First of all, this can greatly reduce the transportation pressure, and at the same time, it is also a convenient door for the iron furnace fort to join in.

The development of mining in Selamo is equivalent to giving Selamo an industrial base, which makes Selamo’s position more prominent. Jaina is very happy about this. After all, no matter how to rebuild the geographical location of Kurlastu, it will be able to run away from the sea.
But salamo is different …
Duke’s words directly made the league bosses understand what it means to be poor.
"Those broken roads in dustwallow marsh are not suitable for transportation. Then Proudmoore, you can take a tribal chief for a walk and then announce that a railway will be built from Salamo to the barren land border. Of course, if the tribe feels that it is too much trouble to transport by manpower and animal power in the future, our alliance can also help the tribe to build a railway throughout the barren land ……………………………………………………………………….
People who have not experienced the era of large-scale railway transportation will never realize the prosperity of material transport personnel and cultural exchanges after the railway.
Of course, door delivery can be achieved in one step. Compared with the high magic cost, only the railway is the truly cheap and efficient transportation.
Since the Duke League tried its best to promote the railway, the alliance has been completely changed in the past twenty years, especially after Queen Karia of Lordaeron came to power, which was the miracle of Lordaeron’s rejuvenation in just over four years.
If the tribe dares to introduce the railway into the barren land, it is suspected that it will hang a Damocles sword around its neck.
It’s a good thing that the alliance and the tribe don’t fight. Once they fight, the core area of the tribe will definitely die instantly.
Even if peace is maintained, a railway that goes directly to the barren land border is also a hidden deadly noose that can be tightened at any time. You know, it is a hundred times easier to lay a railway on a solid and barren land than to lay a railway on a dustwallow marsh that is full of mud and marshes and has an unstable foundation. Is it not easy to get rid of the most difficult part first?
In the face of Duke’s bright eyes, Tyrandema realized that this was an alliance, and she secretly countered the tribe’s restraint on the night elves.
Duke’s fiery eyes made Tyrande too hot to look at each other.
"Okay, a topic, Windrunner."
Sylvanas windrunner, named by Duke, was a little startled and nodded. "What can I do for Sindore?"
Duke smiled. "It’s reported that Anast Lian, a traitor, is leading his undead remains to the Winter Spring Valley, because he shamefully betrayed Quirrell and ruined the old Silvermoon City and the Sun Well. Doesn’t Sindore have any idea about this?"
Sylvanas windrunner came together to "ask the alliance that we Sindore uphold justice and help Sindore."
In the middle of the hall, the map of the world of Azeroth is displayed. Duke’s right index finger condenses a long line of blue elements, pointing to the Aisara area in the northeast of Kalimdor.
"Aisara has been the territory of the night elves since ancient times, and it is also the most legitimate thing for Sindore, a descendant of the body elves, to recover this area around the ancient city of Aisara in the ancient war."
Duke said everyone understood here.
Yes, Aisara, the kingdom of Sindore across the sea, is a painful enclave, but combined with the two special meanings of ancient undertaking to hunt down traitors, things have become different.
Besides, if you discover any ancient fairy magic documents in Aisara, it will definitely make Sindore wizards ecstatic.
Duke turned his head. "Does Yufeng Pavilion have a problem with the alliance’s arrangement for Sindore to return to the night elves in Aisara?"
Tyrande pondered for a moment. "Make Sindore promise not to abuse arcane skills like their ancestors. The night elves have no problem. After all, our two families have the same roots."
After all, Duke is happy that the later generations are also reunited by the three clans of Night, Blood Essence and High Precision.
Sylvanas windrunner raised his right hand. "I swear in the name of Queen Sindore that all moonshine magic experiments will be strictly supervised."
"Then the night elves are all right."
Duke continued to speak "ok! The last and most important issue is that Blackstone Orcs and Black Iron Dwarves are active at the same time in scorching valleys and burning plains … "
"Those black skins should be hanged!" Magny directly pulled out the hammer and waved it. "I slammed it and slammed it!" Don’t let me see them or I’ll aim the musket at them and give them each a stray bullet! "
It’s rare for Duckton Elf to show that all sensitive words have been "wow" instead of strongly discouraging the host to listen. If you need to play back the translation, please click "Yes"!
Duke silently ordered a’ no’ in his spiritual world.
It’s been many years since the Dwarf Three Hammer Wars. Although the Bronze Beard Dwarf has reconciled with the Man Hammer Dwarf, it’s with the Black Iron Dwarf … Hehe!
It seems that the incident of saving the dwarf princess in history hasn’t happened yet. Du Mouren is really hurt by things.
I recall that when Du Mouren received a princess named Moella Bronzebeard in the game to save Magny’s baby daughter, she went to the scene only to find that she and her team members had to attack the black iron king with this stupid fork princess who suffered from Stockholm syndrome and loved her father, Wang Da Gran Sorensen the Great.
After the black iron king was cleaned up, it was even more explosive.
Moala claimed that she had a child in Dagerland and was in love with Dagerland. She refused to go back to Ironforge, not counting that she was going to have this child.
How messy the players are in the wind!
But … in the future, the three hammers will be United again to form the three hammers parliament.
Duke is very unkind to wish Magny ready to be a grandfather!
Of course, Duke is now in a state of self-denial. When Magny finishes spraying and calms down, he says, "Things are far more troublesome than we thought. I have received the latest information that Blackstone Orcs, Black Iron Dwarfs and Elemental Lords who escaped from the Burning Canyon War seem to have signs of stirring."
Chapter 113 Chess player (in)
Duke, as always, is ready to show information and then tell the kings with reason, but …
This time, Duke is a fool.
Magny brawny short a wave of his hand "intelligence shows! ? Come on, I’ve known Duke for 20 years. It’s not good to be emphasized by you. This broken world has almost been destroyed for the third time. Even if you tell me that the horse is coming to the fourth extinction crisis, I won’t be surprised at all! Let’s get this straight. Who’s the enemy boss this time? To what extent do we have to do it? You say we will do it! "
Dwarves like to ignore the process and go straight to the result.
Dwarves are notoriously rude. I didn’t expect his king and boss to nod their heads in agreement.
Great craftsman Grbin cloth rubbed his small round lens as if absently chimed in "Yes! Duke, just say it! Is it a local war or a face war? Tell us so that we can have a good idea of how to prepare arms! Just send us a copy of your information and rhetoric, and we’ll just fool people. "
"yes! My storm hammer is already hungry! " Kurdran also booed.
Well, it needs to be said that the dwarfs all raised their hands and voted in favor.
Duke’s mouth became the boss, and he suddenly found that it was not at all possible to prepare his speech.
Looking around, it goes without saying that our queens have mobilized Dalaran a long time ago. Now Rodin is the boss, and Duke is the absolute leader.
Duke himself is the representative of Storm Kingdom this time.
All right, vote yes!
Duke also went straight to the military map and leaned forward with his hands pressed on the edge of the map table. It was a gesture like a tiger roaring.
"The enemy has two factions. One is the remnants of the Black Dragon clan. King nefarian and Princess Onyxia are now nefarian who control the Blackstone Orcs. A lot of black dragon people and semi-dragons occupy the black stone tower and the other is …"
Duke raised his right hand and palm to the sky, and suddenly jumped up into an illusion of a giant with an inverted triangle body and a flame hammer.
"Longer than the ancient times, the dark empire period has been entrenched in the southeastern part of the ancient Kalimdor continent, that is, in that year, the ancient redridge mountains was transformed into the fire element Lord Ragnaros of the burning plain today."

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