Ni Haodong parked his car on the side of the road and turned to look at her with his hands on the steering wheel. He wanted to wait for her to take the initiative to tell him, but he didn’t ask her if she was going to tell him.

"He asked me to sign a formal cancellation, and I invited him to eat a food stall, which happened to be near my alma mater. We went in and walked around."
Although she didn’t like the feeling of being interrogated, she simply said that it was easy to avoid the important part. If Ni Haodong knew that he had hugged her, maybe he would rush over and wrestle with them again.
"What did you take his picture? Think he looks good? Huh? " Ni Haodong pinched Anluoba and forced her to look up at him. "Are your eyes dead with shit again?" He narrowed his eyes dangerously and said coldly, "Do you think he is good-looking or I am good-looking?"
Text 23 Turn them to death
Ya son! This guy is really tough! Anluo feels that he is going to pinch off his own bar!
A good girl doesn’t eat, but her lips quiver and she says, "You look good!" "
"insincere!" His eyes narrowed and his voice became a little cold again.
"How to be sincere!" Special! Know how to bully people!
NiHaoDongSong turned around and sat down, pointing to her lips and suddenly said "kiss me".
Ann glared at him and asked her to kiss him, but he had to turn his face around! Is he sitting right in front of her and kissing her?
Section 1
"Luo Luo, if you hesitate to go, I will seriously doubt the truth of what you just said. If you dare to lie to me, you will die!"
Ann fell stiff when she heard this. They are busy now!
He saw her straight wait for a while looked at her stupidly and suddenly bowed his head and stretched out his hand to untie his belt. He also muttered, "Some people think of her and she saves trouble, but she doesn’t appreciate it."
She stretched out her hand and buckled his wrist. He looked sideways. She took a sip of her lips and rolled her throat. She took a long breath and bent down. She grabbed his shoulders and lifted her legs to straddle his legs. He sat face to face.
Ni Haodong’s deep eyes are that she can’t understand the darkness. His hands cling to her hips, and as soon as they are closed, their bodies cling to each other. She licks her dry lips and feels that he is instantly swollen. His desire is frightened and his shoulders shrink. This man is simply walking hormones. If he doesn’t agree, he will bully her in this way.
But this is a street!
"How long do you want to linger?" NiHaoDong line of sight to her face, she bit her teeth to cheer herself up in my heart is not a kiss! It’s not without it! It’s just that the location has been changed, and his car film is generally special, so you shouldn’t see it from the outside.
After a short ideological struggle, her pink lips were slightly parted and slowly gathered to his face. In an instant, her eyes closed and her eyelashes trembled.
As soon as his lip got Ni Haodong’s tongue, he leaned over. His big hands pressed tightly against her body through the clothes, and he could still feel his body hard and tight. He put his arms around his neck and was so provoked by him. She felt shy and had a tingling sensation. She felt conscious of clamping her legs, moving her hands to the front, holding her soft hands in his face and kissing her.
Suddenly, there was a car flute falling like a frightened rabbit. Her eyes blurred and became full of doubts. When she saw someone taking pictures of the license plate behind the car, she immediately sat back in the co-pilot position, and Ni Haodong started the car.
An Luo could clearly hear her heartbeat. She cocked her head and looked at Ni Haodong’s side face. She raised her mouth slightly and frowned. "Did you just honk the horn?"
"Well, someone took a sneak shot."
He said it was light as if it was not him who was photographed! Her horse is going to work in a branch office. If she is photographed kissing Ni Haodong in the car or her, he will be mistaken for her to seduce him.
She covers her face and now the internet is so developed.
"What are you afraid that he didn’t shine on our faces?"
""Ann fell the eyebrows fibrillation but finally feel a little better after hearing him say that.
She took a long breath and turned to look at his side face, worried and asked, "I think he took the license plate number."
"What are you afraid of?"
Well, sure enough, she bit her lip and worried that he was a celebrity in Sioux City, and taking pictures of his car was like taking pictures of others. It’s good to see that the person taking pictures with a mobile phone is also an ordinary person, not a reporter, or I don’t know how he would be portrayed by the media.
She suddenly remembered something, grabbed his arm and asked him, "Isn’t your car invisible from the outside?"
"This is Zhou Mi’s car. My car was sent for maintenance."
Ni Haodong took a look at her with one hand in the car door. "It is said that the sad person is Zhou Mi, the angry person is Fang Qing and you and me."
How much thought does it take to guard against the leadership of Zhou Mi?
In Mo Ning’s bedroom, Beibei cried and became a crybaby, while Mo Ning sat on the bed and looked at her coldly.
"Don’t set you must save me! I did it because of you! You must save me! I don’t want to go to jail! " Beibei threw herself on Mo Ning’s side and held her arm in despair and wept bitterly.
"Do something incredibly can’t do well! This thing is that you provoked me. "Mo Ning’s eyes are cold and unfamiliar, and Beibei’s heart is cold. She has no place for Mo Ning, right? Because she’s about to face jail, don’t worry about getting involved. You have to get rid of her, right?
Beibei wiped her tears and said sadly, "I have lost you!" Besides, it was your idea to ask her to throw acid! "
"Shut up!" Don’t coagulation suddenly folded reprimand angrily to her stare eyes grabbed beibei hair sneer at a "do you want to take me out? Do you want your father’s job or not? If that Feng Nuo bites you out, just admit it. It’s a few years in prison at most. I’ll let the people inside take care of you, but you want to bite me? Do you think you bit it? So what if my father was investigated the other day? Didn’t you survive the same? You have to listen to me as long as we don’t fail! "
Beibei stared at a pair of eyes full of tears, and Mo Ning made her feel strange and frightened. Before she knew that she had a big lady with a bad temper, but her father insisted on letting her get close to Mo Ning and let her do a good job with Mo Ning. She always gave in to her compliments. She was her father’s smooth career. I didn’t expect that she had a stone to make her heart hard and abnormal besides the big lady’s temper. In the end, her company in her eyes was worthless.
The news was exposed the next day, and the kissing men and women in the car and the license plate number of the car were clearly sent to the circle of friends with explanations.
"Occasional passion scene to see the intensity of the horse will wipe the gun off. This is the license plate number for forwarding! Generally, such passion in the car is not a couple! Success is cheating mistress! Forward it, everyone. Find this dog and man! Turn them to death! "
Text 239 Can you turn this page?
This kind of divination message has always been popular in the circle of friends, but in just half an hour, the message has been disposed of. Although it was handled, people should have seen it. Many people sent messages to Zhou Mi asking him when to send candy. Zhou Chaoqun’s forehead was blue and swollen.
Who could it be at 6: 50 so early when the doorbell rang and he looked down?
He got up and went to the door. Jessica Fong Ching was dressed in a white professional makeup, and his face was still carefully decorated. His cold hands were wrapped around his chest and his red lips were tightly sipping a high-cold president, Fan Erzhou Chaoqun. His eyes slipped from her face to the suitcase beside her. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "What is this?"
"Look not to come out? Of course, moving in with you! " Jessica Fong Ching bent down to carry the suitcase into the house and stepped on the gray slippers with high heels toward Zhou Mi. If it weren’t for Zhou Mi’s sensitive reaction, take a step back. Now there must be a bloody hole in his foot.
After entering the room, Jessica Fong Ching took the suitcase and looked left and right. Even the hygiene was carefully checked, and no trace of a woman was found. Zhou Chaoqun followed her figure silently with a black face. After her department looked at it, she returned to him and revealed a smile and said, "I will live here later."
Zhou Mi hasn’t contacted her on her own initiative since she came back from the yacht after close contact. She called him several times and asked him to have dinner together, but he didn’t have time to deal with them.
Early this morning, when Jessica Fong Ching saw the message forwarded by her circle of friends, she was glaring at the photos. Both men and women couldn’t see it, so she couldn’t decide whether the man was Zhou Chaoqun or not, but the license plate number Jessica Fong Ching was familiar. It was his car! Although she feels bored, Zhou Chaoqun is unlikely to do such a thing in the street, but she is still psychologically unhappy, and this emotion haunts her mind, and no matter how hard she tries, she can’t get rid of it.
Simply, she packed her things and rushed over. The intimate contact on the yacht made her almost die, and her hope burned again. She thought that she had overdrawn all the thick skin of her life in exchange for an unforgettable experience with him. She didn’t believe that other women in this world could stand his indifference and infidelity, and she didn’t believe that there would be other women in this world who could chase him down more shamelessly than she did.
Zhou Chaoqun screwed up his eyebrows and looked cold and said, "I don’t have a place for you to live here."
Jessica Fong Ching listened and smiled slowly. He has three bedrooms, one living room, one bedroom, one bathroom and a bathroom in the bedroom!
This shows that Zhou Mi’s life is meticulous, and at the same time, there is a hidden feeling. man show Jessica Fong Ching especially likes to tease him to see that he is a serious mask and she reveals his wolf color.
"I live in the living room!" Jessica Fong Ching walked up and put his suitcase on the sofa and sat down in the soft sofa. He leaned back with his arms behind him and looked at him with a smile.
"Whatever!" Zhou Mi glared at her and turned around to take a black suit coat from the hanger and wear it. He saw in the mirror that Jessica Fong Ching was standing at the door looking at him. When he was sorting out the collar and driving, he paused to look at her and asked, "Is Fang always free today?" Not going to the company? "
Section 11
Jessica Fong Ching shrugged his shoulders and spread out his hands to reveal a big laugh. "Go, but I want to give you a lift. My car has some minor problems and is still being repaired in the garage. I will buy you breakfast to make up for it."
Zhou Mi didn’t speak, packed his clothes, and changed his shoes to go out. Jessica Fong Ching followed him closely. He looked at his tall figure in the ladder. Jessica Fong Ching felt that he had no shame or impatience. That strength came back to the building. He was calm and powerful. Jessica Fong Ching trotted after him in high heels. If she lost her, she promised that he would not wait for her!
I finally sat in the co-pilot seat of Zhou Chaoqun. Jessica Fong Ching breathed a sigh of relief and gasped a few times. A pair of sharp eyes did not forget to look at the car carefully. She was struggling to find evidence that when the person in her circle of friends was not Zhou Chaoqun, she suddenly heard him say coldly, "I was less than my car yesterday."
Jessica Fong Ching’s face was briefly surprised. Is this an explanation for her?
Zhou Mi’s side head glared at her, and the car had reached the road smoothly. Jessica Fong Ching bowed his head and rummaged through his circle of friends, but he couldn’t find the photo. After what he said, she felt that the female figure really looked like An Luo.

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