When Wu Zhe came to his senses, the pool was gone. It was a closed place, but it was not boring, and his physical strength and spirit were strong, and his breath was full of fragrance.

Look around the surrounding environment. This should be what you can see from the water pool. Wu Zhe’s turbid eyes are shining and white light is shining.
Not far away, he found a deep well, and the wellhead was about the size of a washbasin. Through the deep well, he saw that there were some crystal clear liquid hidden in the well, showing milky white and emitting more intense energy fluctuations than the spring water of the vein.
This well is surrounded by some mysterious patterns and characters, which should be an esoteric array.
This array has a cylindrical energy visible to the naked eye, which continuously sucks energy from the well like a moonlight pouring down.
The source of energy absorption is the virtual shadow of the two spirits, Wu Zhe, which is a lot of white.
Smell the nose and smell the fragrance. It is these liquids in the well that give off the fragrance here.
"Here is the forbidden area of our tomb forest. I brought you here because I want you to tell me what I should do …"
If you don’t explain this sentence, you can’t understand it. When you know what Bai Yangxin really thinks, Wu Zhe immediately hates Bai Yang and feels sympathy and admiration for Bai Yang’s pressure
"Xiaozhe, when you were only 19 years old, you broke through to Ophiopogon japonicus, which is even more terrible. Your spiritual sea has reached the level of self-occupation, and you have passed the Rowen assessment three times alone. All these phenomena prove that you are a tomb forest beyond Tianyunqiu, and the future crisis may be that you can help me get through it when you grow up to this state. If you can’t, I hope you can sacrifice yourself and let my uncle …"
"How much time is left before the monster dragon is born?" Without listening to Bai Yang, Wu Zhe directly asked Bai Yang what he was most worried about
"ah? What … You … How did you … "
"Ten years?" Thinking about ten years, Wu Zhe felt a little relieved in his heart, and then walked forward carefully, sticking out a finger and putting some liquid in his mouth, which smelled sweet and spread with the tip of his tongue. These liquids instantly turned into a burst of energy and overflowed into his limbs.
Bai Yang’s expression was shocked and he couldn’t say a word. He never guessed that this younger brother knew what he was thinking.
"Small … little zhe that thing you can’t eat! ….. "Bai Yang wanted to stop thinking before and stopped.
The simple purpose of Bai Yang is to bring Wu Zhe here for a physical examination. If you can get the affirmation of the sperm left by Master, you will protect Wu Zhe and train him as a generation leader. If Wu Zhe is not recognized, Bai Yang will make one of the uncles take possession of Wu Zhe.
Wu Zhecai was so angry and hated Bai Yang, but he knew that Bai Yang was under pressure all his life, but he didn’t have anger, sympathy, admiration and frustration.
The essence blood body is an abnormal means for practitioners to compress their life-long body into liquid after death, but the practitioners can get food against nature, but they are not recognized by the essence blood body, and they will face death after death.
There will be a sperm body here, which is Master Bai Yang. He saved two other disciples and sacrificed himself to stay.
When Wu Zhe’s body shook, he felt that the bottleneck of the initial repair was instantly broken and he stepped into the column repair of Ophiopogon japonicus.
The form can spread. Wu Zhe’s look changes slightly, and the pulse color leaks!
The leakage of Wu Zhe’s pulse color shocked Bai Yang to be speechless.
"Good thing!" Feel the body again more than four lifeblood blood Wu Zhe look surprise.
The effect of Jing Xue Bai Ye is so remarkable.
Take a deep breath. Wu Zhe calmed down the tangled mood in his heart, turned to frown, looked at the whites of his eyes and looked at the wellhead. Two virtual shadows shook their heads and stopped talking.
"If I keep eating this noodle, will those two old guys be in danger?"
"Ah … yes," Bai Yang already didn’t know how to be shocked by Wu Zhe traffic, but also wondered if someone had taken possession of Wu Zhe.
"Don’t worry, no one has taken me away. It’s all my own chance. I, you two uncles and uncles also hate each other. You brought me here by mistake this time. If you believe me, I will let me go. Ten years later, I will help you get rid of the demon dragon. Even if you don’t let me go, I will have a way to leave. You are not my opponent."
Until now, the younger brother can find and watch what he thinks. It’s only after such a few days that Wu Zhe, a little disciple, can have such a metamorphosis, sighing and being ashamed, and kowtowing to Wu Zhe.
"Master, you don’t have to do this. I know you are under equal pressure. I don’t blame you."
"Small … Xiaozhe, it’s not convenient for you to go now. Wait for me to go out and drive away the elves, and then I’ll send you away. You can also get a lot of liters for meditation …"
Wu Zhe said with a smile, "Don’t worry, I won’t eat this bloody body again."
Bai Yang thanked Wu Zhe again and then disappeared before him.
Feel Bai Yang’s sincere feeling of Wu Zhe’s meditation. After the breakthrough, the pleasure is gone. The little black Wang is excited to drill out of Wu Zhe’s body. They also got a lot of benefits when Wu Zhe broke through just now.
"Blackie can’t eat that."
"Well, after this, I’ll go to the quadrangle first, and then I’ll pick up Xiaobai. Believe me, there are ways to make it stronger slowly."
"Boo hoo"
Let the two beasts lie on their side and rest. Wu Zhe closes his eyes and meditates again.
This stay is that Wu Zhe quit the game for most of the seven days. Ling Yinyue and Xiaomaoqiu stayed together, but after seven days, Bai Yang didn’t come to pick himself up, and Wu Zhe was a little restless.
"It’s time for you to return to the dragon’s eye stone and rest stone."
Sit quietly for several hours to adjust the state to the peak. Wu Zhe only found a way out. His seal must be separated from the tunnel, but it was also a gain after looking for half a day
It seems that Bai Yang still set me up. He wants to keep me locked here and starve me.
There’s no reason. This can’t help but make Wu Zhe confused. The Elves fought and went out in a hurry.
"There is no andao how to leave? Don’t run along where you came in? But there are all arrays over there, and I can draw wormholes if I can’t break them.
Wu Zhe is still a little scared at the thought of wormholes.
It’s the badger-colored pen at the bottom of this pool that has lost its effect. Wormhole toilets are all painted in the same way.
This chamber of secrets has been searched carefully for a long time and nothing has been found.
Wu Zhe frowned. Something is wrong with this situation.
Is there anything left out?
Wu Zhe made sure that he had searched this place inside and out for more than a dozen times and didn’t even let go of an inch.
Patience reached its limit after half a day.
He’s sure there’s no secret passage here that wants to go out, and I’m afraid he can break away.
Bitten teeth, Wu Zhe decided to break through the law and made up his mind. Then he reached the top and touched it without any scruples.
It’s temptation
But it happened that things were so wonderful. When the badger colored pen was typed out, the words "all", "dou" and "pro" shone, and there was a rumbling sound, and the whole overhead was suddenly blocked and smashed, and the water in the pool was poured as a pledge.
Wu Zhe was slightly changed and didn’t hesitate to meet the pool. He quickly fled to a fierce physical course and was ready to go.
But surprisingly, it was still so quiet around him until he jumped into the pool. The two spirits were not happy and looked at Wu Zhe without saying a word.
Wu Zhe smiled awkwardly at them, then got up and left, leaving the law area at the pace taught by Bai Yang.
As soon as I left the law area, a thick scent of blood wafted to my ears in the wind, and there were shouts and shouts everywhere. Wu Zhe turned his head and looked around, and his eyes were clear and his pupils could not help shrinking.
Into the rain peak, the bodies are full of blood, and the tombs are all brothers.
Wu Zhe’s face suddenly sank, and one of them fell down.
Looking around, I found that there were practitioners fighting marks everywhere hundreds of feet away. The other party was not the Elves, but from the wild tapir area to practice evil magic and attack practitioners!
Wu Zhe calls out Xiao Wang to fly high and look down at Gao tind. At this moment, Gao tind is also in a state of chaos.
In the sky, many Ophiopogon japonicus masters are struggling to fight fiercely, and all kinds of fierce martial arts, strange treasures and evil things are showing great power.
Turbid and clear-eyed, I checked the memory of several practitioners, and the practitioners in the wild region actually attacked the tomb forest! ! But also chose the period of discord between the Gang Lin elves in the tomb of Qiu.
What are they?
For thousands of years, Lin Cheng, the tomb of Qiu, has never been hostile to one side, but has accepted all kinds of methods to destroy the monster beast and sealed it. No matter whether you are evil or strong or weak, Lin Cheng, the tomb of Qiu, has always adhered to the principle of neutrality.
Many practitioners in the wild tapir region will also come to the tomb forest to ask for help to break the array.
It is precisely because of its neutrality principle that it can remain immortal for thousands of years.
The fifth Zhangqiu tomb was killed
But now, a certain force in the wild tapir area has made up its mind to kill here!
This is a big change!
The news area is full of excitement for a month!
All the forces in the tomb forest are inextricably linked, and there are even more powerful experts from all over the world who dare to sit in the tomb forest all the year round and talk about how strong this force is. It is already an enemy of heaven, and it is not far from destruction.
But at the moment, the war in the mound tomb is obviously quite anxious, and it seems that the mound tomb here has fallen into the wind.
Wu Zhe vaguely felt that the player was controlling the battle!

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