Everyone can be detached even if they dare not say it themselves. How dare they promise others?

"Let’s not entangle these. Since everyone thinks that the Dragon Banquet is boring, let’s just attend the Lantern Festival and auction." Zhu Guang smiled at everyone.
"This rectified let’s also almost nine square sea city watched it all over, and now it’s good to play in the Dragon Palace.
Just look at what the Crystal Palace is like, which is one hundred times more gorgeous than the Crystal Square. "
"It is this principle" that Lingqing and others will throw their regrets before agreeing with each other.
Zhu Guang’s decision drew everyone’s approval. On behalf of everyone, Taoist Ling immediately sent a message back to Aoren, saying that he would definitely attend.
After that, the other disciples dressed up Tianxin Island to prepare for the New Year.
Although this year is not too lively, it is very comfortable, and it also makes Lingqing feel a bit of time to learn art in Laoshan.
Seeing that it was almost time, they set off from Tianxin Island in a Milky Way warship and went to Solitaire Island according to the chart given by Aoren.
This Solitaire Island is the place where Dragon Palace specially receives and introduces dragon and dragon beasts and various workshops, cities, chambers of commerce and guests.
As a result, the Crystal Palace is tens of thousands of miles away from Jiufang Sea City, and it will take several months to go back and forth.
It’s simply not worthwhile to bring the treasures in the sea city to the Crystal Palace for auction, and it takes half a year to go back and forth.
Secondly, the Crystal Palace is the center of the East China Sea, and it is not a place to go if you want.
Without that permission of the crystal palace, ordinary people can’t find it at all.
That is, it will be released to everyone during the Dragon Banquet.
Everyone came to an island after sailing for three or five days.
The island is circular, and there is a river in it, which will be divided according to its orientation.
What used to be a huge lake in the center has now become a vortex, and the water part of the river has been involved in it.
At this time, there are a lot of boats everywhere outside the Jielong Island, and the aquarium guides them to enter the island along the river in an orderly manner.
Lingqing controls the speed of the Xinghe warship to come to the nearest river and line up to enter.
Zhu Guang looked around at the extraordinary quality sea boats and the smell of surprise. "Wow, I think every dragon banquet will bring about half of the experts in the East China Sea together."
"Don’t dare to say that the Bai Yunfei boat is a flying boat in the clouds.
The woman at the bow is Yunxiao Zongzhu Qingxia Xiandi Yunxiao Fangzhu Yundanxian "Li Qing said, pointing to a white flying boat not far ahead of the Xinghe Zhanzhou.
Ling Qing looked up and saw a flying boat in the clouds. There was a charming woman dressed in Danxia and her arms were dancing with a red ribbon.
Seeing Zhu Guang is similar to entering the realm of five qi coming true.
"You know this mysterious Yun Dan fairy when you run to Yunxiaofang all day." Lingqing looked at Li Qing and laughed.
Although Yun Danxian is the owner of Yunxiao Square, he is not often in Yunxiao Square, but in Yunxiao Fairy Mountain in Zongmen.
Everyone has been to many Yunxiao Square, but they have never seen it.
"I run to Yunxiaofang every day. It’s a practice, but it’s not. I met it once by accident." Li Qing said with a roll of his eyes at him.
His skill "The True Correction of Nine Days" can truly transform nine celestial phenomena of wind, rain, thunder, fire, cloud, fog, frost and snow in nine days.

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