But he touched the front side and suddenly stretched out a pair of hands.

-Conan looked at the cat over and over several times, and his face became ugly. "It’s not hurt. This is not its blood!"
Then I looked up and saw that the window was very calm. Conan, the black cat, faintly found that his bad feeling seemed to come true.
He climbed over the fence and moved over the trash can in the yard. He stepped on the bucket and took a look at it by the window
This is the bathroom window.
In the bathroom, a tall man knelt beside the bathtub and buried his head. The water in the bathtub was bright red.
Conan looked for a few seconds and didn’t see any bubbles floating on the man’s face. He also estimated the amount of bleeding and knew that the man was dead.
He, his three children screamed, jumped into the trash can and went straight to the nearby public kiosk.
At this time, of course, you can’t expect black cats to fall from the sky to help them call the police.
After all, there are too many cases in Tokyo, and it is impossible for Baishi to successfully predict every one, and it is impossible for black cats to intervene in every one.
Although the cat appeared, Conan always thought that the two men kept cats in free range, which can be seen from the fact that the cat sneaked into Mao Lilan, where Maori detectives found it.
….. that is to say, this time the case or the cat sniffs out that it is not right to take a walk, and it is not with Baishi and Black Cat.
They still have to call the police themselves.
This house is built on the river, and there is a kiosk opposite it.
Conan jumped to the top of the kiosk after calling the police. He carefully observed the surroundings of the house to prevent the murderer from escaping.
Baishi dodged blood and jumped into this house.
As soon as he crossed the corridor and hid in the sundries opposite the bathroom, he heard a tall and strong man at the entrance.
Then the man hurried to the bathroom to dispose of the body.
While he was busy, Baishi took the opportunity to walk around the living room.
I found a camera on the shelf, and Baishi jumped to press it along the claw.
It slightly adjusted the angle so that the camera can capture the direction of the bathroom, and then pushed a small ornament closer to slightly block the camera corner indicator light.
According to the unified instructions, Baishi remembered which case it was when he found this family jumping on the windowsill and saw the body in the house.
It’s really an impressive picture.
-this time the dead and the murderer are twins.
Tanaka Taro, my elder brother, idles around, and the only thing he has ever done in this life is to hold his younger brother’s handle and threaten him to support himself.
There are risks in threatening others.
Not to mention this world, not to mention just a few blocks away from Conan’s house.
….. Always delicious after drinking for a while, Tanaka Taro accidentally overturned and was knocked to death by his brother in his bathroom.
Jiro Tanaka wanted to dispose of the body slowly. Anyway, his brother is a brother-gnawing otaku and has no social life.
Who would have thought that the plan to hide the body of a bear child had ended before it appeared suddenly?
Jiro Tanaka has to find another way.
In the original book, he changed the body into pajamas, put on a dark bath towel and sat the body on a stool on the second floor.
When the police arrive, he will wear the same costume and pretend to be his brother, leaving a grumpy impression, and then go back to the second floor on the pretext of taking a rest.
After that, he can change his formal suit on the second floor, turn out from the backyard riverbank and come home from the main entrance.
In this way, in the eyes of the police, both brothers are still alive and have talked to them.
Chapter 261 Dimensional wall is broken
This trick blinded the success of the police department at dusk, and Conan didn’t see the problem at the moment
After the police left, Conan kept on observing and finally saw through the truth in the middle of the night.
He touched the twin brothers’ home and confirmed that the chair was sleeping. It was in the evening that they saw the body.
Soon Jiro Tanaka also noticed that someone had slipped into the house.
He found Conan with the "assist" of the golf club junior detective team and almost hit the finale with one shot.
Baishi recalled that this daily life was not difficult.
To be fair, most of the difficulties in saving bear children are average.
If you set a percentage, it’s all difficult, such as controlling bear children not to make trouble.

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