If Yang Guangzhen loses, he will be killed by the other side!

Yang guang must dispel the other party’s idea that it is not good for him.
"If you always think about killing the refining device, you will be hated by people and your brothers and sisters. Then you are a poor man. If I lose, I will call you a hundred times. How about you are not a poor man?"
Knife slave thought for a while before slowly nodding "OK, I don’t want to be a poor guy"
And Yang Guang felt that he had gone too far to bully a fool when he heard the other party say so?
But in a second, this compassion disappeared.
This is not to deceive each other, but to restore his confidence!
Win-win situation. No deception, right?
Yang guang, of course, want to find out from the mouth of the knife slave that there are things in Jack nife that can be shown now!
Then he can get as much benefit as he can.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-seven Death threats
"Since you agree with me, first of all, I have to announce the rules of a refiner." Yang Guang dominated the "competition" this time, so it is only natural that you should let yourself have many advantages.
Not with the black whistle, but a little biased towards yourself, right?
He can’t have nothing to look for, can he?
Want to know what Yang Guang has mastered is the primary refining technique, which can naturally refine the primary sword soldiers.
That is, non-treasure soldiers
But what about the knife slave? He can forge a treasure soldier. Even Yang Guang has forged a very ordinary soldier, but he can’t compete with a treasure soldier.
This is a qualitative gap!
"First, we can forge every soldier who is fair and just, and whoever has better quality will win. Second, there is a limit to who can finish refining earlier, which has some advantages."
"The third can be the same material by me"
Then there are four and five, but the knife slave doesn’t care.
It is also equivalent to default.
Yang guang, of course, didn’t forget to brainwash, saying that after he won, he would let the knife slave take himself to the bearing ground. Yang guang didn’t know the specific situation of the bearing ground, but he said it was over anyway.
Maybe the knife slave will take him to some secret places
If there is a promise or not?
Then roll up your sleeves and scold your mother!
Knife slave didn’t refuse. Anyway, he felt that he was very powerful.
It’s a pity that he is not at his peak.
Yang guang’s so-called primary refining technique is almost perfect because it is not a military commander’s level, but it is quite difficult to refine a very ordinary soldier.
Connect to Yang guang to get some common refining materials out of the whole thing.
Those metal words are ordinary. Anyway, Yang Guang caught them when he saw them.
And the knife slave?
After he saw Yang Guang take out something, he left the pie mouth and looked a little embarrassed.
In his mind, this is not a refining material. It’s rubbish.
I can’t help it. At the beginning, he refined Bao Bing-class knives, but he spent all his only remaining goods. Now it’s been a long time since he refined them. This kind of junk material will make do.
Yu yangguang?
He is even more so-called
Then he will build a sword embryo.
"Huh?" Yang Guangcai soon felt the difference in this fire room.
It’s much more handy than the so-called high-tech fire room at the beginning, and Yang Guangyi thinks the quality may be better. Maybe there is a chance to refine a lot of soldiers?
Or is there a refiner and a fire room?
However, this time is not the time to be distracted. He continued to immerse himself in refining the knife embryo.
One minute passes by.
More than an hour passed quickly, and the original primary maze that made many fighters take care of it was completely ruined by the law.
Even a small part of the puzzle still has some effect, but it’s already painful
As a result, many military commanders, including ghosts and demons, have embraced and left for the Zongzongmen Hall in Jack nife.
Soon, some people found many temples, such as the situation, and some people found the slightly stiff bodies of many treasure soldiers in Jack nife Temple.
Not only that, but some people deliberately left a message that "these swordsmen should not touch them at their own risk."
No one knows that the death of the military commander was caused by the control of the knife slave array.
However, no one dared to touch those knives after the slaves left. If they were bold, they might be able to take these extremely precious sword soldiers into their pockets.
Of course, there are some evil knives, so don’t touch them. People with weak minds are prone to problems.
"His mother, those people have taken all the good things and left some broken things that can’t piss me off." Some people complained that when they were trapped outside, the advanced people had already taken the good things away.
I don’t know that Wan Tao and his party are really wronged.
"It’s just a pity that who dares to take those sword soldiers?" Some people tried to encourage people to get it, but they finally gave up.
If you are not stupid enough to read, you know that you should control your hands.
Don’t take anything you shouldn’t.
If you can really take the person in front, can you leave it for the person behind?
Come in droves
Many fighters also went to the Jack nife Temple and saw the knife, and naturally saw the message. After all, no wicked people destroyed the message.
It wouldn’t be nice if someone died and got into trouble.
If you want cheat people, you’d better have no witnesses.

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