After the palace was a little quiet for half a ring, Panshan said in a low voice, "Please think twice about the wizard’s unique domain. It is the most difficult one among the twelve unique domains, even if it is not good."

Gexu smiled. "Don’t advise me. I’ve made up my mind. Let’s talk about the realm of ghosts and gods, the battlefield of ghosts and gods, and the palace of ghosts and gods. Maybe the king can get more training opportunities in the rush."
Everyone looked at each other and stopped talking.
Even if it’s settled like this, it’s time to make a trip to the hill to poison the domain, and the witch king himself will make a trip to the unique domain of ghosts and gods, and Girlan will seek a panacea together.
The palace will officially complete the monks’ respective preparations.
Sun Hao entered the female ritual pharmacy room to configure Girlan with the ultimate calming potion. Master Heda also promised to send Sun Hao a lot of anti-poison secrets and potions.
Sun Hao himself is about to come to poison the domain, and the seventh spirit falls into the poison domain, but at this time Sun Hao suddenly finds that he has not determined the poisonous property of animals.
Chapter DiYiErYi Dead domain unique domain
The wizard king Gexu
Sun Hao has heard his name, but it is the first time to see a real person.
Gexu was dressed in a brown and grass green robe, well-proportioned and middle-aged, with long hair and aquiline nose and bright eyes.
Sun Hao also bowed down like his brother and said, "I have seen the witch king."
If there is a smile on his face, "Thank you, Taoist friends, for trying to find a cure for Xiaolan. Wang Ziran will try to make Xiaolan recover completely."
His friar Qi Qi said, "Wu Wang is welcome. This is what I should do."
His head hung slightly, but Sun Hao was puzzled.
Sun Hao feels very strange to the wizard king. The whole person seems to be in an illusory state. Sun Hao looks a little trance and feels very strong. Sun Hao can’t see through it, but Sun Hao has a very clear perception that the wizard king in front of him is definitely not suspecting that he should be kind to Brother Xiaolan.
Wu Po has a very clear perception of the powerful monk who wakes himself up.
I also have a very clear perception of the strange aura when I saw the mirror image that day.
At present, Shirley Wang, the wizard, is very weak, but his breath is completely different. That is to say, Gexu can’t be his own suspect.
But who can it be if it’s not Gexu?
Who can have such motive, especially Cherman Longyu? Who else has such strong strength?
Sun Hao wondered that this time, Gexu had sat side by side with the Queen in the palace and looked at Sun Haowei with a smile and said, "It is her good fortune that Laner was able to meet this good fortune with the hill. You have been working hard for Laner over the years."
Sun Hao smiled foolishly. "Xiaolan treats me like a relative, but I should do my best."
Gexu nodded to Sun Hao and looked at Panhe with a smile and said, "Tell me about Panhe. What kind of elixir do you need?"
Panhe also explained that "it is the most difficult to find an elixir called meteorite grass;" Time is dead flexibility fire … "
As Panhe explained the palace atmosphere, it gradually became dignified.
There are many dangers in Zhongxu. It is said that in some places in Cherman Longyu, Gexu did not dare to trespass, and Sun Hao just broke through the dingfeng area, which is a more dangerous Jedi foreign land.
However, there are three kinds of domains besides the large domain of ten thousand nationalities, and there are also dead domains and unique domains besides exotic ones.
Foreign land is one of the three domains, and compared with the other two domains, foreign land is still safe
The first place in the ranking of the degree of virtual danger is the realm. The so-called realm is to cut off the monk’s life domain. The ancient books and records are like this: "The husband can’t help it, and it’s quiet and graceful" and "The lover’s realm is gone without saying it …"
Panhe said that "the fallen god grass has real power, and the monk’s fallen bones have been nurtured for thousands of years before it has a chance to be produced. I am afraid it will only be produced in a unique field."
The danger degree of the dead zone is slightly weaker than that of the dead zone, but not much weaker.
To be precise, the dead domain is alive, but the life form is very strong, but there is no living creature in the dead domain. The dead domain burns up life, leaving some white ashes, and some wandering soul fires occasionally gather some skeletons to become wandering ghosts in the dead domain.
The death domain phase is the birthplace of the necromancers and the camp of the necromancers.
Unfortunately, the second elixir "fire of death flexibility" mentioned by Panhe is a kind of fire in which a powerful spiritual soul can be found only when there is a dead domain.
That is to say, if you want to refine the elixir that can save Girlan, then everyone must find a way to make a living in the dead and the dead.
This degree of danger can make the witches and wizards seriously consider the pros and cons.
If Girlan loses too much and hurts the roots of the witch family, it is really not worth the loss and it is not in the interest of the race
Master Panhe simply stated that refining the magic potion requires a panacea without giving advice.
This way he would have thought of has been cited but not sent. On the one hand, it is natural that Hingel Lan is not concise enough in front of him. This way has not been said. It is necessary to say it. On the other hand, this method is really too dangerous and does not conform to clan interests.
Now say how to decide to Wu Shirley Wang virtual to nerve-racking.
The palace is quiet. Everyone is waiting for the witch king to speak.
After half a ring, Sun Hao coughed and said with a silly smile, "Your Excellency Hill is preparing to go to poison the domain, but it is just right to find the undead active fire."
Poison the domain!
The monks in the palace looked at each other in unison and gasped. At the same time, they were deeply moved by their loyalty. This is pretty. Girlan really dares to do anything and venture into any dangerous place.
There are many dead zones.
They are all domains formed after death. According to different reasons, the dead domain also has some special names. For example, Sun Hao said that the "poisoned domain" is actually a highly toxic erosion domain, and creatures can’t resist the gradual extinction and form a dead domain.
It can kill a domain. It’s highly toxic!
As you can imagine, this kind of poison is so violent that ordinary monks will be poisoned to death on the spot even if they go in.
I really dare to choose Xiaoshan, but as the saying goes, the more difficult the place is, the easier it is to get opportunities.
Master Panhe said brightly at the moment that "it is most likely to get immortal active fire in the poisoned domain."
The monks in the palace are devoting themselves to Sun Hao.
Dishes must be sighed. "One hundred and twenty in the virtual death domain is the most immortal poison domain. Hills are willing to travel and get the most immortal active fire poison domain. Dishes must be ashamed."
Sun Hao touched his head. "I’m flattered, my lords. The hill really needs to enter the poisoned domain to find a chance, but it’s just a drop by."
Who believes it! Go to poison the domain to find a chance to die, right?
This is really cute. Girlan made such a lame excuse at the expense of poisoning the territory.
Sun Hao feels a little in distress situation, not to mention that Sun Hao’s goal is really to poison the domain. Sun Hao likes the seventh spirit is the poison spirit, and the best place to transform the soul is undoubtedly to poison the domain.
But I didn’t expect no one to believe me when I told the truth
The bride’s gift is to think of Sun Hao and Girlan’s gold-collecting hero, Andrew, with a slight bright mouth, saying, "The hill belt half-elf, Andrew, can take advantage of poisoning the domain, and there is a great chance to get an immortal active fire if he can find a way to prevent toxicity."
Half-elf Andrew! The old guys at the scene are well aware of this heel, and their hearts are suddenly bright. With his help, the hill can really break into a poisonous domain.
Master Panhe laughed. "Well, I’ll teach you some poison avoidance techniques after the meeting. Maybe this undead active fire can really be recovered."
Sun Hao bowed down and thanked him.
Sitting in the middle of the grid, Xu smiled and said to Sun Hao at this time, "Well done in the hill, the old dragon sent two elixirs, and you are actually willing to take one. In this case, I will not be vague when I am a father. If you go to poison the domain, I will go and make a break, and I will give it to the king."
After the palace was a little quiet for half a ring, Panshan said in a low voice, "Please think twice about the wizard’s unique domain. It is the most difficult one among the twelve unique domains, even if it is not good."

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