Originally, it broke through to the second floor of practicing qi, and after some tendon washing, a large number of stains on the pulp body were discharged from the body.

She came to the yard, tiptoed a few buckets of water and went back to her room. She took out the bath bucket from the bag and took a thorough bath.
As the stain receded, the surprise came again. At first, she thought that she had saved her face and thigh, which must have been terrible. As a result, her skin was washed like a boiled egg, and QQ was glittering and translucent, making a fortune!
With this adventure, she couldn’t help secretly sighing that the world is often blessed and unlucky. She entered the second floor of practicing gas at the speed of her air-entraining human body. She should practice again for a while. As a result, she had a problem and wanted to start over again. She finally picked up the cheap and entered the second floor.
After taking a bath, she first thought of sharing this joy, and as a result, every corner of the room was missing.
Where’s Little Yellow Chicken?
This guy doesn’t want her. She doesn’t know that it’s him who stepped on her face early, but she’s in a good mood now. She doesn’t care. When will this guy go out?
Outside the courtyard, the little yellow chicken walked slowly and leisurely.
It’s better to be angry outside!
It hasn’t been guarding that stinking house since the man faked the body. It can’t stay any longer!
Sunlight will break into tiny pieces through the clouds, and gold will be gently sprinkled on everything. It is another sunny and fresh morning.
Lin Qing walked out of the house holding the quilt and sheets and soaked them in the water.
After that, she took a deep breath facing the rising sun in the east and closed the door to rest.
Cheep! A pair of doors answered, and Chen Yan ran walked out of the room and saw Lin Qing at a glance. I don’t know what to do in the direction of her house.
Chen Yan ran pushed the door and out of the instant Lin Qing immediately opened his eyes.
Suddenly and in the eye, Chen Yan ran was not self-conscious. She pulled her skirt and drooped her eyes and felt that she lost momentum, so she looked up to meet Lin Qing’s eyes again.
I have to admit that Lin Qing, a little girl, has a pair of very beautiful eyes, and there seems to be a thousand words in her eyes as if she had a starlight.
Avoiding her eyes and staring at Lin Qing’s neck, I found that her skin was better than myself. I looked at her body or the undeveloped bean sprouts. Chen Yan ran balanced this or was much better than myself.
Chen Yan ran proudly stood tall and found Lin Qing different before she finished her complacency.
Then there was a scream in the yard.
Chapter 3 Chen Yan ran wronged
Chen Yan ran, pointing to Lin Qing’s shocked success, forgot to accept "you also practice on the second floor?" ! Say what’s going on? How did you practice the second floor so quickly? Did you steal any elixir? "
Don’t blame yourself, you should despise the other party and blame yourself for not being calm. This Chen Yan ran is just like a law.
I don’t want to make fun of this little girl, but there are some misunderstandings. I still want to talk about Bai Linqing pressing that rude finger and smiling. "Sister Chen joked that it is stipulated that the martial arts will not be dispatched until the third floor of the practice. In the middle of the practice, these sisters should know better than me. I was much slower than all the brothers and sisters before, and now I am ashamed of it."
By Lin Qing, Chen Yan ran thought that it was also a rare door for sects’ magic. What’s more, I watched my girl outside the door and unconsciously went to the second floor to practice, and I was also in a hurry.
In the long run, maybe these two eyesores in the same hospital will surpass themselves one day. Isn’t that going back to the day of being oppressed?
Chen Yan ran looked at Lin Qing in a sudden panic. "Congratulations to Lin Shimei. It is well known that the difficulty of cultivating immortals increases several times every time they enter the first level. It took half a year for her to breathe air into her body, but it took less than four months for her to practice on the second floor."
Lin Qing raised an eyebrow and smiled. "I don’t doubt it. I can’t help it. Maybe I still have some talent for cultivation!"
At last, Chen Yan ran and Ji slanting, and she also spelled it.
Chen Yan ran was so shameless that he said he was talented when he limped. Who is that bleeding for six months? ! She thought for thousands of reasons, but she didn’t expect this man to blurt out this face. !
Chen Yan ran in the mind also pretty depressed.
She used to play a house fight, but when she came to cultivate immortals, it was not popular at all. Young ladies, bureaucrats, farmers and peddlers all fought in the same way.
Before, she had a concubine, an old lady who helped blow the pillow crazy, and a sperm-brain daddy who sold it to her. At worst, there were two little girls who she sent to face two hard-working farm goods. Is it difficult to plant rice for them? This is not in line with her status as a young lady!
Or their marriage to blackmail? It’s a joke to say that the ultimate handle of this house fight is invalid here.
Or do you want to frame them for stealing lingshi? It’s not that she hasn’t tried this before, but people’s houses and bags are automatically laid out for people to check. It’s really clean at a glance! Moreover, people’s brains are turning quite fast, and they have demonstrated the impossibility of stealing Lingshi in many ways, and almost let her dig a hole and bury herself.
After her martial arts, she punched cotton and couldn’t even hear it. On the contrary, she jumped around like a monkey and made people laugh.
The more I think about it, the more unwilling I am. Chen Yan ran decided to discuss with my brother. She is just quite stuffy!
At this time, she forgot that this cultivation of immortality was the root. She was too obsessed with her original background and was afraid of being bullied again, which led to her completely misplaced focus.
What’s more, the second floor of practicing gas belongs to the bottom of the science of uniting, and Lin Qing and the factotum brother can make her feel a little superior than her, and those who cultivate high are like a dime a dozen.
People are often so contradictory that they can tolerate others thousands of times better than themselves, but they lose their neighbor’s hen by having one more egg than their own, so they can’t sleep.
After Chen Yan ran rushed away, Tang Ruan was also interrupted by the scream.
When she left the hospital, she noticed that Lin Qing’s spirit was much thicker than before, and she had already entered the second floor of practice. She ran quickly and patted Lin Qing on the shoulder.
"Oh, you scared me." Lin Qing gave her an exaggerated wink.
"You just scared me? Qingqing, you don’t ring on the second floor, hehe." Tang Ruan giggled. She was really happy with her little friend.
How many eyes did Lin Qing suffer in those months when his brothers entered the practice period one after another? He was almost banished from the door. He was under a lot of pressure. Except for planting spiritual plants, all the rest came to practice hard, and only two people in the same hospital knew how oversensitive she was.
Lin Qing really felt lucky. She smiled and said, "It’s just a fluke. Let’s pick it up and cheer together."
After that, she made a charge and made her laugh.
Tang Ruan looked at Lin Qing with heart and said, "Great! After Qing Qing, we are all practicing the second floor. Then you can learn magic today!"
Say a heroic skirt "Let’s try it!"
Lin Qing nodded. "Yes, I’m looking forward to it!"
Those magic spells have made her fingers itch for a long time.
Two people came to Lingtian with each other.
After Lin Qing took out the air-entraining successfully, she received a jade slip from the deacon’s office, and entered several spells that can be repaired on the second floor of spiritual practice, which will be displayed one by one.
The first one is that the rain cloth technique can make the spirit force transfer water or draw ready-made water when the water gathering level is low, and then the water can be gathered when the level is high. In people’s eyes, it is the rain cloth technique and the eye strengthening spell. For them, it is a good way to irrigate the spell and cultivate the spirit force.
The second is that the spirit-watching technique is different because of the coercion and momentum generated by each order of monks. In view of this mysterious and mysterious spirit, you can see through others’ practice to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages (this article sets that the spirit-watching technique can be seen not only at the lower level but also above the body).
The third is the popular technique, that is, the legs and feet in Reiki can speed up the walking speed, and after a little higher order, they can step on the surface objects and use their strength to run quickly, and the foundation can’t fly against objects. Therefore, this popular technique can be said that everyone who practices Qi can learn it, that is, the efficiency is high, and it is also the only spell to escape.
The first thing Lin Qing has to learn when he comes to the field today is cloth rain. Practicing this spell at this time can not only cultivate spells, but also accomplish the cultivation of sects.
She held her breath as described in the Jade Bamboo Slips, mobilized her aura in the palm of her hand, and placed the edge of the field with a bucket full of water to draw water.
It can make the water calm for a long time, and only a few wrinkles appear slightly, like being slapped by light rain, and the face moves for a while, but there is no movement.
Shit, no way. Is she still a loser?
Chapter 39 Lingmi Harvest
Then she tried many times unwillingly, and it was almost noon. Unfortunately, except for a little ripple, she didn’t stir up half a small wave.
Lin Qing’s head was as big as a bucket, and she asked stupidly, Tang Ruan, who has been nearby, waiting to watch her show her talents. "Ruan Ruan, is this the same when you practice?"
Shang Ruan Ruan shook his head awkwardly and then nodded fiercely.
"How many meanings?"
"I tried this a few times before, too." Tang Ruan’s eyes wandered and his two index fingers were placed in front of him in small circles. "Yes, I tried it a few times more."
When it comes to the end, the voice is as low as a mosquito.

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