"Captain, it’s a long story. Wait for me to explain pear fragrance to you! Come and I respect you! "

Everyone in the Beauty Tribe was having a wedding banquet when suddenly there was a newspaper "Report that Akun Akun, the head of the clan, has come!"
When Du Godan heard the arrival of Kun, the devil, he made a decisive decision. "All banquets will be withdrawn, and the women’s army and warriors of Liren tribe will pick up your weapons. You must obey the command of natural selection. two dog will help us destroy Kun’s jackal!"
The military orders are like a mountain, and everyone is acting.
Dugodan, the matriarch, called Pi two dog to the room and conspired, "Son-in-law, you were sent by Du Po God to choose how to fight all of us in this battle and listen to your command!"
"Chief of the clan, you normally meet Kun. I brought the werewolf guard to protect you personally. There are also the fire dragon brigade. They are all sharpshooters. They will ambush outside the temple to prepare to attack Kun’s guards. My goal is to take the devil Kun in the hall!" Pi two dog has a nose and eyes.
"Son-in-law, how can I rest assured like you? There are nine people in your fire dragon brigade, a thousand people in Akun Guards, and the department is well equipped. You are not enough people to plug his teeth! " Du Godan big shake head a way
"Chief, I have a ghost, and Bai Winter Frost is super powerful, but she can disarm in a very short time and turn Akun Guards into headless flies!" Said the skin two dog is the ghost after Bai Dong frost summoned a evil wind blowing across the room with more than a beauty, she is the ghost after Bai Dong frost.
Du Godan has even seen the stone demon. She is not afraid of ghosts at all. Instead, she is relieved to say, "Well, the guards can disarm, so Kun will be a demon. This person’s hiding skills are very scary. You should be careful that he runs away at any time!"
"ok, I’ll pay attention!"
At this time, I saw a female official rush in and reported that "Chief Akun Hall had a big fight and said that if you don’t go out to see him, he will break into the back hall!"
"How dare you!" Du Godan’s existing Pi two dog was chosen this day. She didn’t panic and calm down at all. She came to the main hall to meet Kun, the devil, from a wedding banquet decorated in white.
Where’s Pi two dog? The tribal elders accompanied him when he was first decorated.
In the corridor, the Werewolf Guard officially assumed the responsibility of defending the matriarch. Ye Tianjun led him to ambush the fortress in the front hall of the Fire Dragon Brigade.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
The gas solidification atmosphere in the main hall is very tense.
Pi two dog still felt very shocked when he first met Kun. This fellow was actually a short wax gourd, less than one meter six.
As big as a pig and as big as a bucket, his hands are as small as polio, but don’t look at this man who is short but his voice is bright.
Look in the eyes like a general.
"Du Godan, where is your Marvin? Why don’t you come out to see me? Your Marvin is the first beauty of the Liren. I’ll choose her this time. Ha ha ha! " Kun was directly followed by two stone statues, surrounded by dozens of armed guards.
The elders of Pi two dog and the ghost queen Bai Dong cream and pear fragrance couldn’t stand the root of words and didn’t pay attention.
However, Kun seems to have sensed Pi two dog’s aura. This lout is suddenly staring at Pi two dog with a malicious look. "Who is Du Godan?"
"Commander, he is a newly recruited son-in-law of our department!"
"What son-in-law? Which daughter did you betrothed to him? Say it quickly! " Kun shouted
The guards took the assault rifle and aimed at Pi two dog in the dark.
"Sister Dong Shuang took your weapon!" Bai Dong frost turned into a strong wind, and the strong wind blew over a dozen guards and the weapons department drifted to the middle.
Kun found something was wrong and shouted at him. At first, he recited a spell. Two stone statues behind him came alive and ran straight for two dog.
Pi two dog clapped his hands to a statue of a stone demon and immediately started to swallow the stone demon demon core.
The werewolf guard fought another stone demon. Two werewolves were torn in half by the stone demon, and they were honored on the spot.
Kun suddenly took out a desert eagle and aimed at Pi two dog.
Passing 18-wheeler, the seal of Pi two dog suddenly turned into a huge black hole like a skynet, aiming at the powerful suction of the demon Kun and forming a tornado.
Tornado conan the destroyer sucked the demon Akun’s witchcraft in one stroke and two strokes, together with the demon core of the stone demon body. At this time, he broke into two stone demons from the outside of the main hall. They were fierce and tore up several maids in a very short time, and then they began to drink blood and continue to attack the main hall. They were absorbed by God Xiao Yin, and their demon cores were sucked out and immediately turned into a pile of dead things.
Then a stone demon broke into the hall, and a total of seven stone demons were scrapped.
At this time, Bai Winter Frost, the ghost queen, began to fly to the periphery of the main hall to disarm Ye Tianjun’s fire dragon brigade, and had a fierce exchange of fire with Akun’s thousand-man army.
Deafening guns and people roared miserably … The quiet beauty tribe suddenly and violently scuffled completely.
Look at the demon Kun Dou. Seeing that all the stone demons were reimbursed, he suddenly hit Pi two dog with a palm and a glowing ball and hit Pi two dog’s arm hard. His arm actually burned.
Pi two dog quickly put out the fire and attacked Kun with one punch, hitting the main hall column and falling to the ground with a big kiss.
"Mom, who are you?" Kun got up from the ground and wiped a handful of blood on his mouth. His eyes were frightened when he looked at Pi two dog.
"Kun, you demon year, today is the anniversary of your death!" Pi two dog suddenly turned into several ghosting images. Suddenly Kun’s claws covered his crown. After a while, Kun touched his body and seemed to twitch.
The demon force department was pushed by Pi two dog and Kun fell to his knees in front of Du Gedan.
Pi two dog slapped him in the face and his skull burst. Kun, the mighty devil, was killed on the spot and died.
"Wow, husband, you are really chosen! Kun, the devil, is dead! " Du Wenlai was scared to death. Unexpectedly, in a short time, her husband’s overwhelming advantage sent Kun to the west.
The new that Kun, that great devil, was killed by natural selection spread like wildfire and soon reach the ears of the guards outside the temple.
At this time, a large number of guards were disarmed by the ghost queen Bai Winter Frost and became headless flies scurrying around.
The fire of the fire dragon brigade retreated the guards to the mountain, and the guards were defeated by heavy casualties.
However, there is still a group of people who are desperate.
Pi two dog took out a sharp knife and cut Kun’s head. Deng Deng came to the top of the hall and whisked a big devil. Kun’s head flew into the crowd of guards.

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