This time, a total of six tanks fired, with a base of 34 shells.

Four of them are full members of the tank company, and the other two are tank Qin Dajiang who is training students.
If you don’t look at their numbers, Li Changning can’t tell which four cars are tanks, and even their level is almost the same. Hu Yang has fired more than three shells, while Qin Dajiang has fired more than a thousand "serpents". The only thing that Milan needs to study hard is the integration of fire control, aiming and ranging, which is relatively simple in the late World War II.
The shelling lasted for two hours, and when I came back, there was something wrong with the balance wheel of a car, which frightened Li Changning.
It seems that it is a great sin for them to lose a tank. Chinese officers are generally so diligent in thinking and living at home, and everything is fine except soldiers
Or Sun Ruihe is familiar with this. When he heard about it, he came and said, "It’s okay. It’s normal to repair the tank."
Li Changning naozui said, "Where’s the attack range?"
"How so close!" Sun Ruihe blamed words blurted out.
Li Changning looked embarrassed and said, "It’s not about shooting Mala people to repair the wall."
Type 59 has three machine guns, the top 127 of which is right. It is not convenient to climb out and hit. The 762 mm on both sides can be regarded as a machine gun, and it is difficult to hit accurately if it is not close to 1 meter.
"Come with me and two people." Sun Ruihe doesn’t know how to use tank guns because of work needs, but he can repair tanks.
Two follow Sun Ruihe veterans glances holding the toolbox armored vehicles.
Sun Ruihe really wants to directly lead the tank company. Although there is no command position level expert, it has practical benefits.
Now is the time to show his bravery.
No one, including the injured tank members, dared to climb out of the tank at this distance. That was to die, but Sun Ruihe was different. He laterally moved the armored vehicle to the side of the tank, naturally forming a barrier, and then he could directly check and repair the damaged part from the left side of the car.
Soldiers in Malacheng are more nervous than worried about armored vehicles entering the city. They called the temple knight. Who knows that Sun Ruihe will withdraw the tank and others will not stop him.
Back to the halfway and back Hu Yang worried about looking back and didn’t find Chen Yi’s figure a little relieved
However, on the evening of his return to Xijiang Shuizhai, Hu Yang received a notice from the Policy Research Office that "Sun Ruihe is also responsible for sending the Chen Martial Arts School in the western mainland to study the tank company".
The veterans have all been to the outer hall of the Chen Martial Arts School, and I don’t know what to say one by one.
It’s like if the Party school loses all its immediate benefits, but it depends on the opportunity. At present, it is not cost-effective to lose the position of the tank company in the great development.
Hu Yangnai left and Sun Ruihe went happily. He understood the meaning of the tank company better than the new veterans. His primary goal was to expand training and expand the tank company so as to completely master the armored forces in the western continent
He is qualified to see the list of materials. He knows that Chen Yi has got a whole tank battalion and may get more equipment, which is much worse than several heavy machine gun squads. If hundreds of tank crews can be trained to come out of the armored forces, there may even be a mechanized infantry Sun Ruihe. But knowing that Chen Yi is used to having someone, there will be officials. The western continent is a wasteland to be cultivated, and the mainland’s own strength determines the force composition.
At the same time, Chen’s martial arts school, West China Branch, and some early students, especially members of the capital construction team, especially like to go to the school to go to the construction site in the wind and rain. Although the working environment is not good enough for slaves and indigenous workers, they all hope to further improve their ranks through a martial arts school, just like the Earth martial arts school.
The next day, the attack was carried out by an indigenous company, including a few marksmen in the army. The tank company made a simple reorganization and did not participate in the shelling. Sun Ruihe selected individuals to form two lean tanks to ensure that four aiming shots were fired every minute, and the remaining two tanks followed the fire, which was a simple barrage.
On the third day, Sun Ruihe went to the battlefield with his newly reorganized tanks, and showed the marching shelling and knocked out the watchtowers on both sides.
The shelling greatly shocked the tower, and the noble tanks showed great power, which made the nobles who had seen the Dragon Knight feel dangerous.
Vladimir no longer suppressed the surrender faction of the city by default, and the speaker sent a special envoy Muse to the Xijiang Water Village for negotiations.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-seven Angel
The elders of Malacheng didn’t know that they wanted to negotiate, but it inspired Li Changning and strengthened his idea of continuing shelling.
There is a price to pay for using tank guns as artillery. First, the ex-factory price of grenades is not high, but Mo Shaoqiu’s price is very expensive. Second, the life of tank barrels is poor. The quality of Soviet guns has always been poor. In the late World War II, old tanks performed well. The barrels can play three rounds of high-velocity armor-piercing projectiles, and maybe two hundred rounds. If the shelling continues for three days, these old tanks will have to be replaced. As far as the western continental environment is concerned, this tank is temporarily scrapped.
Of course, with the Muse’s clear agreement, just four barrels is a small matter
Li Changning attended the negotiations with Sir Muse, and the agreement of the Senate was very clear. "All agreements in the slave camp can be discussed."
The same euphemism is tantamount to agreeing that the slave camp will continue to sell slaves.
With this guarantee, Liao Yong brought back 25 slaves on the same day, almost double the number before, and the price was reduced by half without being stopped.
Looking at this effect, Chen Yi really allocated two new tanks to the tank company and two training tanks to the tank battalion, which is equivalent to six tanks enough to replace the shelling for a week.
Li Changning will certainly not give up the shelling.
He didn’t even tell the Muse that his own demands were shelling, shooting by indigenous companies, shelling and shooting by indigenous companies to prevent Mala City from repairing that one-third destroyed wall and then waiting for their own harsher conditions.
Shelling and long-range shooting are very safe actions for Xijiang castle-maybe not so safe for indigenous companies, but they are finally protected by Samison armored vehicles without casualties for a short time.
After a few days’ observation of Xima market by the river, I finally made a choice between danger and copper coins. Most merchants resumed their business on the day when Muse arrived.
But it was a nightmare day for the soldiers in Mara City.
Sometimes they drive away slaves to repair the city wall, and later the slaves would rather be killed than go to the east city wall, so the soldiers were expelled by the knights … If they finally win, there will be many touching stories called "Xijiang artillery battle"
Unfortunately, the senator will make peace.
They must make peace because the Temple War is coming, and all the troops must be fully staffed. The number of vacancies will determine the position of the priest, Iyar. The lack of a certain organizational system will make the temple stand out and seriously affect the temple’s view of the city-state. The reason is that it is not true in the temple’s view that a city-state will have problems. It is a fact that every time there are many rebellions during the Temple War, even the most remote mountain people know that the army will be transferred to the front at this time …
All temples are always required to be fully staffed into formed units without exception.
Iyar didn’t want to lose troops. He banned the temple troops from fighting back. Iyar didn’t want to be demoted or degraded. He asked the temple troops to go to the battlefield as scheduled …
The elders of Mala City have to make peace and make peace anxiously.
Muse once pushed the conditions down to the point of compensation, and 1 did not get Li Changning’s response.
If it weren’t for his shelling, the nobles of Mala City almost wanted to occupy the polis, although they really wanted to.
On the last day before Chen Yi left, Sir Damace visited the gate of Xijiang City Village, and this senior envoy also visited the newly-built Xijiang Water Village, so he was elected by the nobles.
If the former Sir Damace was a little interested in Xijiang City, he walked into the city gate today as if he had been driven away by a wolf and had to get into the skunk house and endure a long fart …
Sir Damace frowned so hard that he didn’t even walk into the second-floor hotel on the east side of the square and asked, "Who is Li Changning?"
The only thing Muse has accomplished in the past few days is to determine the person in charge of shelling and negotiation.
"Maybe you want to rest for a night so far." Dai Adi smiled and chose him as Sir Damace’s receptionist, that is, Li Changning was dirty and could think of it.
"No, I’m not tired." Where does Sir Damace dare to delay kung fu again? The priest’s adult almost sat in the Senate meeting and urged his temple troops to set off
Who dares to let them start without solving the problem of Xijiang River?
"But please let Mr. Li Changning come."
"Where do you want to meet?"

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