidly.
"Hey? The beast still has this means? So insist on a few days and nights is not a problem. "Lin momo touched the bar. He decided to show his actions immediately to hope that most of the mines and beasts would retreat and quickly sneak into the battlefield gap. Since the beasts have a way to turn things around, they will take some risks to enter the battlefield and climb the stone mountain.
So Lin momo why not fly directly to the top of the mountain? It’s too dangerous. The beast got up and flew over more than once, but the purple magnetic cloud in the square of the rock mountain is unusually strong, and the magnetic storm flash can be used to launch the offensive continuously. It seems that the surface of the rock mountain is not safe, and the loss from it will attract the attention of the beast and the mining beast.
Lin momo, the three of them have advantages. Compared with human beings, they are all behemoths, and there are dozens of stories high at every turn. It is simply hundreds of "skyscrapers" fighting around rocky mountains, and it should be possible to climb them from the battlefield.
"You two are smarter, break through from here, bypass the central five beasts, immediately turn to this point in a straight line, and give full play to your maximum speed and dash forward. I have a way to go directly, but it’s hard to take you two. If you don’t succeed, turn the fleet immediately or wait for me outside." Lin Momo patiently explained that he decided to take gruss and Nie Chen to hone them. Second, he gave himself a thug. This environment will eventually be limited by many imaginative factors. If you don’t have to move the artifact, there will be many ways out.
"Well, we know what to do and we won’t let you down," gruss and Nie Chen promised.
Although Lin momo didn’t teach them how to practice, the master led them into the door to practice, but he gave the source the ability of virtual black fire and psychotropic drugs. This is equivalent to teaching the worse and learning a lot of things from his mentor. Every day, gruss and Nie Chen feel that their abilities are constantly improving, and they don’t want to disappoint this mentor.
"I’ll go first. You two should challenge your limits appropriately!" Lin momo said, pointing out a finger and chopping out a crescent-shaped crack, and his body melted into the crack and disappeared.
Lin momo’s current repairing method is moving with a big living person. Perhaps it is stable outside and can barely try by relying on precise positioning, but Yun Ze never dares to try this instability.
Gruss and Nie Chen look at each other and see the fighting spirit in each other’s eyes. They want to move forward and they are willing to accept the challenge.
Volume 19 Star Screen! Obsidian crazy Chapter 1125 Que
"Huhu ….." I don’t know how far it is to run out. gruss can hear his breathing. Nie Chen’s muscles are much better than his captain Obsidian.
"Cough or limbs developed cool" gruss barely supported his body. Three minutes ago, the two of them avoided the splash of earth and stone around the animal body and had to change their route to return to the normal line after a big circle. "Stop complaining that the offensive of the animal is getting worse and worse. If we don’t get to the foot of the mountain soon, then we will never have a chance again." Nie Chen said as he spit out a mouthful of sand. Twenty meters along the way is smoke.
The closer to the rocky mountain, the drier the ground becomes, and the farther away it may be muddy, but there is no drop of water at the foot of the mountain. Maybe those minerals and beasts in the mountain don’t like the water environment, and their living environment tends to be hot and dry.
"Spell the last kilometer" gruss gritted his teeth and ran forward. If even this initial way is broken, then the two of them might as well go back and become a mentor’s burden
Nie Chen hurriedly followed when they ran out more than 500 meters ahead, and suddenly a stone cicada roared from the mountain and scared gruss to stand on the spot.
"Boom …"
At this juncture, the thick light beam bombarded the stone cicada, and at the same time Lin momo’s voice sounded, "We will break through the last 500 meters soon. Do you want to give up?"
Gruss and Nie Chen were shocked by the mentor’s means, and their figure went quickly through the gap at the tail of the stone cicada. This stone cicada is thirty meters long, which is rare among the mineral beasts. I didn’t expect to be beaten by a light beam.
"Boom …" In the purple light cloud, several geomagnetic storms flashed, and the target was momo Lin, the mountain wall.
Magnetic storm lightning is more destructive than ordinary lightning. Sometimes antimatter energy is not equal. Just now, that light beam came from Dark Phoenix Silent Gun. At that time, the situation in gruss was too dangerous. Momo Lin moved the peacock.
Taking out a weapon will be attacked by the magnetic cloud above the head according to the strength of energy. Just after its appearance, Dark Phoenix Silent Gun attracted several purple thunder "welcome".
Lin momo has been the first step to send the Dark Phoenix silent gun back to the taboo to shake the sleeve and spray the light fog. The blue light fog rotates to resist the most direct confrontation between the two forces in the purple thunder
"Kaka Kaka" blue light fog is constantly tightening, but finally a new light fog is added, so it is deadlocked for about a few seconds. The purple thunder no longer shoots down and attacks nearby and suddenly flies to the medium-sized beast.
Gruss and NieChen panting to the foot of the mountain two people looked up and looked Lin momo is mountainside there.
There are cliffs everywhere. If you look from a far place, you may find that the rocky mountains are in a circle. However, when you come to the foot of the mountain, there is no such concept. The mountains and cliffs are full of rocks. Fortunately, after years of fighting, some cliffs have been cracked by the earth’s strength. Be careful and climb.
"We broke through in the morning. Hehe, we finally broke through." gruss laughed heartily. The beast and the mineral beast fought around the rock mountain, and the place near the foot of the mountain was relatively calm. Both of them were panting at this time.
"Continue to refuel. The instructor certainly doesn’t want to wait too long." Nie Chen wiped off the sweat, lifted the foot and stepped on the crack in the mountain wall. During the climbing process, he secretly operated the source power and rested while guarding against the surrounding movement.
It’s not difficult for Brother Wu to climb the rock wall with the body and the source power. Since the beast and the mineral beast don’t mean to sneak in, why are they welcome?
About ten minutes later, Nie Chen climbed to Lin momo’s side, which was not bad. Looking at gruss, he would come a few hundred meters away.
Lin momo nodded with NieChen to climb the star cruise ship captain to have a will not to lose, to have a determination to challenge the dangers. gruss is still far from being honed further.
There is no pause. Lin momo accelerates slowly. Some of them can’t keep up with Nie Chen. gruss has to take a deep breath every hundred meters he climbs out. Try to draw oxygen from somatic cells and maintain the power.
It’s a long road, and sometimes the cliff becomes smooth, and there is no effort everywhere. You have to insert your finger into the rock to move on, but the rock is hard and you have to stop and rest every 50 meters.
"Bang" Lin Sisuo inserted five fingers into the rock wall, and the source force was injected into the fingers to achieve the degree of stone cracking. Nie Chen could also do it, but the skill was obviously worse than one, and the speed was slowing down.
About three minutes later, gruss suddenly sped up at the expense of the body source force. Lin momo frowned and looked at the mountain walls on both sides. Several figures quickly approached the stone monkey, which was 15 meters high.
"Climb as fast as you can without reservation. These stone monkeys are very difficult to deal with." Lin momo shouted to the body that the stone lions jumped from the top of the mountain to the outside of the mountain to participate in the battle. Unexpectedly, there are stone monkeys guarding the mountain.
A total of five stone monkeys came quickly. They were all rock climbers walking on the ground. gruss and Nie Chen tried their best to eat milk. Finally, the stone monkeys came to Lin momo near before launching a sharp offensive.
The situation is too critical to exercise the two of them again when there is no time. Lin momo grabbed gruss by the collar with his left hand and Nie Chenyi by the right hand to kick out the purple flame.
"Bang, bang, bang …" Every time Lin momo’s foot generates a flame, it produces a thrust to hold his body soaring. Perhaps it is because of the purple and bright black sky, the magnetic cloud still drops the magnetic storm flash, but it is not strong.
Violent black sky inflammation is a combination of virtual black fire and purple Wang Tianhuang’s extreme fire energy. It can achieve good results with a small amount of power. Galindo has the ability of several sources, so it takes twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, the next step is that the flame of more than 30 meters feet causes gas explosion and grabs the two people to rise.
"Before, before, before, before," two stone monkeys made a strange noise in their mouths, and then they attacked their fists from the left and right sides, and they could see thick knuckles in front of them. The situation was very bad, and the three of them were in jeopardy.
"Give it to me" Lin momo drank a round of heat from his body.
Gruss and Nie Chenjiao’s black body was full of burning sensation at the moment. Fortunately, the burning sensation came and went quickly. When they regained consciousness, they saw that it was like the essence of air billow spreading around, and the two stone monkeys attacked slowly for half a beat.
Don’t say half a beat at the key moment, even if it’s a second slower, it’s the distance between life and death
Lin momo already has a four-level repair and transplantation to repair the mermaid soft capsule, which is comparable to Friar Wu of five to six levels, but his extraordinary experience is not comparable to that of gruss.
Although gruss and Nie Chen are better than this mentor since they resumed their studies, they often fall into a daze when facing danger. After all, there is too little adventure experience and too little life and death training. If Lin momo lets go of this extremely dangerous environment, gruss and Nie Chen may not live for twenty minutes.

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