The development of indus is serious, but it is still a miracle that they can develop to this extent only two years ago.

Perhaps this is also a kind of inevitable hardship, and only by mastering a certain amount of force can we give these remnants a little sense of security.
Now they all have the means to die with the vast star. It’s hard to imagine what will happen in another year.
However, Tang Chuan believes that both sides are wise men. When foreign countries fight, small-scale conflicts may occur, but face-to-face battles are unlikely.
After all, the belief of Wutong Star is to return to the old place and vent all his accumulated anger on the monkeys. If you are not famous for another planet, you will consume yourself and accumulate the inside information. This doubt is not worthwhile.
Moreover, their current technology will instantly transpire the vast mainland. Once the vast star is given a chance to react, Bonneville’s humanoid nuclear bomb will directly rush into their cultural differences and attack the scene. It is a legal imagination.
Not to mention that the lack of material level and entertainment level has almost reached its peak, and they also need things from the vast mainland.
Tang Chuangen didn’t worry that another year’s development of Wutong Star would not cause the disparity between the two sides.
They are all wise people, and the chances of mutual benefit and reciprocity are even greater in the early days.
Bonneville also needs their external pressure to expand its own interests.
Tang Chuan didn’t show up this time. After observing the barbaric development of Dawning Empire for a while, he instantly came to the familiar room.
It’s Bonneville’s bedroom
front hall
I was meeting with Minister Bonneville, and I found the sudden appearance of the back hall.
A minister wearing a robe in Taiwan is talking about Kan Kan. "Due to the serious shelter and filth of local churches and the resistance of civilians to aristocrats, many aristocrats are enjoying the privilege but neglecting the king’s law, resulting in many cases that have caused resentment in many areas."
People don’t violate Dafa to nobles, but they are grandiose and touch the bottom line repeatedly. The grievances have been deeply rooted in the people and many places, and they have appealed to us layer by layer.
Maybe it’s time to make an example of others with heavy punishment, to show righteousness and to gather people’s hearts. "
Bonneville nodded slightly. "I’ll think about it when I know. Go first."
"ah? ?”
The minister who was reporting choked, "But we just came …"
Bonneville said lightly, "There are more important things to do if you want to go. Do you need me to tell you everything?"
After the minister reacted, he quickly said, "I was abrupt in praising Bonneville. Please don’t blame me."
Then I saluted with several colleagues and stepped back respectfully and left the hall.
Although I am puzzled, Bonneville is the true god here, and everyone knows the truth, and no one will question it.
Bonneville saw that they had turned into a black smoke from themselves and dissipated in the throne.
back/rear chamber
The black smoke rolled and condensed, and then gradually dissipated, revealing Bonneville’s figure. I don’t know how she did it in just a second or two. She even changed her outfit.
From the original papal robe to a close-fitting black dress, the staff in his hand disappeared.
Bonneville looked at her and waved to her. Tang Chuan took a familiar position and said, "Why do you come so suddenly every time?"
Tang Chuan, of course, can’t have any good tone to her. "I’ll come if I want. Do I have to say hello to you in advance?"
Bonneville has long been used to his attitude. Instead of being angry, he said seriously, "Strictly speaking, polite people will do this."
Tang Chuan said righteously, "Do I look like a polite person?"
Bonneville smiled. "It’s not like that."
Then he went on, "Come again this time?"
Tang Chuan bluntly said, "I took a look around when I was passing by, and by the way, I would like to inform you that the development speed of a foreign language has exceeded my expectation. After one year, if you face each other, you will lose your doubts. In addition, there may be a strong competitor for you on the other side of the yellow mainland."
Don’t be too informative in this casual sentence.
First, it’s hard for Bonneville, a mysterious shopkeeper, to hear his earnest words on business. Given that he has never lied, the level of foreign force may really exceed Bonneville’s psychological limit.
Second, there are people on this planet who can compete on their own?
Then why didn’t you notice it at all?
Bonneville asked, "It’s only been two years since foreign languages developed so fast … to what extent?"
Tang Chuan waved his hand and said, "I can’t explain it to you. Just prepare yourself."
Bonneville: "Then can you tell me who your competitors are?"
Tang Chuan still said, "It must be better than you. Just be prepared. I’m too lazy to tell you."
Bonneville was very confident when he heard this. "There can’t be such a person on this planet and I have never heard of it unless he is an outsider."
Tang Chuan gave her a supercilious look. "Self-confidence is a good thing. Overconfidence is knowing that just now any minister incited you to want to use harsh punishment, and you are very capable of yourself."
Bonneville still doesn’t believe that "my confidence comes from facts. If I am an aborigine of this planet, the people I know and see at present can’t be able to compete with me."

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