The Wangs pulled the bolt.
"Don’t move!"
Wang Guchang suddenly said with no facial expression, "Don’t move the gun."
Lin Xiaowen looked at the heads of families.
"My baby is not giving you a face today, but giving it to your parents," said the head of the Wang clan lightly. "You can’t tell the truth about it. That’s it!"
The head of the Wang clan realized that the skull was stung by Lin Xiao, and the other party’s performance was a dude. You didn’t have any tricks in the face of such a child. What could Wen Beiliang do if he really shot the Wangs? Can it incite people to fight against independent divisions or can it make the two major war zones in the nine districts hold the Lins accountable?
This is impossible.
It’s easy to talk when adults come, but it’s difficult for kids to make trouble in the palace of hell …
Lin Xiaowen said succinctly, "I asked Qin Yu to pay 500 thousand more and send it to the people who went to the wind village today, so much."
Say that finish Lin Xiao step away.
Qin Yu got up and followed
After everyone left, Wen Beiliang cursed with a gloomy face, "It’s also a loss for Lincheng to come over with such a stupid head!"
"Into the area" patriarch simply spoke four words.
"It can make the army old four …"
"No" the patriarch waved "Take your time"
A few minutes later, the helicopter Lin Xiao wiped his forehead and said with a dead face, "The troops can’t come. I’ll send a battalion to be stationed near the wind village before noon."
"You … you dare to do this at ordinary times!" Qin Yu looked at him with some surprise
Lin Xiao was silent for a long time. "The Wangs also want to enter the area. It’s not good for anyone to make a big deal."
Chapter 952 Don’t like or disagree
Lin Xiao took Qin Yu away from the Wangs’ compound not long after the plane left, and the dry powder shells flew directly to the wind village to disperse the people, and the Wangs also led the people to disperse along this step.
At ten o’clock in the morning, Ma Laoer, Xu Yang, Sean and other dozens of people were sent to the hospital for treatment. A fierce battle was fought, and neither side took advantage of it. Neither Qin Yu could win here. It can be said that it was just a forced achievement.
At noon, a battalion of the first division received an order to station in the wind village, which means simply helping Qinyu Town to ensure the smooth completion of the subsequent railway construction.
At the same time, Tiancheng Baofeng’s senior financial officer was instructed by Qin Yu to drive a large amount of cash to the wind village and directly cross the village official Lao Huang to talk about paying compensation from house to house.
There is a sense of gap in the hearts of the villagers because they would have got more money themselves, but the existing house has been demolished and the land has been occupied, and then the Wangs will not be backed up. So when everyone sees the real money, they can recognize that they have signed the Tiancheng Baofeng agreement, and then they should prepare to move and build a house, and this storm has ended temporarily.
Qin Yu’s troops talked to Lin Xiao about rushing back to Songjiang after five o’clock in the afternoon and went to the hospital without stopping to visit a horse, a second child, Xu Yang, and a dozen ghosts from Sean, who led the team to help the bosses.
In addition to taking out a large amount of money, Qin Yu owes countless human feelings in this incident. Songjiang people on the ground are so supportive of him that he naturally wants to thank them one by one.
In the evening, the best entertainment center in downtown Qin Yu entertained the big guys until two o’clock in the morning, and also let Xiaohao fill up the things that were not sent to the chariots and horses department. It took Qin Yuguang 1,500 people plus forklifts and equipment to spend almost a million dollars.
Late at night, Han Fei was drinking cheap drinks and eating grilled fish at a roadside food stall in Jiangnan District and asked, "The Lins have come forward to help him. This is what I didn’t expect. Alas, it seems that Qin Yu is really hard-winged. The Lins recognize him as a son-in-law."
"Not necessarily," Kaushal replied softly. "Xiaoyu came here because the military and political sent the Lins to help him. It may be because of various considerations. More Kuang Lin Xiao has saved the Tiancheng railway project and the military and political Songjiang has raised Qin Yu. Of course, there must be personal emotional factors, but I don’t think this is the most important."
"That makes sense," Han Fei nodded and looked at Ling Ye cheerfully and asked, "Hey, let’s privately say whether you have a good impression on them?"
Ling Ye alpha males.
"I didn’t mean to ask," Han Fei seemed to respect Ling Ye and explained quickly. "Actually, we can all feel that you have been avoiding touching Tiancheng as if you were deliberately avoiding Qin Yu and them."
"Yes," Ling Ye frankly admitted, "I really avoid touching them."
"What?" Han Fei asked, "Do you have special feelings for people over there? Wu Di or Qin Yu? "
"Oh, my God!" Ling Ye replied with a broken expression. "You think too much! I don’t want to touch them. I have no personal feelings. "
"What is that I can’t figure out?" Han Fei is puzzled.
Ling Ye pondered for a long time on the cold roadside and said, "If I have to say a reason, it may be because my personal thoughts are not the same as those of the company, especially the development direction of the company in the past two years … I don’t like it very much."
"Like what?" Han Fei asked
"For example, it is too close to the European Union and the party and government factions." Ling Ye pondered for a long time and said, "If Han Tong doesn’t protect Su Zhengdong in South Shanghai, we may be able to get together with Wu Di and not develop with Qin Yu to the point where we must score a winning or losing state now. It is because of the many shadows in the European Union that many things have been pushed away."
"There is no way that Han Jiayan’s North business circle can have such a status. It is inseparable from the support of the EU and the party and government." Han Fei also said naively, "We can’t do it without the team. The whole group shares are 30% in the EU. We have no choice."
"No, we have a choice, but we can’t bear to part with it." Ling Ye replied with naked eyes. "It’s hard to have the courage to break one’s own arm when it’s too big. I know that manager Han can’t help but know the company’s current situation, but I just don’t like it."
Han Fei’s silence refutation
"The three areas are in step with each other. Maybe after ten or twenty years, the European Union will endure the rise of the three areas. There will be military conflicts," Yelin said lightly. "What should the Han family do then? If you win, it’s easy to say, but once you lose, there will be a traitor’s name on your head, and you will be shattered! "
"Actually, I agree with you on this matter," Han Fei chimed in behind his back. "I don’t want to be so stiff with the military and political affairs against Qin Yu, but now we have to do what we have to do."
"Yes, I have never said these words." Ling Ye stared at the distance. "Look at the result of this election for the chief member. If it is, I will talk to Mr. Han again."
"I think we have a better chance than Qin Yu in the matter of parliamentarians," Han Fei replied with a smile. "A royal family is enough to decide the outcome."
Ling Ye swept his one eye. "I don’t think it’s so optimistic. The situation in Songjiang is far more complicated than you think. Lao Li, the man I contacted, would never have jumped out to choose if he didn’t have some assurance … Looking back, I always feel that they still have cards."
A slum in Songjiang city
Lao Li sat in the dilapidated house and called someone from the human area and said, "Keep an eye on those people as I told you before."
"Isn’t it a little long?" Thin-faced middle-aged thoughtfully for a long time and said, "Will you always stare at big sleep?"
"No," Lao Li shook his head. "I’ll wait until a suitable time."
"All right" Middle-aged nodded.
Early the next morning
Qin Yu had a splitting headache after waking up and dialed a message to Lao Li, "Hey, uncle, where are you? Let’s come out and talk?"
Chapter 953 Qin Yu idea
In the afternoon, Fu Xiaohao took Qin Yu to a teahouse in Jiangnan District and met Lao Li, who was in high spirits.
"How did you feel tired yesterday?" Lao Li chair ourtenant asked 1.
"It’s very tiring." Qin Yu sighed and answered, "It’s really burning incense to survive this. I was killed in backstab, where I was stationed in the legion … fortunately, the Lins were willing to reach out and pull me back from the coffin."
"Did you ask the Lins for his horse and agree?" Lao Li asked

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